WS: Circles

ATCs made for the new WS CIRCLES challenge. I always have a straw on my art table which I used for printing/stamping the circles on the blue Spoil Me ATC. This is my “circle tool bag” (below) which I used to print circles on the Fantaisie Bird ATC. BTW – yellow dots are printed with a toothpick. So easy!Collage images from ARTchix Studio.

ATCs gemacht für die neue MS-KREISE-Herausforderung. Hab immer einen Strohhalm (oben) auf meinem Maltisch, mit dem hab ich die Kreise für den Heiligenschein auf dem blauen Spoil Me ATC gedruckt/gestempelt. Nebenan ist auch meine “Kreis-Zubehörtüte”, der leere UHU-Stift und ein Deckel einer Farbfläschchens haben für die Kreise auf dem Fantaisie Bird ATC hergehalten. Übrigens – die gelben Punkte hab ich mit einem Zahnstocher aufgedruckt. Supi einfach! Collagemotive von ARTchix Studio.


31 responses to “WS: Circles

  1. Both are absolutelty gorgeous, great colours.

  2. Wow die beiden sind einfach nur wieder ganz große klasse. Wunderschöne HG´s.

  3. Both are wonderful!

  4. Love your ATCS!

  5. Ugh…..these are fantasic and that just doesn’t seem enough to say. Whee something special both of these, the first one reminds me of a commerical we have over here and I can’t remember what the company is. They do a painting on the screen and make it into different images that looks like what you did over her boobs when the image turns into a lion. Probably doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t seen the commerical. Anywhoooo. I love your pieces.

  6. Cool ATCs! Love ’em!!!!

  7. tolle atcs, super thema!!

  8. hastingshall2

    Really neat cards and great use of circles. I understand what Barbara is saying. It does look like that.

  9. wunderschön! das blaue gefällt mir am besten.

  10. So beautiful!

  11. So Stunning. Your creative instincts are so fabulous. Love that blue.

  12. Both of these are just beautiful…the colors, the design, your addition of unexpected circles…fantastic!

  13. geniale ATCs,Belinda!!!
    wünsche dir was 🙂

  14. Wow, the blue is stunning, especially the circle halo! Like the other one as well

  15. I love the way you can turn a conventional image into something completely fantastical! Your box obviously has no sides, top or bottom!! Love what you do!

  16. Both are just perfect X

  17. Excellent…beautifully created!

  18. Very very wonderful ATC’s.
    I love circle cards.

  19. Gorgeous! love them both

  20. OK either were the same age or your a “retro chick”! Kansas? Boston? Journey! wow a trip to my past!

  21. Beautiful ATCs! Like Terisa I’m enjoying the trip down memory lane. You got good taste in music.

  22. They are both gorgeous!

  23. Wonderful ATC’s, Belinda!

  24. dutchstamptramp

    Gorgeous and as always stunningly colourful!

  25. Some ATCs after all. I agree, they are gorgeous.

  26. “Spoil me”…Love it!

    It looks like a collage under stained glass..Can you share which “writing instrument” you used? Thanks!

  27. Wunderschön und Interessant!!!!!

  28. You are a constant inspiration, Belinda!! Vibrant color, unusual shapes, whimsy…I love it ALL!!

  29. Die Idee mit dem Strohhalm ist superklasse, ein wirklich klasse Effekt.

  30. Is that a ‘bubble tea’ straw in your tool kit? I covet those for their bigger size, there are so many fun things to use for circles. These pieces are both super, especially Love your Fantasie!!!

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