Halloween Spirit


Been in a ghouly and silly mood for weeks after seeing the musical WICKED while in London in August which by the way is JUST AWESOME!!! Couldn’t resist joining a Hauntingly Halloweenfest A Fancicul Twist is hosting in Blogland today. Set up my Halloween decoration after getting back from Portland. I was so surprised to find stylish and cool Halloween deco from Martha Stewart. And thought I’d get out my digi beginner knowledge and added a chanedlier here, spider webs there, bats here … if it just didn’t take so long. But I certainly had fun.  Haven’t really done more than deco so far, but paint will follow eventually.

Bel-halloween2009-8a copy

Bin seit Wochen in einer makabren und verrückten Stimmung, seit ich im August in London das Musical WICKED gesehen hab, das so nebenbei einfach nur SUPER ist!!! Mußte also das Halloweenfest, von A Fancicul Twist heute im Blogland veranstaltet. Gleich als ich von Portland zurückkam hab ich meine Halloweendeko rausgekramt und Neues aufgestellt. War angenehm überrascht zu sehen, wie cool und stylich manche Halloweendeko in den USA dieses Jahr ist, besonders Martha Stewart hat sich ins Zeug gelegt. Und hab mal wieder etwas digital gearbeite und hier einen Kronleuchter, da eine Spinne, da eine Fledermaus …. angefügt, würde alles nicht so lange dauern. Auf jeden Fall hatte ich Spass. Mehr als Deko hab ich leider noch nicht gemacht gekommen. Aber kommt noch.


Skeleton hands are creeping up from everywhere, welcoming curious observers. Watch out!


Skeletthände kriechen aus allen Löchern und begrüßen vorwitzige Beobachter. Gib acht! 


Mice are not the only ones interested in Halloween M&Ms, I’m wondering how long they will last anyway!
Nicht nur Mäuse interessieren sich für die Halloween M&Ms, ich frag mich sowieso, wie lange die Schale noch voll ist!


Even Wilton is going contempo and I couldn’t resist this skull cupcake stand, way cool.  No time for making cupcakes, so I offer dark Hershey kisses, and I’m blowing one right at ya! 


Sogar die Firma Wilton (bekannt für traditionelles Kuchenzubehör u.a.) hat zeitgenössisches und ich konnte diesem Totenkopf-Muffinständer nicht widertehen, viel zu cool! Anstelle Muffins, hab ich ihn erstmals mit Hershey-Schokoküssen in Zartbitter (und deshalb lila) ausgestattet. Hier ist ein dunkler Kuss für Dich!

83 responses to “Halloween Spirit

  1. Spooky fun at your Halloween celebration! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  2. Wondrous! Mmm all the sweet treats!

    Come by my blog for some more celebrating!

  3. Happy Halloweeen pop over to my party.

  4. yummy goodies for a perfect party!

  5. So many nice things here at your party…that cupcake holder is particularly fetching! Thank you for your hospitality! Please drop by to my place for more treats!

  6. A lovely post – at first I thought that the cupcake stand held dozens of little eggplants! LOL, I had the scale off just a little bit. Thanks for the kiss – love dark chocolate.
    I saw Wicked in San Francisco, tried to see it again in London but alas, I was only passing through on a Monday – no shows. Pout. LOVE the show. You do own the soundtrack, yes!?
    Hope you get a chance to stop by to visit my little corner of the party today.

  7. Hi there!

    Happy Hallowe’en and great party post!!!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:


  8. Happy Halloweeen!!

  9. Love all your spooky pictures!

  10. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Love your pictures! The skeleton hand with the “kiss” is too cute! I did not know there were Halloween M&M’s ~ I will be looking for those this week.

  11. Oooooh, I love your spooky and enchanting vignettes. Your images are totally magical.
    Happy Halloween.

  12. What marvelous spookytime fun !
    Happy halloween party

  13. What a fun post! I love all of the details and photos. Halloween is so much more funky and sophisticated these days. Have fun at all of the parties today!

  14. Muwahahahahahaha!

    Ooooo, those boney hands were scary at first but they are quite nice and helpful! And how did you know that dark chocolate and M&Ms are my very favorite??? Thank you for a lovely party!

