Dress me up!

The current Marie Claire idées (June 2008) has a beautiful article about a Mexican/Indian inspired style for this Summer. *** In der aktuellen Marie Claire idées (Juni 2008) gibt’s einen wunderschönen Artikel über einen mexikanisch/indianisch inspirierten Stil für diesen Sommer.


Just love the relaxed folk art style. Most of all the colorful embroideries. *** Mir gefällt einfach dieser entspannte Folk-Art-Stil, besonders die farbenfrohen Stickereien.


Care to make your own folk art jewelry using pompon ribbons, just lovely, isn’t? Makes me want to dig for my crochet needle. *** Wie wär’s mit diesen Schmuckstücken mit PompomBändern?


Crochet Style *** HäkelStil


Another article features dressed up accessories (wearable or for the home) using colorful crochetwork. *** Ein weiterer Artikel zeigt, wie man mit farbenfroher Häkelarbeit Accessoires (tragbar oder für zu hause) verschönern kann.




 Dress me up *** Verkleide mich

And last but not least, ideas for dresssing up your plain water bottles! *** Und zuguterletzt Ideen, einfache Wasserflaschen zu verschönern!

20 responses to “Dress me up!

  1. These are gorgeous… love that hippy/crochet look (and must check out that book).

    The fingers are itching to get the crochet hook out now!

  2. So gorgeous and yummy. I’ve seen this publication, but cannot access it often. Thank you for sharing. Like Jacky I’m itching to get the crocket hook and embroidery needle out. Love the colourful hippy style!!

  3. wonderful ideas and so much inspiration!!! always a pleasure to stop by.

  4. Ethno-Look mag ich auch sehr gerne,aber keine röcke 🙂
    gehäkelte sachen sind auch klasse,kann ich aber nicht häkeln *lol*,aber stricken geht auch.

  5. gorgeous!! all that embroidery is so colorful. love those dressed up bottles; and they are being recycled!!!

  6. Yes, so pretty. I took my lil sister to Forever 21 the other day. (a trendy teen shop) and it looked like I stepped into Frida’s closet! I was thrilled, my lil sis, not so much. lol.

  7. Bel, these are beautiful and don’t you enjoy when things like this are around, making us happy? Reminding Me a LOT of F. Kahlo — I need to watch that dvd again. What visuals.
    Your site is wonderful and I am so glad I found it —

  8. Those colours are so beautiful and fresh. Love the look.

  9. We have the same taste Bel!! Love all the photos and what a great idea to dress up those water bottles!

  10. It’s colorful and beautiful to ;o)
    The white woman !
    XOX Rini

  11. Yay!! I LOVE Marie Claire Idees! I used to subscribe to it for many many years! Thanks for reminding me of it (it’s been hard to find in the US so I’ll get it from Beirut-the-francophone-par-excellence). xoxo

  12. Oh those dressed up water bottles are fun….think of all the fabric we all have just sitting around and it wouldn’t take much either…yardage or time. Thanks for the special comment you left at my collage…coming from you that meant a lot…smile.

  13. What wonderful ideas and inspirations… I nominated you for the Brillante Blog Award, you deserve it. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Go to my blog and get the instructions on how to pass this award onto others.

  14. Me again!!! I have nominated you for an award (‘cos your blog is such fun and inspirational to so many of us).

  15. kathy mcelroy

    Great eye candy. I want to see how you would dress up your water bottle.

  16. Love your posting on the pic of dress up the water bottles 🙂

    Hope everything is fine for you .

    Take care.

  17. Ooooh. ..I so loooove the MC-style! Totally up my alley. 😀

    Can’t wait to see you again in just a few weeks!!!

  18. Ich finde die Idee langweilige Wasserflaschen zu verkleiden echt cool :O) werd ich auch mal versuchen.

  19. oooh I just looooovvveee that magazine….even though I don’t speak French…I have purchased for years for the simple joy of looking….

  20. Hi… I’m from Brazil. I speak deutch, but dont write… I know… is so bad. Mabe you understand me.
    I loved your blog. Amazing.
    And, I need ideas in blogs and web sites about “dishcloths” . Help me… Thanks

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