Oh my, I just noticed that my felted flower/egg warmer is amongst the featured art of Inspire Me Thursday, who actually made me make it! I’m so honored!! Gotta spread the felting bug 🙂 *** Ich hab gerade gesehen, dass mein blumiger gefilzter Eierwärmer mit auf die Wochen-Auswahlseite von Inspire me Thursday gekommen ist. Was für eine Ehre!! Auf dass der Filzvirus weiter verbreitet wird

3 responses to “Honored

  1. CONGRATS on finishing!! What a FUN painting. I don’t have the nerve to paint, but trying to over come that. I’m always starting projects and not finishing. OOops

  2. I’m not surpised about your felting! you do beautiful work! (I’m not teaching needle felting- just playing with it … :^))
    I’ll email you privately to reply to your post! hugs and XXOO –
    ps- I’ve added you to my blog friends
    pps – I LOVE!!! your painting !

  3. Love your painting Belinda! Looking forward to seeing you again at Art N Soul …oh and welcome to the Blog world.
    art hugs

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