Happy Witch Giveaway

Couldn’t resist making this Happy Witch Journal, with blank pages on the inside as a giveaway for Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party  today. I love mixed-media, mingling various mediums and adding all kinds of tidbits is pure fun. The journal cover  was made with Halloween themes fabrics from e-quilter, my favorite online fabric shopping experience, black pompom ribbon and I thought the Baroque Border from ARTchix Studio’s German Scrap collection in black and purple which fits just perfectly. For the “moon collage” on the front I gave the muse (also from ARTchix Studio) a witch hat and glued on the Happy Witch text from my free downloadable collage sheet. Just leave a comment if you’re interested in winning it until 20 October and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced thereafter.



Kam nicht umhin um dieses Happy Witch Journal zu mjachen, innen mit leeren Seiten, als Geschenk für Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party  heute. Ich liebe Mixed-Media, verschiedenste Materialien zusammenzufügen und dies&das einzufügen ist das reinste Vergnügen. Der Journalumschlag wurde gestaltet mit Halloweenstoffen von e-quilter, meinem liebsten online Stoffkauferlebnis, schwarzem Pompomband und ich dachte, die  Baroque Border fvon ARTchix Studio’s German Paper Scrap collection in schwarz und lila paßt einfach perfekt. Für die  “Mondcollage” vorne hab ich der Muse (auch von ARTchix Studio) einen Hexenhut gegeben und Happy Witchtext von meinen kostenlosen herunterladbaren Collagebogen  aufgeklebt. Wenn Du es gewinnen möchtest, schreib einfach einen Kommentar bis zum 20. Oktober und der Gewinner wird dann anschließend hier bekanntgegeben. The journal will come with a goodie bag so even beginners can enjoy making it. Included are coordinated fabric scrapsspider net scrap, ribbon scraps, an Art Nouveau Garden Gate, border scraps and a Gothic Arch Eco Shape all from ARTchix Studio, and if you are into it and wish to receive it, a bat, some spiders and a skull. They are optional!


Voilà encore un art journal, cette fois-ci faite pour  Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party   aujourd’hui. J’adore le mixed-media, combiner les differents medias et rajouter pleins de petits elements decoratifs, c’est de la joie pure. La couverture de l’art journal est realisee avec des tissues ‘Halloween’ de e-quilter, mon endroit prefere online pour achter des tissues, du rubain noir pompom noir et je pensais que les bordures de papier Baroque de ARTchix Studio’s German Scrap collection en  noir et violet vent tellement bien avec. Pour la collage de la lune j’ai donnee un chapeau de socrieere a la muse (egalement ARTchix Studio) et j’ai colle les mots Happy Witch  de mon feuille de collage a telecharger gratuitement. Si tu souhaite gagner ce art journal (avec des pages blanc et un petit kit) laisse un commentaire jusqu’au 20 octobre et le gagnant sera annoncee ulterieurement.


EDIT: Congratulations to Roisin who left comment #27! The journal will soon be winging it’s way to you.

64 responses to “Happy Witch Giveaway

  1. hach sag mal , könnte man nicht weihnachten ausfallen lassen und ganzjährig halloweenig sein? habe mir mal direkt dein alphabet mitgenommen, die farben sind so schön und kommen garantiert zum einsatz.dein journal ist spitze geworden und ich muss wirklich überlegen, ob das nicht auch mal ein anreiz für meinereiner wäre

  2. Thank you for flying by…
    This is sooooo much fun!!!
    Love your blog & your creations.
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  3. Who wouldn’t want to win such a gorgeous halloween journal? Thanks for giving us a chance and thanks for sharing your free to use collage sheets!

  4. What a wonderful gift for such a magical time of year – do sign me up… I do love all those intricate details!

  5. me too me too! wouldn’t want to miss out on winning this wonderful journal you made!! you’re so generous. the garden gate would look great on a halloween page.

  6. Intriguing and inspiring. I want to learn how to do things like this. I see a long cold indoor winter ahead of me.
    Please add my name to the witch’s hat for this giveaway.

  7. SPOOKTACULAR blog and journal! Please enter my name to the witch’s hat. I would love to learn how to make one as well.

  8. what a fun party! and a great journal art piece! please enter me to win!

  9. The journal is fabulous! Thanks so much for the chance to win it! Great blog & work by the way! Hope you’ll stop by! Happy Halloween!

  10. fantastic post and fantastic givaway!!!!

  11. Such a lovely journal! Please enter me!

  12. The journal is bewitchingly perfect and I’d hate to miss out on it, so please, put my name in for the drawing as well!

    Perhaps when you’ve recovered from your revelry, you’d like to stop by and visit with me?

  13. What a lovely offering! Thanks very much!!! 🙂 Parties are so much fun!

    I would be most delighted if you came to visit my enchanted Halloween Faerie Tale & giveaway:


    Enjoy the parties!