    I’m visiting from Beyond to celebrate the spookiest Halloween blog party ever! I hope you are having a fang-tastic time today! You are cordially invited to share in the celebration at my party: http://katamommydamacy.blogspot.com/2009/10/welcome-to-blog-of-horrorenter-if-you.html I do hope you’ll stop by!

    Have a spook-tacular day!

  15. WONDERFUL Halloween post! I would love one of those Hershey kisses! ADORABLE thanks for sharing!


  16. I would love for you to come to my party 🙂

  17. Excellent! Love the decor! Happy Halloweenfest to you too!

  18. What an eerie selection! Love the dark kisses! Happy Halloween!
    ~ Autumn Clark

  19. Happy Halloween! Good to see another party. Please feel free to drop by the party a mysterious warlock set up in my Wicked Wonderland.

  20. Thanks for they hershy kiss. And your party looks lovely, it was fun attending!

  21. You’ve shared some really great things. I love what you’ve done digitally, too. I’m just learning about that process. Your work is very inspiring.

  22. thanks for the hersheys kiss..love them!
    wonderful decorations..thanks for sharing with us all.

  23. blowing a kiss right back at ya, love your treats! magical and ghouly, what a wonderful post for a hauting party! the picture with the mouse and the hands is my favorite, and the last one … quite creepy!!!!!!

  24. It was fun to visit and I really like that first image with the bats and the skeleton.

  25. Wonderful party post! I too loved the Martha decorations the past few years. I also have been buying the Wilton Halloween items like made this year!

    Happy Halloween!

  26. Fabulous decorations! Dark chocolate is the *only* way to go, and I thank ye for the kiss 😀

  27. Hi doing the Halloween party round, I loved your pictures 🙂

  28. So glad I came by for the treats- I am a huge Wicked fan as well. I’ll be back soon.


  29. Your photos are fantastic and I am lovin’ your digital additions! I see some House of Three, but where oh where did you get the splotches! Do stop by my party and join Alice and Dead Bob. If you dare! **kisskiss** Deborah

  30. What an absolutely MARVELOUS party!
    So glad I found you!

    Come see my Halloween witches!


  31. My comment seemed to have disappeared…how appropriate!

    What an absolutely MARVELOUS party!
    So glad I found you!

    Come see my Halloween witches!


  32. GREAT post! Love it! I’m having a giveaway over at my party along with some other goodies 🙂



  33. whoa, nelly…
    those skeleton hands freaked me out a bit
    but still i had a lovely time.

    so nice 2 met you!

    i seem 2 have lost my hat.
    if U do find it,
    please bring it around.


    {{ it looks a bit like an acorn cap.
    one of my lambs was wearing it.
    sorry if he made a mess… }}

  34. Hello my pretties!
    Just flying in to see the festivities! Looks like a bloody ol’ time! Off I go with my broom! Vrrrooom!
    Visit my party@:

  35. What a great party! I’ll have a dark chocolate kiss before I leave:)

  36. Great work on your digital;ike you just getting started on paint. Luv the skeleton hands.

    Happy Hauntings and a Happy Halloween too!
    A Witch called Annabelle >^..^<

  37. Wunderbar!

    Happy Hauntigns!

  38. Great Party! Thanks for inviting me. Please stop by for tea and cakes later


    Happy Halloween!

  39. happy halloween! great party from witch to witch. and thank you for the dark kiss.

  40. Thanks for having me drop in today. Please drop in sometime. You are an inspiration! Happy Halloween. Nan

  41. Caught the dark kiss;) Thank you!

  42. Oh me, oh my…Martha does have the most wonderful festive craft items doesn’t she? Thanks for the kiss my dear 😉

    Won’t you join us on our spooky adventure… http://aforestfrolic.typepad.com/a-forest-frolic/2009/10/my-entry.html

    Jamie 🙂

  43. love those purple kisses 😀

  44. Terriffic party, and great digi work too!
    Thanks for having me over today!!

  45. What a wonderful party. Thank you for having me. Happy Halloween!
    =) melanie

  46. That´s a great party- post.
    Have a great Halloween-party and feel invited to visit me on

  47. Great Halloween Party! Thank you for sharing your party with us 🙂



  48. Greetings & Salutations, just flying by to see all your pretties & say hello.

    Thought I’d leave my Halloween Party Extravaganza & Giveaway Link:


    Cosmic Blessings With Love & Joy, Lyndy

  49. thank you for sharing..it was ‘wicked fun’!

