Finale … ooh ooh

Und schön weiter “la ola” – die (mexikanische) Welle üben! Wir sind im Finale!! Egal, ob es Spanien oder Russland sein wird, wir werden siegen!! 🙂

30/06 Edit: OK, wir haben verloren, doch die Spanier haben wirklich verdient gewonnen! Genau, Südafrika, wir kommen 2010!

For those wondering … no, I’m not a big football (US = soccer) fan. But when it comes to World and European Championships, one just have to join in on the collective fun and public viewing. Last night Germany (our colors are black/red/gold) won the semi-finals vs. Turkey 3:2. Not the best game, but quite a thriller especially towards the end. The Turks have proved to be masters of the last-minute goals. Last night they did it again in the 85th minute, 2:2. But Germany copied them and in the very last minute Philip Lahm kicked Germany into the finals with a beautiful 3:2 goal! Tonight is the other semi-final game, Spain vs. Russia (yes, sports brings us all closer together! hehe) and Sunday night will then be … our final victory – hopefully! 😉

30/06 Edit: Thanks for the heads up. OK, we lost 0:1 and didn’t get the trophy, the Spaniards just played better football. Watch out though for the Germans in 2010 for the World Championship in South Africa!

8 responses to “Finale … ooh ooh

  1. oohooh … bis am sonntag!

  2. Looks like a whole lot of fun! Hope your team wins!

    Jill in Florida

  3. GO GERMANY!!!!!!! I am so in love with your mexican wave stick men!!LOL I would not be surprised if Germany wins the trophy.

  4. es ist Spanien . na dann bis sonntag..olleeee..oleeee 🙂

  5. yes, i dig those “waving” men as well. and germany will play vs. spain sunday night. will be a tough one to win. olééé olééé!!

  6. we’ve been half-heartedly following along (since england didn’t make the tourney) but it’s very thrilling germany is in the final. love your photo and the guys doing the wave totally rocks. best of luck!!

  7. My DH did watch it too 🙂

  8. naja, der sieg ist es ja dann nicht geworden 😦 aber man möchte es den spaniern nach 44 jahren doch auch mal wieder gönnen, hm? haben auch eindeutig den besseren fußball gespielt heute… in 2 jahren können wir wieder fiebern *grins*

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