WS: Icons


A collage made for my sister Blanche who found out a few weeks ago that she is pregnant and for the new ICONS WS challenge.  I looooove creating icons, yet there’s no religious aspect in mine. I also enjoy creating different kinds of halos, see the one below!  *** Eine Collage gemacht für meine Schwester Blanche, die vor ein paar Wochen erfahren hat, dass sie schwanger ist und für die neue MS-Herausforderung IKONEN. Mach auch totaaaal gerne Ikonen, doch keine religiöse, sondern zeitgenössische. Besonders gerne mach ich andere Heiligenscheine, so wie der unten z.B.


And another one, a painted canvas as a gift for a friend who loves skulls as much as I do! 🙂  *** Hab noch eins, eine Leinwand als Geschenk für eine Freundin bemalt, die genauso wie ich auf  Totenköpfe steht.

31 responses to “WS: Icons

  1. Beide sind traumhaft!Sehr inspirierend.

  2. Gorgeous!!! And very different. Love both of them.

  3. Both are really stunning, love the design and colours.

  4. Wunderschöne Ikonen!

  5. It would be hard to pick a favorite, both creations are so distinctive and GREAT! I can see some Bali influence in the top piece 🙂

  6. Audrey Meijs


  7. Hi Belinda,
    Love your beautiful canvas and your collage is so beautiful! Congratulations to your sister.♥

  8. Wonderful pieces, lucky recipients! And congratulations to your sister.

  9. beide sehr schön, aber die untere ist mein favorit:)

  10. I love your grow and bloom.

  11. schweres Thema aber toll umgesetzt, ich als Totenschädelfan finde Nr. 2 natürlich genial!!!
    Sehen wir uns in Stuttgart???

  12. Très jolies, toutes les deux.

  13. beide total genial!
    wünsche dir was 🙂

  14. Hi Bella!
    Ach, wie schöööön! Hab die oberste Collage gesehen und gedacht: Klasse… und die Blumen… so schön… da wurde sie wohl auf Bali inspiriert. Den dicken Bauch der Frau hab ich gar nicht bemerkt… hihi Und dann lese ich den Text… DANKE, so süss von dir… (hab sogar feuchte Augen gekriegt.)
    Ich drück dich ganz doll,

  15. Hab vergesssen zu sagen, dass ich das 2. Bild auch klasse finde. Die Augen in den Haaren des Skelettes sind lustig… sind doch Haare, oder? :o)

  16. These are cool! I love the one in honor of your sister! Beautiful of you to do that. Congrats to her as well.

  17. ooooh… love these! But…since I love skulls, too….the bottom one is definitely my fave! 😀

    Cannot wait to see you in June! YAY! Love you.


  18. So very different but both fabulous in their own way!

  19. welcome home!
    missed your inspiration and gutsy beauty.

  20. Oh, Belinda! This collage that you made for your sister is fabulous! I love the halo — and the little heart on the belly is perfect — you’ve outdone yourself yet again.

  21. Hi Bel,
    Haven’t been here in a while and enjoying getting caught up. Wonderful news about your sister.

    I love making different halos. Your Icons are so much fun – love em!
    – vicki xo

  22. Tolle Werke… und alles Gute für Deine Schwester 🙂

  23. Wow, they are gorgeous, love the first one the most!

  24. In love with the first one so I felt inspired to do one too. It’s at my blog.

  25. Well miss Bel…you KNOCK my SOCKS OFF !!! LOVE LOVE you to pieces and to spoil me with such art TREASURES…SUPER STUFF ( OH yes you are)and how thrilled I am to hang these pieces on my bedroom wall to gaze upon before sleeping( you fill my dreams with all things COOL !!!)

    Sending mucho love and biggest sloppy kisses and big bear hugs XXX
    How was Bali ( miss DeniseGRRL +DOG ) said she met you there as I had an art retreat at the same space with her in Melbourne.
    Chat soon

  26. i love both of them! the colors in the top one really jump out off the page….love that!!

  27. such beauty belinda,
    alas, i am not having a baby, but i am offering
    a virgin a day
    to help countless others in this world we share.
    please join me…

  28. annietavries

    Belinda: ich liebe deine Icoons!!!
    I do so love religious pictures and make canvases, atc’s, woodblocks etc. with them, but I am also not religious. Maybe we were in our past life … hi hi!

  29. Bel, the icon look so cool.

    Congratulation to you sis .
    My sis also get pregnant, now she in 10 weeks pregnancy.

  30. They are gorgeous!!!

  31. Your collage is absolutely stunning! It’s just wonderful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was a treat to visit yours!

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