  50. How fun! Love the bits you added to the images,. I am so jealous. I would love to have a program to do those things. Stop by my blog party and giveaway.

  51. what great photos!

  52. How lovely! Fantastic decorations. Can’t decide which I like best, but I do so love your use of the cupcake holder.

  53. Had a great time! great decor and most delicious M&M’s…chocolatey kisses to ya!

  54. Wicked!
    Happy Halloween!

  55. Happy Halloween. I love chocolate m&m’s and dark hershey kisses too.

  56. Wow…great party going on…and look at all those treats! Wait…their not poisoned, are they?! 😀

    PS…….Harrington Manor’s doors are now open for a enchanted, yet haunting evening…won’t you and your guest drop by?….MUUUwahahahahaha!

  57. Happy Halloween, blowing kisses your way too!

  58. ahhhh I’m blown away by your kiss *winks* What a fun post!
    I flew in from Vanessa’s Magical Party!
    I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
    Be Enchanted!

  59. Awesome blog post, just popping by to say hello 🙂

  60. Beautiful and fun post darlin!

    What a great celebration! Please stop by and while they might be a bit on the slacking side, come see some of the cutest Witches on the planet! Would love for you to stop by if you have a moment.


    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  61. The M & Ms wouldn’t last long around here. :o)
    Happy Halloween!!


  62. Delightful party!! Thanks ever so much for the M & M’s . They are my fav. Come by my party! We are still hopping over there.

  63. da kommt ja sofort mega halloween stimmung auf. klasse, gruselige deko. ian würde es auch lieben, hihi
    danke für den lila kuss!

  64. I would LOVE to see Wicked!

    Enchanting photos of spooky fun!!

    Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa!~ Thank you for being a lovely part of the festivites!!

  65. love your decor and your Halloween kisses, hope you stop by my party as well!

  66. Belinda,
    LOVE all the fun Halloween decorations you did! I need to carve a pumpkin this week yet! :0)
    Pass me a peanut M&M and I am sending a kiss right back! Muahaha!

  67. Your images are hauntingly bootiful. Have a spooktacular day!

  68. you know i’m swooning…..
    great banner….especially love the hands!

  69. Hi, Wonderful Halloween post! Love the cupcake stand! Happy Halloween to you!

  70. Wicked in London?! That must have been sooo awesome!
    October blessings!

  71. This is a GREAT job with your digital skillz! Pretty deco and a great reminder to… get some halloween M&Ms and read Wicked!

  72. That show sounds wonderful. I like your Halloween decorations. So many wonderful ideas and creations out there.

  73. Love all the spooky elements, wish I knew how to use the magic of digital. And I can’t believe the mice didn’t want any M&M’s…silly mice!

    Happy Haunting!

  74. Love the dark hersey kisses, thank you!
    Come over to my party and giveaway at

  75. Loved your party! Thanks for the fun. Take care, Martha

  76. I love your graphics, what a lovely party!!!

    Please stop by my party for fun and a giveaway!


  77. What a great party, sorry i’m late…love the dark
    chocolate and great pics! Come by and visit me
    my door is always open!

  78. Hope you had a good Monday! 🙂

    Stop by when you can. The Queen made two special announcements at the Manor!

  79. Hi Belinda! I just wanted to thank you for stoppin in at my place and leavin such a nice message. It means so much to me;) I love your heartbook and it seems we like some of the same music too so I will visit. Don’t forget, I announce the winner tonight on site. Then I will contact them.Have a great day and visit again soon!

  80. What a cute blog you have! Thanks for coming by my Halloween Party! I have announced the winners of the poison apples on my blog today and am sharing my secret “recipe” for making them! Check it out here: http://katydiddys.blogspot.com/2009/10/poison-apples.html

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