Uli Krappen


Uli Krappen, a fabulous creative German artist (illustrator, painter and webdesignerin) lives in Marburg/Germany. Love her fun play with colors and of course the naive childlike style. Her art makes everybody smile, pure Happy Art! Don’t you agree?


Uli Krappen,  eine tolle kreative deutsche Künstlerin (Illustratorin, Malerin und Webdesignerin) aus Marburg. Liebe ihre lustigen Spielereien mit Farben und natürlich den naiven kindlichen Stil. Ihre Kunst zaubert ein Lächeln auf jedes Gesicht, pure Happy Art, oder?

               uli-krappen-liebesheirat  uli-krappen-mathilda 


           uli-krappen-arriva  uli-krappen-du-und-ich

                         uli-krappen-pms     uli-krappen-mutze-gut-alles-gut

                         uli-krappen-salsa        uli-krappen-feiertag

                              uli-krappen-schneewittchen-theaterplakat         uli-krappen-foto-jetzt  



  Delightful swimmer series



House Art


Wooden Panels

                                    uli-krappen-taucher      uli-krappen-schwimmer 

                                     uli-krappen-say-captain-say-what       uli-krappen-luisa

18 responses to “Uli Krappen

  1. hey Belinda!

    We have a friend in cmmon – Dawn. I met her right after Bali. So good to find your blog. How are you settling in after that amazing trip?

  2. This ART is the best art I’ve seen in a long time! I Love the childlike play in all of them..the Froggie is so cool..I love frogs!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this artist. I do love her style!

  4. Toll, genial, sehr witzig, cool und originell. Einfach nur gekonnt und klasse! Danke fürs Zeigen.
    LG mit einem breiten Grinsen

  5. OMG! I LOVE these. Totally up my alley. Jetzt muss ich aber mal googeln und schaun wie teuer ihre Sachen sind. Love yous!


  6. wirklich total cool! muss auch mal nach ihren preisen schauen.

  7. Thanks for sharing these Belinda – this artist makes me smile.

  8. Thanks so much for featuring this artist on your blog. I just fell in love.

  9. *rumsüß* 🙂
    danke fürs zeigen,Belinda!

  10. annietavries

    Oh YES! This IS happy art! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, was du aber auch immer wieder entdeckst! Total klasse. :o)

  12. Belinda I LOVE Uli’s art…. thanks so much for introducing me to another wonderful artist!!!

    Jacky xox

  13. Pure Happy Art ~~~ YES !! I totally agree with you .

  14. wunderschones mahlerei

  15. Thank you all, Belinda for showing
    all of you for looking
    and beeing sooooooooooooooo smart with me

    may life furtheron be so kind to show me inspiring tender childish motivs


  16. I’m adding you to my blogger eyecandy list simply because your art reminds me of a friendly smile and a big hug

  17. hanks for highlighting Uli’s work. I purchased one of her paintings (“Genau”) several years ago and it makes me smile every day.

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