To wrap-up the trip to Kyrgyzstan, above is a picture of the wonderful CACSA team (left to right: Zarina Ibraimova, Zura Rasalieva, Gulmira Osmonkulova, Svetlana Balalaeva, Elmira Bakirova and Ainura Bozgunchieva) who organized the exciting Felt Symposium (2 missing interns were still at the Oimo Festival) and made it an unforgettable experience for all of us. Very interesting were also the many interesting international artists’ presentations they organized on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the symposium as well as a round table with representants from the political, economical and artistic life. A post with fabulous felt ornaments I bought there is in the works… Below some fave Kyrgyz snapshots. Raxmat CACSA (Thank you or Spasibo in Russian, the only other word I remember)!!*** Zum Abschluß der Kirgisienreise ist oben ein Foto des wunderbaren CACSA-Teams (von li nach re: Zarina Ibraimova, Zura Rasalieva, Gulmira Osmonkulova, Svetlana Balalaeva, Elmira Bakirova and Ainura Bozgunchieva), das dieses aufregende Filzsymposium organisiert (2 Praktikannen waren derzeit noch beim Oimo-Festival) und uns ein unvergeßliches Erlebnis ermöglicht hat. Sie haben auch anläßlich der Eröffnungsfeier der Symposium viele interessante Vorträge von intl. Filzkünstlern organisiert als auch am Ende einen Runden Tisch mit Vertretern aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Künstlern. Ein Beitrag mit dort gekauften tollen Filzanhängern ist in Arbeit… Unten noch einige liebste kirgisische Schnappschüsse., Raxmat CACSA (Danke in Kyrgisisch, oder Spasibo in Russisch, an mehr erinnere ich mich nicht mehr!!
Kyrgyz faces ***Kirgisische Gesichter






For a change, these men from At-Bachi village below asked to be photographed! *** Und mal anders, diese Männer unten aus dem Dort At-Bachi baten darum fotografiert zu werden. 🙂


Our interpreter Vitali (below left) with 2 Kyrgyz in Naryn. Interesting how they like to squad in Central Asia as they do in the Arabic world. *** Unser Dolmetscher Vitali (unten links) mit 2 Kirgisen in Naryn. Interessant, dass in Zentralasien alle auch so gerne hocken wie in der arabischen Welt.


Beautiful rural Kyrgyzstan *** Wunderschönes ländliches Kirgisistankyrgyz-rural-life-kopie.jpg


Kyrgyz hospitality *** Kirgisische Gastfreundlichkeit


Kyrgyz cemetery in Bokanbaevo with mausoleums. I particularly like the Yurt versions. *** Kirgisischer Friedhof in Bokanbaevo mit Mausoleen. Mir gefallen ganz besonders die Jurte-Versionen.


Michelle is collecting Grave Dirt, need to get her some from Lux eventually. Below is a proof of mucho pebbles on this grave in Bokanbaevo village. I was told that this is a sign of respect for the decease. Looks like the Musliums share this tradition with the Jews. *** Michelle sammelt Graberde, muß ihr wohl welche aus Lux besorgen. Unten ist der Beweis eines Fotos mit viiilen Steinen im Dorf Bokanbaevo. Mir wurde gesagt, dass dies ein Zeichen für Respekt des Verstorbenen ist. Die Musliume scheinen diese Tradition mit den Juden zu teilen.


And last but not least, last year the book “Kyrgyzstan” was first published in Italian (Original) and kyrgyzstanbook.jpgis now available in English, Kyrgyz and Russion versions are in the works. It’s not cheap but decided to purchase it after all. The book is based on the transcript of interviews by Philippe Labreveux and Dinara Chochumbaeva (President of CACSA) with ethnographer Klavdiya Ivanovna Antipina and never before published text. She is called the “baybiche” (grandmother) of Kyrgyz ethnography. She managed not just to review, but also to see, evaluate, collect and describe the special features of Kyrgyz native culture, and thus passed on to posterity these invaluable samples of unique traditon, which are also a part of world culture… The book is unique. Never before has an account of the costumes of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia been published in America or westkyrgyzstanbook_-blog1.jpgern European literature. Her work particularly focused on the material culture of the southern Kyrgyz.” The book contains scientic text and 30 color and 34 black-white photographs by Rolando Paiva as well as 74 watercolor paintings by Temirbek Musakeev. *** Und zum Abschluß noch das Buch Kyrgyzstan, das letztes Jahr in Italienisch (Original) veröffentlicht wurde und nun auch auf Englisch erhältlich ist, Kirgisisch und Russisch sind in Arbeit. Kein billiges Buch, aber ich hab’s letztendlich doch gekauft und bereue es kyrgyzstanbook_4.jpgkeinesfalls. Das Buch basiert auf Abschriften eines Interviews von Philippe Labreveux und Dinara Chochumbaeva (President of CACSA) mit Ethnographerin Klavdiya Ivanovna Antipina und noch nie veröffentlichem Text in Amerika und Westeuropa. Sie wird “baybiche” (Oma) der kirgisischen Ethnographie genannt. Ihr Werk richtet sich augenmerklich auf die Stoffkultur der Südkirgisen. Das Buch beinhaltet neben wissenschaftlichem Text 30 Farb- und 34 schwarz-weiß-Fotos von Rolando Paiva als auch 74 Aquarelle von Temirbek Musakeev.

kyrgyzstanbook_3.jpg kyrgyzstanbook_2.jpg

11 responses to “Kyrgyzstan

  1. Hi Belinda

    Thanks for the heads up on this I had on seen sknnys at ART E Zine and thought this would be a fun size to play with. Thanks for the link Im going to have a look now Sarah xx

  2. How lucky for you to be able to go and experience this wonderful and colorful culture. I love the photos!

  3. the pictures are just stunning belinda. i love getting to live vicariously through you!

  4. What beautiful people. And a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Belinda!

    Beautiful pictures!!….I’m sure you must have spent a great time….I love your love for colours! Cheers!

  6. Belinda~
    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos! It sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Amazing faces and I especially loved the buildings and the roof lines. Exceptional shots!
    – vicki xo

  7. I enjoy your posts just as much as the others! CACSA has wonderful members and they seem to organize wonderful events. The yurt mausoleum is quite unique and special!! Thank you for sharing your beautiuful moments with a not so foreign country anymore.
    Pat from NZ

  8. Superklasse Fotos hast Du da, absolut aufregend und spannend! Danke schön!

  9. i have so thoroughly enjoyed your sharing of this amazing experience! your pics of the people and culture and textiles and buildings, etc are all endearing and beautiful. next time you go, can i come with you?! 😀 thank you again and again for sharing this exciting journey with us! hope you’re well dear one.
    with smiles,

  10. Belinda, what a fabulous trip you must have had. Great photos too!

  11. Elmira!! She was my interpreter for 2 weeks back in 1991, just before independence. She looks great! Please forward her my email address.

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