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I really thought I’d get around those inchies but Tina chose it for the new WS challenge. So here’s what I produced last night. And somehow I ended up making an Inchie doll, surprised … ? teehee Tina wanted to see what I do with my acrylic paper. Well, like Moo cards they’re great for using leftovers!! I knew they had been around for a while but didn’t realize just for how long. You REALLY have to check out the inchies dotee_closeup-of-inchies.jpgmade by Dot Christian from Australia for a swap hosted by Julie O’Neill back in August 2006. They are just fabulous, I love discovering all the little details! Not sure, whether Julie is the mother of them inchies, but she is the earliest I could trace back. I went hunting for some fab inchie art last night: a portrait inchie gallery at Shari Schneiders from the US, white fabric inchies from Fiona Mortimore from Australia and Sandra Müller’s white/nature inchies from Germany . If you want to see some creative ideas what to do with your many swapped inchies, Sara Lechner from Austria made a tryptich and Beate Knappe from Germany shares her inchie house. *** Schreck – ich hatte doch wirklich geglaubt, ich komme um diese Inchies herum, doch Tina hat es als neue MS-Herausforderung ausgesucht. Hier sind also meine Kächelchen von letzter Nacht. Überrascht, dass eine Inchie Doll bei rauskam…? teehee Tina forderte mich frech heraus, meine Acrylpapiere zu sehen. Wie Moo-Kärtchen eignen sie sich hervorragend zur Resteverwertung. Ich wußte, dass sie schon seit einer Weile die Runde machten, aber wußte nicht wirklich wie lange schon. Du mußt Dir UNBEDINGT die Inchies anschauen, die Dot Christian aus Australia für einen Swap im August 2006 machte, der von Julie O’Neill organisiert wurde. Sie sind total klasse und ich finde es super all die vielen kleinen Details zu entdecken! Bin mir nicht sich, ob Julie die Mutter der Inchies ist, aber sie war wohl sicherlich eine der ersten. War gestern abend auf der Jagd nach tollen Inchie-Kreationen: eine Portrait-Inchie-Gallerie von Shari aus den USA, weiße Stoff-Inchies von Fiona Mortimore aus Australien und Sandra Müller machte klassische weiße Natur-Inchies. Und wenn Du Ideen brauchst, was Du mit all den vielen Inchies machen kannst, Sara Lechner aus Österreich hat ein Tryptichon und Beate Knappe ein Inchie-Haus gemacht.


41 responses to “WS: Inchies

  1. These are gorgeous Belinda.

  2. Stunning work! Love all your inchies. The doll is too cute 🙂
    Thanks for the inchie links, off to check these out.

  3. These are awesome. Love each and every one of them.

  4. Ich liebe ja generell deine intensiven Farben und tollen Werke, aber der Inchie-Doll-Hänger ist ja mal wieder der Clou… wunderschön!!!

  5. Ich bin schlichtweg begeistert, was man auf soo kleine Kärtchen alles zaubern kann. Klasse.

  6. These are just perfect – love the backgrounds!

  7. Wunderschön wie immer, Belinda!
    Und der Doll-Hänger ist besonders toll!! 🙂

  8. These are gorgeous

  9. Beautiful inchies!

  10. Wow! Die sind einfach genial! Was da alles draufpasst *staun* und die Farben sind grossartig.

  11. Super! They are really gorgeous.

  12. totally stunning work as always belinda!

  13. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! I knew you would rise to that perfect little challenge!!! Aren’t they fun?? I absolutely love your inovation in making a doll with them. HOw cool is that?

  14. wonderful such lovely bright colours the doll is fab to

  15. …ich hab’s geahnt…*lach*…Inchies! Klasse…*luperausfummel*. Hast Deine Sache aber großartig hinbekommen…
    Und nun? Setz ich mich hin – und lege los…

  16. Your art and your site is just wonderful! I was challenged and so I am tagging you… come to my blog and see what to do! (I got tagged and am just passing the fun along) I hope you enjoy it.

  17. Belinda- you are so inspiring! These are amazing inchies… It’s funny how you mention you like to look at the details in Dotee’s swap inchies…I like to stare at YOUR projects to find the details!! Well done!

  18. da ich deine inchies super finde ist ja voll klar 🙂
    mal sehen,ob ich dazu komme ein paar micro *g dinger zu produzieren. auf jeden fall,das thema ist total klasse .
    und ja..vielen dank für tolle links,Belinda.
    wow…die mädels sind wirklich kreativ.

    Ganz Liebe Grüße

  19. Totally awesome!! So well made & fabulous array of colour & images.
    I hope to be this good one day!!

  20. fantastic! love them all!

  21. They are gorgeous!

  22. wunderschön geworden..

  23. This is such a fantastic idea.

  24. Thanks for mentioning my inchies in your post!! I was really curious about your comment on my blog yesterday—too funny that we are in the same frame of mind right now. I have been making inchies since Julie O’neil’s original swap last year. I think you are correct about that being the beginning of the inchie trend. We swapped 100 for 100!! Here is a link to the page on my blog that has scans of the return swap mounted in a little book×1-mini-swap-is-home-and-mounted.html Once I started I was hooked! Nothing has caught my interest like that until your fun trend—those fabulous arches!!! I’m thinking of finally jumping in to the WS challenge. I’ve been tempted before, but not enough to just do it!!! I might have to create a few little mini masterpieces for this weeks challenge!!! I’m not too sure if I will really have time, but I will definitely give it a try. I’m thinking of doing the arch challenge this week too. You are inspiring me to create!!! I love your contributions (especially the doll!!). What a great way to use those backgrounds. I made a few backgrounds last night (per your instructions in the magazine). I’m not too sure if I like the way they turned out. I haven’t torn them up and layered them together yet—that will hopefully make a difference. I am going to scan and upload them as is, and then later when they are completed. Take a look if you have time tomorrow and feel free to critique them and tell me what I did wrong (since they don’t look at all like yours!!). Enough from me!!!
    -hugs, the other schneider xxx

  25. na, dir ging es scheinbar nicht anders als mir. im großen bogen schlagen um die minidinger war ich nicht verlegen;) aber du hast die hürde meisterhaft hinter dich gebracht

  26. klasse deine Inchies

  27. supercoole Teile

  28. Fantastic. Love the saucy look of the woman with the purple orchids. Thanks for referance to Dot; what amazing work! jodi

  29. Lovely. You really must have an excellent vision (artistically and literally..LOL!)

  30. Your inchies are so gorgeous, colourful and feminine. I love them! And your inchie doll is not only original but beautiful too.

  31. Gorgeous Inchies Belinda the colours are amazing

  32. Belinda, die sind klasse geworden. Wieder so herrlich farbenfroh. Ich habe mir heute an meinen fast die Zähne ausgebissen 😉 Soooo klein…

  33. I love your inchies they are great! All your work are lovely, you have a lovely blog!

  34. Wow splendid colours as always. Love them

  35. Thanks for mentioning my inchies Belinda – and linking to my blog. I have had several lovely ladies come to visit!

    LOVE your inchies! And your inchie doll is incredible (you are so clever).

  36. Hi Belinda,
    Love your inchies, the colors are great! (And you are right, inchies are great for using up scraps!) 🙂

  37. Belinda your inchie doll is just gorgeous – how ingenious to make a dolly….
    Love the inchies and have participated in a few swaps with Dot and a couple of yahoo groups. Lots of fun!!
    Fabric inchies are lots of fun too, especially love what Sara Lechner has done with hers.

  38. Klasse Ideen!

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