Felt Ornaments and Gifts


Look at these adorable felt ornaments I purchased in Kyrgyzstan! Aren’t these the cutest and I so love the precious details.  And all made of handmade 100 % wool felt. Just imagine a tree full with all these handmade items, feltornamentsstand_oimofestival_tamchyvillage_kyrgyzstan.jpghow delightful! I missed visiting the workshop of Kalipa Asanakunova but met her sales manager Asel (who happens to speak German) at the opening ceremony and was fortunate to buy some of the ornaments at Kalipa’s stand at the Oimo Festival. Some felt items are from Kalipa’s site or CACSA‘s. Contact them if you wish to purchase or carry for selling. *** Schau Dir diese bezaubernden Filzanhänger an, die ich in Kirgisien gekauft habe! Sind sie nicht herrlich und ich mag total die Details. Und alle aus handgearbeitetem 100 %igem Wollfilz. Stell Dir einen Baum mit diesen handgearbeiteten Teilen vor, einfach herrlich! Ich hatte den Workshopbesuch der Filzdesignerin Kalipa Asanakunova verpasst, hatte allerdings ihre Verkaufsleiterin Asel (die zufällig prima Deutsch spricht) kennengelernt und konnte an ihrem Stand beim Oimo Festival Filziges kaufen. Einige Filzsachen sind auch von Kalipa’s Seite oder CACSA. Du kannst sie kontaktieren, wenn Du Sachen kaufen oder weiterverkaufen möchtest.

Love these birds and how clever to fill them with a ball or a baby bird. *** Mag total diese Vögel und wie clever, sie mit einem Ball oder einem Babyvogel zu füllen.



Bird garland *** Vogelgirlande


Fairies with cute eyelashes *** Elfen mit süßen Wimpern


And my faves are the children and the yurt. *** Am liebsten mag ich die Kinder und den Yurt.




More animals *** Mehr Tiere








Christmas related *** Weihnachtliches





My beautiful embroidered felt slippers *** Meine herrlich bestickten Filzschlappen


Birdie purse *** Vogeltäschchen


Butterfly purse *** Schmetterlingtäschchen


Easter bunnies *** Osterhäschen


Felt flowers *** Filzblumen


And last but not least this cute Baibiche from the CACSA site Check out their other Central Asian felt dolls. *** Und zuguterletzt noch dieses süße Omilein von der CACSA-Seite. Sie haben noch weitere herrliche zentralasiatische Figuren.


18 responses to “Felt Ornaments and Gifts

  1. wunderbare werke,ein wenig verspielt,aber schön. mein favorit sind filzschlappen 🙂

  2. Beautiful stuff! Love them all!

  3. How can I choose which one I love the best? So colorful and joyful. Like Audrey, I love them all!

  4. Zuckersüß und mir gefallen auch alle! Im Gegensatz zu Dir mag ich Vögel *verschämt grins*

  5. Ah, Bel, How very lucky for all of us that you went to Kyrgyzstan and brought back these beautiful pieces. As I scrolled down your page I felt like I was sorting through a magical treasure chest. Thank you. Thank you. I’m off to play with felt and beads!
    Star Sparkles to you – Ariel

  6. Beautiful; look at those cute felt dollies and birdies and what nots; did you buy all of them? just adorable.

  7. Wowza…. these are just amazing. They are so bright and cheery! I love birds, so they really appealed (love the little baby birdies too). But then I love the little white horses with the wings too, and the fairies, and , and, and!!
    Like Ariel, I want to get my felt and beads out and have a play – but I must go to bed.
    Your blog is always so interesting and inspirational – thank you!
    Thanks for the inspiration, will definately have a play with my little hand felter this weekend!

  8. how wonderful…glad to have found your blog!

  9. Leider bin ich nicht so ein Filz-fan, aber ich finde es ganz klasse wass damit gemacht wird. Die Farben sind fabelhaft ( !!! ) und “inspirational”. Ich schreib nicht immer ein Kommentar aber ich habe mit sehr viel Spass dein Trip zu Kyrgyzstan gefolgt.

  10. Belinda, it is AMAZING to see these! There is nothing so traditional and special here for me to see, so what a treat! I love the felt ornaments, I think my favorite are the birds and the winged horses, but the butterflies, rams, camels……….all of them are ggggggggreat! And your doll from Alma is beautiful and the other creations you have seen and gotten from artists are fab too! What fun! I can imagine what it was like to see all those felt pieces from your pictures! What fun!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OMG! These are simply gorgeous. I wish I could make felt ornaments like these. The birdies are my favorites.

  12. anindiansummer

    You are right Belinda…these are absolutely adorable! I love their colors..


  13. What a beautiful post Belinda! So much eye candy. I love all of the little ‘ felties’. Am in love with the birds. Can undedstand why you wanted to buy so many lovely wares. Gorgeous!

  14. I have enjoyed your posts about felting and Kyrgystan. My son recently moved to Baku in Azerbaijan. I just might have to combine a trip to visit him with a trip to Kyrgystan to find some of the gorgeous ornaments you have shown us.

    Thank you for the enormous effort it must have taken to show all the pictures and write all the posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed them!

  15. I would love to purchase some of the bird ornaments. Is there a web site where I can order some of these before Christmas? Thank you for your help.

  16. Lindo trabalho.
    Parabéns. Ainda não tinha visto nada igual.
    Grande abraço e um 2009 de muitas realizações.
    Iara Porto Alegre/RS – Brasil

  17. We are supplier of handmade felt products. Please visit us at http://www.ahcraft.com for more details.

  18. I wrote above, about wanting to obtain some of those felt ornaments. I have succeeded! My son was in Kyrgyzstan and picked some up for me. He said they were hard to find and had to go to the top floor of a department store.

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