Sergey Tyukanov

Alice in Wonderland (2006)
“Wonderland, the door to which was opened by Alice, resembles our own to a certain extent, but all the things and images in it are hypertrophied or misused.”

Enter into the magical, whimsical, mystical and surreal world of Sergey Tyukanov. He was born May 17, 1955, in Poronaisk, Russia. In 1981 he received his Master’s Degree in the graphic arts. He currently works and lives in Kaliningrad and Chicago as a free artist.  His work is collected widely in the United States and Europe, where he has separate following for his etchings, ex libris prints, and his paintings, watercolors and drawings.

The Moon (2005)                 Hairdo II (2004)

Woman-pear (2006) “One of the latest developments in the world of hat fashion.”

The Alchemist (1986)

Fish Island (1991)   “Two Small Boots” Castle (1995) Flying Dutchman (2000)

“Each person has his or her own idea of the world. Pictures are the window to the world of the artist, who has an opportunity to create things that are impossible in the real world.  My world is the world of the metamorphosis and paradox, which are reality for me, and this reality I materialize in my works. I like to be surprised and astonished, I like to surprise and astonish myself.”

Flying Bottle (2006)

“Creativity should inspire and arouse creativeness. I invite you to travel in the world of my fantasies.”

Hotel & Restaurant Project (2006)                         H&R Chicago Project (2005)

25 responses to “Sergey Tyukanov

  1. oh my goodness belinda, this is the most INSPIRING post on an artist i have seen in AGES.
    wonderful wonderful!
    thanks you!

  2. fantastic artist Belinda, thank you for sharing, oh to be inside his head! it reminds me of The Sultan’s Elephant a couple of years ago now, it was a street performance troupe that had magical machines and a huge doll….anyway his art is awesome!!!

  3. Oh, my God, AMAZING.


    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow!! This artist is fantastic. XXX

  5. OMG- that is all so fabulous!!!!

  6. what an imagination. I can see how this would be totally collectable. Thanks for putting it out there.

  7. Wow…love this work….fabulous style….;-)

  8. belinda…please see my post today,
    i have something there just for you!
    viva la mexico!

  9. Bel, thanks to sharing the reference to wonderful art pieces with us. I just love to look at this ‘dreamy’ piece, just like house in fairy story that I read during my school time. I do a lot of day dreaming, and always dream to live in fairy land like this , LOL.

  10. OMG I think he’s fantastic!! Never heard of him before. And what a charming man he is. I checked out his site and pieces are still available. One can dream … I need to start playing the lotterie. Thanks so much for featuring him. I’m in love with his art and off to dreamland.

  11. absolut fantastich!!! danke für´s zeigen!

  12. alleine das anschauen macht spass und bringt gute laune! was für ein verspielter und kreativer start in die neue woche. schön, dass du ihn gezeigt hast.

  13. *faints* love that moon. xo

  14. wow… i loooove this art! I especially like the flying dutchman! The way he just captures your eye with his look. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, sis!


  15. I love a lot these images with a Bosco’s style!
    And I love more that you know “las calaveritas”

  16. What an artist! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wahnsinn! So fantastische Bilder – DEN Mann kannte ich noch nicht – und hab mich sofort in seine Bilder verliebt! Und auch sein Internet-Auftritt ist klasse – Vielen Dank für´s Zeigen!
    Wünsche Dir einen tollen und phantasievollen Sonntag!
    Liebe Grüße aus good old Germany

  18. what a fun artist.

  19. What wonderful inspiration with this art, how fun would it be to have this in my mind.

  20. You can get Sergey Tyukanov’s Moon Image (shown in the blog) as a jigsaw puzzle from Artifact Puzzles :). -Maya

  21. Cool. Artwork delightful

    Intricate. Also insightful

    No way. Is Tyukanov triteful

    Museums. A Sergey place rightful

  22. very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  23. annunciata superti

    Che voglia di continuare a sognare

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