Patti, the Carving Mistress


Patti is such an incredibly creative and talented friend, check out these master pumpkins, carved by the Carving Mistress herself. Above is her Fairy from 2006.
Patti ist eine unglaublich creative und talentierte Kreativfreundin, schau Dir nur ihre Meisterkürbisse an, geschnitzt von der Meisterschnitzerin höchstpersönlich. Oben ist ihre Elfe von 2006.
Patti est une copine tellement créative avec beaucoup de talent. Regade ces potirons sculpté, crée par la Maîtresse de Sculpture soi-même.



Fall Goddess and Captain Hook carved by Patti and her husband Earl.
und Captain Hook geschnitzt von Patti und ihrem Mann Earl.

Déesse d’Automne
et Capitaine Crochet crée par Patti et son marie Earl.


Paying hommage to their cute dog Rufio in 2009.
2009 hat sie ihren süßen Hund Rufio verewigt.
Hommage rendu a son chien mignong Rufio en 2009.  


I love how she carved out the features in 2008.
Herrlich, wie sie die Gesichtszüge 2008 herausgeschnitzt hat.
J’ai bien comment elle a sculpté les traits du visage en 2008.


Patti’s mean witch from 2007.
Patti’s böse Hexe aus 2007.
La sorcière méchante de Patti crée en 2007.

Last but not least,  a joint carved masterpiece by Patti & Earl.
Zu guter letzt ein gemeinsames Meisterstück von Patti & Earl.
Et pour terminer un chef-d’œuvre crée par Patti & Earl ensemble.

7 responses to “Patti, the Carving Mistress

  1. She is a master carver, amazing pumpkins! The the fairy is my favorite.

  2. Belinda,
    Hahehehe, thanks for sharing my pumpkins! That makes me smile so !
    Wheeeeeeee! I do enjoy the pumpkin fun!
    YOU are an artful inspiration to ME! Never forget that my friend!

  3. waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    bravo md

  4. Belinda, I’ve known Patti for years and she never, never disappoints me with her creations. She is one special lady with an overwhelming amount of talent! That is soooo nice of you to showcase her pumpkins:) Have a Happy Halloween!

  5. Hi Belinda,

    These are fantastic! I can hardly manage to carve a couple of eyes and a mouth myself and I’m always mighty impressed that people can create such wonderful art pieces from a piece of fruit! Like these!

    Anyway I just want to say thank you so, so, sooooo much!!! I can’t believe I won that fabulous journal; I LOVE it! Seriously missus, you have really brightened my day. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! As for where to mail it to, I’ve been searching about your page but I can’t seem to find an email address. My own email is If you just send me a wee message to that I can reply with my home address. Thanks so, so much again. I’m like a giddy little school girl since I got the news!

    Well, hope you’re having a lovely day,

    Roisin x

  6. das muß man echt gesehen haben! toll ist das!
    danke Belinda!

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