Mother Nature at it’s best


Another sister pregnant, this time it’s Britta. No 3 for her and grandchild n° 16 (good LDS couple :)), for my parents. With Patti’s new WS challenge Earth Day I couldn’t help but think of this interpretation.  Image from ARTchix Studio’s Hats in Bloom collage sheet.
Noch eine Schwester ist schwanger, diesmal ist es Britta. Nr. 3 für sie, und Enkel Nr. 16 für meine Eltern (braves HLT-Ehepaar :)). Mit Patti’s neuer MS-Herausforderung “Tag der Erde” kam mir diese Interpretation in den Sinn. Motiv von ARTchix Studio’s Hats in Bloom Collagebogen.

35 responses to “Mother Nature at it’s best

  1. Fabulous interpretation.

  2. Audrey Meijs

    Gorgeous belinda!

  3. bei euch ist was los 🙂
    klasse interpretation Belinda!

  4. So beautiful and a wonderful sentiment… loving those colours too.

    Congrats on being an aunt again.

    Jacky xox

  5. hi Belinda

    I know your sis Blanche, we are in the same ward, and she showed me her collage a few weeks ago and I LOVED it!!!!

    I was wondering if you make these in general for people or only relatives? If you make these collages in general I was wondering how much you charge for something like what you had made Blanche?? I would be HIGHLY interested in having one made for me! I am also expecting … another girl actually 🙂 and I would like to get one made. If you could get back to me with the price etc or if you are willing to do something like this for me that would be super!!!

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards,

  6. This card is so brilliant…love it!!!

  7. Congratulations to all concerned. Love your Earth Day/Mother Earth interpretation, beautiful artwork as always.

  8. Hi Belinda,
    Congratulations to your sister! Love your beautiful card.

  9. mit liebem gruß an deine schwester… kannst du deine nichten/neffen alle in einem rutsch aufzählen ohne zu stocken? *g*…
    sehr schöne interpretation!

  10. It is just so wonderful that I am speechless! You are a true artist!

  11. Super Interpretation des Themas und das in Deinem wundervollem Stil.
    Und als Hebamme freut mich beides (schwangere Schwester und Karte)ungemein.

  12. what a great take on the theme, and you are right, prenancy is Mother Nature at her best.

    Congrats to your Sister.

  13. bei euch ist immer was los! wunderschöne collage, da wird sie sich sicherlich freuen. alles gute an deine schwangeren schwestern.
    liebe grüße,

  14. Excellent presentation for this theme…gorgeous!

  15. What a beautiful work!!

  16. Love the fabulous colors on this. Also, I think your interpretation is wonderful. Right on!

  17. This is fabulous. And, Congrats to your sister.

  18. Wundervolle Interpretation ! Einfach genial !
    Wow , 16 Enkel ! Da wünsche ich Euch alles Gute und viel Spaß miteinander !
    LG Anke

  19. oo beautiful colors and wonderful image!!

  20. So beautiful! Congrats to your siter!

  21. Lovely interpretation.

  22. This is really artistic! Beautiful!!!!

  23. Congratulation to your sis.

    This is such a beautiful card expressing your joy.

  24. Beautiful piece. Love it!

  25. wow, that is stunning!

  26. i have missed you. delighted and swept away to find you here.
    much love,

  27. wunderschön, eine geniale idee… freu mich auf samstag, gute fahrt!!! lg manja

  28. So schön, wieder was von dir zu sehen/hören! 🙂
    Super, super schöne Collage für Britta. Da wird sie sich aber freuen!!

    Beim Bauch wächst und sieht immer mehr so aus wie auf meiner Collage, haha. Wir konnten beim letzten Ultraschall noch nicht sehen, was es wird. Muss also noch einen Monat warten…

    Kam die Post von mir an? Hoffe, dass alles noch heil war…

    Ich drück dich

  29. Ohh what an adorable piece! Love the background layering.

  30. Like it!

  31. gorgeous collage! what a large family you have. congrats to both of your sisters.

  32. Belinda, Congrats on the ever growing family of nieces and nephews for you! HOW EXCITING!!!!! :0) And your artwork for the challenge is fantastic! Love the little prego chick! :0)
    Hope all is well with you sweetie, thinking of you!
    Hugs,Patti xoxoxoo

  33. I love your stuff that you create and we love some of the same artists I can see.
    Please come by..
    hello I am hosting a giveaway on my blog

  34. annietavries

    Beautiful piece of art!
    Wishing Britta a lovely time with the baby in her!
    A happy life for the baby and family!

  35. Beautiful and original artistic translation of Earth Day> Love the maternal aspect and the colors are so lovely. Your work is stunning. Thanks for sharing it. xoSusan

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