Oaxaca Street Art


Cool street art spotted on Oaxaca’s streets and walls. Who could resist this fun? *** Coole Straßenkunst entdeckt auf Oaxacas Straßen und Wänden. Wer kann diesem Spass schon widerstehen?


convivencia-musical noche-de-venganza el-arte-del-pueblo1 activitad1 las-cuchillos

la-cucaracha halloween-no funeral-de-las-artistas espacio-zapata calenda-comparsa-de-muertos

caravana-teatral tianguis-cultural exodos fiesta-de-los-muertos imagina




First 7 from ArtejaguaR (click over to his blog)

graffiti-oaxaca-9 graffiti-oaxaca-8 graffiti-oaxaca-1 graffiti-oaxaca-3 graffiti-oaxaca-5

graffiti-oaxaca-4 graffiti-oaxaca-6 graffiti-oaxaca-12 graffiti-oaxaca-7 graffiti-oaxaca-13 graffiti-oaxaca-14

wall graffiti-oaxaca-331 graffiti-oaxaca-32 graffiti-oaxaca-29

graffiti-oaxaca-26 graffiti-oaxaca-17 graffiti-oaxaca-18 graffiti-oaxaca-15 graffiti-oaxaca-25 graffiti-oaxaca-23

… and more


carta-grande cafe-brujula4 cafe-brujula3 cafe-brujula2 cafe-brujula1

12 responses to “Oaxaca Street Art

  1. finde ich auch, besonders das erste! tolle graffitis, wirklich nicht zu übersehen. freu mich auf mehr.

  2. You dug up some of the same great Oaxaca posters that I did! Loved them (see http://theavocadopapers.typepad.com/avocadoblog/2008/11/mexico-vi.html). Only wish I could have figured out a way to bring them back with me. Especially the “Caravana Teatral” one. (I already looked on eBay: no luck.) Best — S.

  3. Huh !!
    Fabulous !
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Splendid, glad you shared this!

  5. Love the funky posters and really enjoyed the previous post re: de Meng…. looks like you had lots of fun. Love the phone pic. too, thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. die sind ja eine augen weide.toll!!!!

  7. This is a brilliant array of posters that you’ve put together!!! Much eyecandy!!!

  8. Loved looking at your photos and thinking of the fun we had in Mexico, alas mine are still in the camera as my computer is kaput! I will be loading them on to my flckr as soon as it is fixed.

  9. I loved Oaxaca and was obsessed with finding posters to take back with me. There was a store called “Black Box” tucked away on 5 de mayo just by Santo Domingo that sometimes sells some of the posters you see on the street. Worth checking out. Thanks for the photos!

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