Icicle Doll Fest

Icicle Doll Swap January 2008/Januar 2008

angela.jpg barbara.jpg

                              Angela (Germany)                                                Barbara (USA)

belinda.jpg dawn.jpg

                   Belinda (Luxembourg)                              Dawn (Australia)

donna.jpg dot.jpg

                           Donna (UK)                                              Dot (Australia)

jacky.jpg jill.jpg

                        Jacky (Australia)                             Jill (USA)

jo.jpg joan.jpg

                         Jo (Australia)                                     Joan (Italy)

johanna.jpg kara.jpg

                   Johanna (Germany)                                  Kara (USA)

laurence.jpg lay-hoon.jpg

                          Laurence (Belgium)                               Lay (Malaysia)

mieke.jpg patti.jpg

                        Mieke (Netherlands)                                     Patti (USA)

rini.jpg sammy.jpg

                               Rini (Netherlands)                               Sammy (USA)

stefanie.jpg tina.jpg

                                    Stefanie (Germany)                                Tina (USA)


21 responses to “Icicle Doll Fest

  1. Belinda, these are a true feast for the eyes! I received my dolls from you today, and I couldn’t be happier! I linked to this page in my post so that everyone who stops by my blog can have the opportunity to see this and gorge themselves on the eye candy! Thanks so much for organizing this wonderful, wonderful swap!!

  2. I am so excited to see all the dolls and where some of mine came from. Now I wish I knew where mine went. I have a doll from Dot, Belinda and one from Dawn. I love them very much and am so glad to be apart of the swap. Thank you so much Belinda for all your hard work and the lovely Icicle Doll!

    Jill in Florida, USA

  3. Wonderful! All of them.

  4. schön, dass du sie alle nochmal ausgestellt hast!:)) eine prächtige vielfalt! danke nochmal für deine organisation – war ein klasse swap!!

  5. Thanks for all Belinda , the icicle dolls are so great !!!
    I have one of you Belinda , Laurence and Jacky .
    Love and hugs from Rini

  6. wow ! It’s such beautiful Icicle Dolls.
    Love it.
    Can’t wait to receive mine too 🙂
    sigh, have to wait for 3 weeks to reach Malaysia.

  7. It’s clear that everyone in the Icicle Fest had such a wonderful time. These are such lovely creations! You presented them so nicely too Belinda – Wowee – so much amazing art, a feast for the eyes!!!!

  8. How brilliant are these ! They look fabo all together and I’m so happy I joined in with the icicle fest.Kudos to you miss B for a wonderful swap.
    Gotta say its the most fun Ive had for a while and its still got hold of me.

    Dawnie T

  9. Ein tolles Tauschprojekt und die vielen Icicle Dolls sind super anzuschauen. Alle habe großartige Dolls genäht und verziert.

  10. was a pleasure to take part and just luv’em can’t stop touching them.
    crafty joan in italy

  11. Guess what !
    Hooray ! I received the parcel from Luxembourg yesterday.
    I really jump upside down.
    I got the icicle doll from Belinda, Stefanie & Barbara.
    Really thanking Belinda for everything 🙂

  12. it is a pleasure to see all those great icicle dolls…thanks a lot Belinda for organizing this swap

  13. Dawnie Thomas

    How fantastic to receive from Angela (Germany) Jill (USA) and miss Belinda.A truly wonderful swap that was so fun to play in.
    Thanks to all for all the varied inspiration .Kudos to Belinda for hosting
    YOU ROCK !

    Dawnie Thomas

  14. Bel, these icicle dolls have given me such an idea for gifts this holiday season. This is what is so wonderful about art, I think. Very beautiful and very kind of you to share your work and links.

  15. hey,
    also ich find dich echt seltsam und komisch lustig,
    aber ich hab dank dir nun ganz viele neue ideen, meine leinentaschen zu gestalten und überhaupt.
    Jetzt ist mir klar geworden dass ich so ziemlich alles auf meine taschen abfeuern kann….danke

  16. Hi,

    All are wonderful! It’s fun to see them all together. I can’t wait to make some myself.

  17. I just loved the Icicle Dolls in Sew magazine and had to check out everyone’s work. Excellent job, everyone! I had to try my own hand at them too and just love the results!

  18. I miss you belinda please write me back your site is wonderful i hope you are having a lovely time you dont know how much i miss you well i wanted to invite you to this years christmas 2010 it is maybe going to be in spain by us please write back you wrote to blaunch why not to me well love ya have fun tomo

  19. I love your site. So many wonderful creations and inspirations.

  20. I really enjoyed seeing all the icicle dolls posted here. Maybe its the shape and so much you can do with them that I find inspiring. They’re more than that for me. I just completed my own series and provided a link back to your blog so people have more examples to look at.

  21. This a great book for doll making. It gives easy to follow directions for basic doll making for the beginner to the advanced. It also gives really good ideas for embellishment and beading costuming. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in art/cloth dolls

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