Inspire Me Thursday

Show and Tell: The other day I finally finished a painting I started a few years back while still living in Munich. I never liked working on a larger scale, but one Offerings2.jpgday I thought I’d try a larger canvas. Actually started 3 paintings, never finished any of them. Since love to cook, in particular Indian (and Mexcian), I designed this painting for the dining area… I think Sunita, my Indian cooking teacher here in Luxembourg, made me finally pick it up again and finish it. It looks great now on my yellow wall and I’m so glad I’ve finished. *** Vor ein paar Tagen hab ich endlich ein Bild fertig gemalt, dass ich schon in München angefangen hatte. Da ich nie gerne große Sachen gemacht habe, dachte ich eines Tages, dass ich es doch mal versuchen sollte. Tatsächlich hatte ich damals auch 3 Bilder angefangen, aber nie fertig gemalt. Da ich gerne koche, hab ich dieses Bild für die Essecke entworfen … Ich denke, dass Sunita, die Inderin, die hier in Luxemburg Indisch kochen lehrt, der Grund ist, dass ich es endlich fertig gemalt habe. Ich bin so froh, dass das Bild endlich fertig ist und es sieht prima auf der gelben Wand aus!

11 responses to “Inspire Me Thursday

  1. Love those bright happy colors. Glad you had a reason to finish it. Looks great.

  2. Wow, beautiful bright colours. Thanks for posting this. I’m wondering though, how big IS it anyway?

  3. You have a great unique style! Love the bright colours!

  4. Beautiful painting Belinda! So glad you finished it! So when do we see the other two? VBG!

  5. this is so vibrant & lovely! thanks for sharing…

  6. Beautiful Piece!!!!

  7. Gorgeous Il ove the colors. I love what you did on the sides – and the hair is fantastic!

  8. I love this! The colors are so vibrant and cheerful. I love the way you painted a frame around the edge too!

  9. This is an amazing piece of work. So inspiring!

  10. Susie, it’s 50 x 60 cm, so about 20 x 28 inches. HUGE for me! 🙂

  11. Yay! We love Indian artwork. And food! Beautiful job. I bet it’s awesome in person.

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