Couldn’t resist this fresh “NO” face. A journal page including transparent art made for the new WS challenge. *** Konnte diesem frechen “NO”-Gesicht einfach nicht widerstehen. Hab diese Seite mit Transparentem für die neue MS-Herausforderung gemacht.

39 responses to “No

  1. Total abgefahren.

  2. hehe, sehr stark! so ein gesicht sollte man echt manchmal aufsetzen können;)

  3. Looks great, love the head piece.

  4. absolut genial,Belinda!!

  5. Amazing piece of art!

  6. Fabulous Belinda! Love her

  7. Gorgeous Belinda! Love it!

  8. Fantastisch gemacht!!!!

  9. dafür habe ich nur Superlative: genial, hammerstark, frech, witzig, passt alles, toll gemacht.

  10. Cool!!! Reminds me of when the kids were home!

  11. Klasse, was für eine freche Göre zu da gezaubert hast!!

  12. Love the No face, fun piece.

  13. Fantastic, Belinda.

  14. kreativgeschwafel

    sieht total cool aus!

  15. Amazing, I love it.

  16. Hammerstark, super cool!!!

  17. It’s an fantastic card.

  18. Coole page, sieht toll aus!

  19. It’s really cool, Belinda. Love those oranges 🙂

  20. It is fab Belinda!

  21. love this piece…wouldnt we all want to say no more often if we could!

  22. love how she looks rebellious…I couldn’t help laughing when I saw her, it really reminds me of my daughter today

  23. Shock full of creative color and attitude! Your art brings joy into my world, Belinda!

  24. This is delightful. I love it.

  25. Every time I visit your blog I stroll around again and again: so much to see, so much fun!

  26. I discovered I can visit your blog from work – which makes me very happy. So you are now adding color and inspiration to my working day!
    This is so quirky and colorful. I love it Belinda.

    Dot xx

  27. This could be me miss Bel,he-he. There are days(pms) that I have horns coming out my head and NO is used a little too often, ha ! love it.

    Hugs ya

  28. kann mich nur anschließen, einfach genial!

  29. Love the NO on the face, looks so cool !

    I have nominated you for an award. You can find it on my blog.

  30. Love this… makes a real statement!

  31. Love your NO face atc Belinda! I have been so busy and not able to check in on you as I would LIKE…………glad to see all your fab art azzzzzzzz usual!!!!!!!! Hope you are well sweetie! Sending a hug!!!!!!!

  32. I LOVE it!
    Sandra Evertson

  33. and I think she means NO, Love it Belinda!

  34. I love her too Belinda!

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