  14. Such a nice gift you offer. Happy Party Day! xx

  15. Happy blog-party! This is my first one and I’m loving it so far!

    Your journal is really creative and I think the free letters download will come in handy for a few things I have in mind this season too 🙂 Don’t worry about putting me into the prize draw, I just wanted to drop by and say hello to a fellow crafty party-goer 🙂

  16. You are so creative. Love your spooky little items! 🙂

    Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

  17. Hallo Belinda,

    Dein Happy Witch Journal ist einfach wundervoll geworden — ein richtiger Schatz! Danke für die Chance, es zu gewinnen. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus München,

  18. Thank you so much for the chance to win this fabulous journal! 🙂 ~Lauren

  19. Oh my goodness, that is just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful party post with us all 😀

  20. Lovely be-witching post!


  21. Extremely awesome! Please put me in the draw for the whole bunch! LOVE IT! you did a great job 🙂
    thanks for the opportunity.


    Please visit:

  22. Your happy witch journal is scrumptious! Love your colors, and all the magic in your nook 😉 Thank you for sharin gin the Halloween festivites!!
    ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  23. What a lovely journal! Hope you’re enjoying the blog party!

  24. Everything looks spooky & magical ~ and I LOVE the journal! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I’ve never participated in such a party before. I would love to be able to win your beautifully crafted journal.

  26. wheee Swinging by on my broom and loving your party giveaway! Would love to win it!
    Happy Halloween!

  27. Glad you joined the partying witches, would love to win it. Please enter my name into the witch hat!

  28. What a beautiful journal! Very creative! Thanks for inviting me to your blog party! I had a great time! I hope you’ll visit me as well!


  29. What a wonderful giveaway! I hope you will come sign up for my giveaway too.

  30. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, muahaha, ME ME ME Bel!!!
    Count me in, your journal is spooktacular!

  31. Awh, who wouldn’t want a skull? Or a spider? I don’t think they’d be fun to have a haunted house with!

    I think the whole package sounds fantastic- and I love the bilingual blog! Thank you!

  32. Oh , your journal is beautiful and would luv the opportunity to win it.Happy Halloween !
    ~^..^~ Annabelle

    I’m giving three art prints away for this special occasion so do drop in for a chance to win something Halloweenie if you like.

    Thanks for the lettering.

  33. The journal is a work of art. Please come and see my Party too.
    Please come and see the video my daughter, her friends and I created. It’s very amaturish but silly and fun. What do you expect from 3 girls 12-13 and one mom who never completely grew up.


  34. What a fun and creative giveaway! Please stop past my blog and check out my party!


  35. Love the color of your blog..lol So much fun and very creative. I had a great time. Hope you can come on over for a visit too.
    Have a Happy Halloween,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  36. Wer kann zu diesem wunderbaren Werk schon “Nein!” sagen ???
    Ich jedenfalls nicht :-)).

  37. Treat or Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
    ( oh no…Bob Razowski has knocked at your door)…


  38. How sweet of you….very creative for the season! Thank you! ♥

  39. Wunderschöööön Belinda und eine wundervolle Idee, jemanden damit “happy” zu machen!!! DANKE Dir für all die tollen Buchstaben, die wir uns runterladen können :)))
    Liebe Grüße
    Deina Fans aus München
    Conny und family

  40. Thank you for such a great time! Love the giveaway 😀

    Please visit my blog to enter mine…two Mini Witch Hats….



  41. I’m still enjoying the Halloween Party!! Great post. You are welcome to visit my party any time!

    I’ll be revealing the location the photos were taken this afternoon. 🙂

  42. Gerne würde ich dieses wunderschöne Art Journal besitzen. Bitte geb meinen Namen auch in den Hexenhut.

  43. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    would love to win.. thanks for the chance!

  44. hello Belinda, noch ein mal sehr schön – bis bald

  45. I didn’t have time to participate in the blog party, but I enjoy blog hopping today. Please count me in for the gorgeous journal. Would love to know how to make one myself. Like your spoooooooooky blog!

  46. Love your blog and gorgeous creations 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  47. what a wonderful party!
    I love your creations!

    Hope you’ll come visit mine and my post(s) for all of October!

  48. I just love traveling around making new friends don’t you. It looks like you have a wonderful time creating your works of art. Much appreciated!

    When you have the opportunity please come over for a visit!

  49. What a bewitchingly beautiful journal! Thanks for sharing:)

  50. Spooktacular party post! Your giveaway is magical! Happy Halloween! 🙂

  51. Wow such spooktacular journals you made. I would be so happy if I won one.

  52. Oh my gosh, love your Happy Witch Journal, Belinda!! Sooo cool! Count me as one of the many that have their fingers and toes crossed for winning it! : )

  53. Great Halloween party post! Your giveaway is magical!
    Happy Halloween!

    from so far away!

    visit me anytime…

  54. liebe belinda, natürlich würde ich auch gerne dein wunderschönes buch gewinnen!
    viele grüße von uns allen

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  57. hallo belinda, ich mach mich auch mal auf die jagd. das ist ja wieder so fantastisch. eben ein echtes belinda kunstwerk.

  58. Just want to say thank you one more time. I’m so chuffed!

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