Dressing up

… made for the Summer Tea Party on Wednesday Stamper over the next two weeks . Last year I immediately fell in love with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s "Madonna " inspired Spring 2007 collection. Just loved Dita Von Teese’s outfit and some of the others (can be viewed here ). Thought I’d alter Dita’s look a bit for the party. Finally another spread done in the journal I bought from Kelly. The white-black strip along the side uses an old Penny Black ornament stamp.

… gemacht für die Sommer-Teeparty bei den Mittwochstemplern während der nächsten zwei Wochen. Letztes Jahr hab ich mich in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s "Madonna "-inspirierte Frühjahrskollektion 2007 verguckt. Fand Dita Von Teese’s Outfit und viele andere einfach megaklasse (mehr zu sehen hier ) Dachte, ich verändere etwas ihr Outfit und hab endlich mal wieder eine Doppelseite im Journal gemacht, dass ich von Kelly gekauft habe. Gestempelt ist der weiß-schwarze Streifen mit einem alten Penny Black-Ornament-Stempel.

How about some chilling Cuban rhythm for the party? What a fab song! *** Wie wär’s mit einem chillendem kubanischem Rhytmus für die Party? Tolles Lied!

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan


My über-talented friend Helga Strauss (and owner of ARTchix Studio ) finally started her own blog!! Welcome to blogland Helga, look forward to catching up with you. Couldn’t resist showing this gorgeous ATC she made with a rose transparency (which you can download from her blog). Looks like she’s also offering fun challenges!

Meine übertalentierte Freundin Helga Strauss (ihr gehört auch ARTchix Studio hat nun endlich einen Blog!! Willkommen im Blogland Helga, freu mich dort vorbeizuschauen. Kam nicht umhin dieses tolle ATC von ihr zu zeigen, dass sie mit Rosen-Transparentfolie gestaltet hat (Rosenfoto gibt’s auf ihrem Blog). Schaut so aus, als würde sie uns mit tollen Themen zum Mitmachen auffordern.

Blog awards keep going round and round in blogland. Marion , Nellie , Jacky , Sam , Laury awarded me with the Brilliant Blog award, and from Sam also the Blog of Distinction award. And a Wylde Woman Award also just appeared. Got it from Dani Rosie  and Kathy !! Thank you all so much, I feel very honored and flattered. Time has been scarce lately, but blogland is so incredibly creative, encouraging and supportive! I need to get a new home pc, better hurry up!!

My ole friend Kristy (hehe, I just had to say that) just surprised and honored me with the Blogging Forever Friend Award! I kind of avoid passing on awards since it’s too difficult to choose but a few!!! Yet this one will have to be passed on.

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Only 5 people allowed to receive this award 2. 4 dedicated followers of your blog. 3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world. 4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Tina – we go way back and I hope she doesn’t regret offering to help with the WS site

Neda – she found my blog a long time ago and it’s been a pleasure ever since, n’est-ce pas ma chère?

Helga – we go way back as well and I’m tickled pink she’s in blogland

Sanja – a lovely and talented woman I met through the WS blog two years ago

Sam – a fairly new blogging friend from Australia who is – like all Australians – most talented. I enjoy her fishy adventures with the Terminator 🙂


30 responses to “Dressing up

  1. Absolutelty fabulous!!!

  2. gefällt mir super gut, besonders die seite mit dita! sieht aus wie eine vogelhaus-handtasche? wie du weißt, mach ich mich gerne fein.

  3. wunderwunderschön und vor allem schön buntilig! 🙂 solche farbenpracht krieg ich nie hin. bin eher dezent *grmpf*
    danke auch für Helga´s link. klasse sachen gibt es dort zu sehen.
    uuuuuuuuund…..vielen dank für den award. es ist wirklich eine ehre für mich, diesen award von dir zu bekommen . vor allem wenn ich alle andere namen auf deine liste lese. wow…:-)

  4. Wow wow wow Belinda was ist das wieder abgefahren. Super gewerkelt, ich bin mal wieder platt. Klasse.

  5. Hi Wow what a great blog you have , love your colourful creative work and your dolls are fabulous. Belinda

  6. love the colors veryKaffe. ‘

  7. Awesome!!!!!!!

  8. such a cool transfornation!!! way better than the original. Thanks so much for the award Bel! Smooches and no I don’t regret WS even though I am so flaky sometimes!!LOL Will have to give some thought about the award and play along.

  9. Wow, sieht absolut genial aus!!! :o)

  10. your work is always so impressing, I am always in such awe of it. Keep it coming.

  11. fab page, no actually spread!! not to mention the colours and paper scraps. how big is your paper selection anyway? must be enormous.

  12. What a wonderful party this will be. Gaultier will be slapping his head for not using the fabric design you made for him.
    Thanks for featuring my collage at WS. I was surprised by the theme you choose : a nightly teaparty, how cool and creative 😀

  13. annietavries

    Belinda: LOVE IT!! Very, very inspirational!

  14. hastingshall2

    What a fabulous party scene! The colors are really wonderful.

  15. kathy mcelroy

    Loved visiting your blog. It is always a wonderland of delight.

  16. Love your Tea Party. Really eye catching.
    Also, must tell you I Loved your ATCs in the Anthology of ATCs and more recently in the Artful Blogging Book. Beautiul.

  17. Klasse umgesetzt. Superschöne farbenfrohe Werke.

  18. Wow, love the dressing up piece.
    Congratulations on all your awards and a big thank you!!!!

  19. Really love your Journal pages. It’s so gorgeous & colourful. Make my days bright !!

  20. You know how to get the party started! Sparks of celebration shine from your art!

  21. what a great dress!! fabulous tea party ensemble!!

  22. Absolut genial!!!

  23. Looks like you have a posh party planned 😉 I could not get your Chan Chan link to play :(, but you got me curious so I did a search, very cool Cuban tune! Congrats on all of your awards, you are very deserving of every accolade 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Fabulous! love it.

  25. Love these journal pages Belinda, fabulous colours!!!

    Your atc from Helga is beautiful, I have been across and checked out her blog, it is fantastic.

    Contrats on all of the wonderful awards you have won…. you deserve them all and so much more, you are such an inspiration to us!!!!

    Was thinking of you today as I watched the DVD “Frida”. Fantastic movie and story of her life.

  26. The ‘Party’ spread you did above is absolutely incredible!!! I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  27. Christian Lacroix, eat your heart out!!!

    J’adore ton style, dahlin’!

    Still overseas and trying to catch up.
    Hugs from the Mediterranean 🙂

  28. Stunning again;o)

  29. Beautiful!! Love the energy – the vibrancy of the colours really grabs you!

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