An Indian Wedding

In Germany and India, May is the preferred wedding month. While in India in April, I was able to see the beginning of an Indian Hindu wedding and a Bollywood film shooting, perfect timing. Made this journal spread for the new WS “Here comes the bride challenge and the grid was inspired by the GPP crusade n° 41  – Grid lock. The gorgeous jasmin bloom garlands (towards bottom of post) inspired my doodling. Below are some commercial magazine pages from the issue .

In Deutschland und Indien ist Mai der Hochzeitsmonat. Als ich im April in Indien war, hatte ich das Glück den Anfang einer indischen Hindu-Hochzeit zu sehen (mehr unten) und auch Hochzeitsszenen eines Bollywood-Filmdrehs. Perfektes Timing. Hab diese Journaldoppelseite für die neue MS-Herausforderung “Hier kommt die Braut” und die Rasterseite mit Mustern meiner indischen Holzdruck wurde von der GPP crusade n° 41  – Grid lock inspiriert. Die herrlichen Jasminblütengirlanden (weiter unten) haben mich ebenso inspiriert. Oben sind noch einige kommerzielle Seite der Zeitschrift….

Our guide told us that in India a wedding starts with the groom being picked up from the wedding company journeying to the venue where the wedding will take place, depending on the caste on an elephant, horse or camel. This may take several hours, depending on the distance. The wedding comany is composed of friends and family and a music band. The bride awaits him patiently. Unfortunately we never laid eyes on the bride. Needless to say that I love the flower umbrella!

Unser Führer erzählte uns, dass in Indien eine Hochzeit damit beginnt, dass sich der Bräutigam, je nach Kastenherkunft, entweder mit einem Elefanten, einem Pferd oder einem Kamel in einer Parade von seinem Wohnort zum Ort der Feier begibt. Der Umzug kann mehrere Stunden dauern, je nach Entfernung. Die begleitende Hochzeitsgesellchaft besteht aus Freunden und Familie und einer Musikgruppe. Die Braut erwartet den Bräutigam geduldig am Ort der Feier. Diese Braut haben wir leider nicht zu Gesicht bekommen. Muß wohl nicht erwähnen, dass ich total auf den Blumenschirm stehe.


The groom’s parade, quite a spectacle! Dancing guests…

Der Bräutigam-Umzug, was für ein Spekakel! Tanzende Gäste …


Welcome gate for the groom and the guests. Flower bowl with lit candles.

Eingangstor für Bräutigam und Gäste. Blumenschale mit brennenden Kerzen.


Musicians play for the company. Musiker spielen für die Gesellschaft.


Giant wooden paisley (my heart was beating faster, what a masterpiece!) and flower garlands for the guests.

Riesiges Holzpaisley (mein Herz schlug höher, was für ein Meisterstück!) und Blumengirlanden für die Gäste. 

A fairytale tent, the venue for the wedding ceremony. Wish you could have smelled the jasmin garlands hanging down everywhere – divine!

Ein Märchenzelt, der Ort für die Hochzeitszeremonie. Könntest Du nur den Duft der Jasminblütengirlanden riechen die überall runterhingen – göttlich!

This was the Wedding Ceremony Bollywood setting, not bad!


Dies war die Bühne für die Bollywood-Hochzeitsszene, nicht schlecht!

25 responses to “An Indian Wedding

  1. Wow- looks amazing. I love your journal page.

  2. Love it, its so vibrant!!!

  3. Bel, what a wonderful EVENT for the wedding! IT seems to make more sense to make it a JOURNEY, because they beginning a new journey and there is time to THINK on the upcoming promises! I wonder how many grooms change their minds during their journey? :0) And I am thinking the brides are sooooooooo happy once the whole party arives to her! Beautiful and fun!!!! What a spectacular day for them!

    Love your little journal too! Colors, patterns and flowers are beautiful and combining them in your artwork always makes me smile!

  4. du weltenbummlerin! ganz tolle bilder. live bestimmt noch cooler! und apropos hochzeit…
    sehen wir uns an marc & annes hochzeit ende juli? würd mich riesig freun!!
    drück dich

  5. Hey Belinda! Great to hear from you!! Thanks for sharing your grid page with the street team! Your owrk is always so vibrant. How fabulous that you’ve been to India and got to witness this glorious event. I can imagine you wanted to hoist that gigantic paisley into your suitcase 😉 xo

  6. Gorgeous! AND I adore your Indian wedding pics too! I got to attend an Indian wedding here in the states and it was splendid altho not quite as traditional as the one you shared.
    I’m sure if you asked a wedded couple what the favorite wedding month was … they would say the month they were married 🙂
    June is pretty popular here in the states!
    Happy Summer to you!

  7. love your journal spread, gorgeous bride. look at the jewelry, they must cost a fortune. the groom looks like a maharadja, he looks very happy! thanks for sharing another part of your trip.

  8. This is amazing, Belinda! Love your collage and all of the added inspiration! Now I’m dying to watch a Bollywood movie. Have any you’d recommend? : )

  9. Love it, all those bright colors…yummie!!

  10. traumhaft schöne braut! wunderschöne seiten. die blumengirlanden gefallen mir gut … kann den duft fast riechen.
    wünsche dir viel spass in bad aibling!
    liebe grüße, sarah

  11. beeindruckende Fotos… und Dein Journaling gefällt mir super gut…

    liebe Grüße


  12. Hi Belinda, I’m new to crusading… but I’m enjoying connecting through all the blogs and artwork. I’m in Germany too. I had no idea that May was the preferred month for marriage. I like your bright red grid with it’s splash of green. Happy creations, tj at Studio Mailbox

  13. Great post !!
    Your blog are always inspiring .

  14. So colourful and happy! I love the page.

  15. Gorgeous journal page & so much fun to see where your inspiration came from.

  16. wow! I LOVE those colors!! I also loved learning a little more today, about the culture in India. Great stuff

  17. Fantastic colors, and thank you so much for sharing the wedding story ! Culture of India is really special, thanks for sharing !

  18. Loved the use of those papers, I have some in my collection, so I enjoyed seeing your grid.

  19. Lovely bright colours.

  20. really love the colours of your journal indian page and thanks for sharing the lovely photos. A couple of years ago some Sikh neighbours had a wedding and it was wonderful to see so many people and hear the indian drums

  21. wow very impressive pages and I loved how you told about the wedding in India and the bollywood production

  22. beautiful page, really, and what an adventure you’ve been on. thanks for sharing.

  23. Oooh the colours! Love the hot colours of your journal pages, they’re so evocative.
    I went to an Indian wedding once and your photos reminded me – thank you for that.

  24. Hey, your India trip must have been totally exciting. I hope I can go there one day as well. I love those vibrant colors and patterns. Thnaks for the beautiful pictures and the wedding. Must hav been wealthier people.

    I just saw your workshop in Munich last weekend. Love your shrine- pendants. Wish I could have been there. Did you also teach in Lille, France last weekend? Busy- busy! xoxox, thanks for your creativitiy, Trixel

  25. i love you
    and i miss you
    and i bearly get to hear of you
    why not why not because of coures i dont know where you are
    love you tomo

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