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Happy PumpkinLand

They lived in Happy PumpkinLand.

Sie lebten im Fröhlichen KürbisLand.

Ils vivaient dans le Pays de Potirons Joyeux.


Sergey Tyukanov

Alice in Wonderland (2006)
“Wonderland, the door to which was opened by Alice, resembles our own to a certain extent, but all the things and images in it are hypertrophied or misused.”

Enter into the magical, whimsical, mystical and surreal world of Sergey Tyukanov. He was born May 17, 1955, in Poronaisk, Russia. In 1981 he received his Master’s Degree in the graphic arts. He currently works and lives in Kaliningrad and Chicago as a free artist.  His work is collected widely in the United States and Europe, where he has separate following for his etchings, ex libris prints, and his paintings, watercolors and drawings.

The Moon (2005)                 Hairdo II (2004)

Woman-pear (2006) “One of the latest developments in the world of hat fashion.”

The Alchemist (1986)

Fish Island (1991)   “Two Small Boots” Castle (1995) Flying Dutchman (2000)

“Each person has his or her own idea of the world. Pictures are the window to the world of the artist, who has an opportunity to create things that are impossible in the real world.  My world is the world of the metamorphosis and paradox, which are reality for me, and this reality I materialize in my works. I like to be surprised and astonished, I like to surprise and astonish myself.”

Flying Bottle (2006)

“Creativity should inspire and arouse creativeness. I invite you to travel in the world of my fantasies.”

Hotel & Restaurant Project (2006)                         H&R Chicago Project (2005)