Exhibition 36

My sweet and incredibly talented friend Susan Tuttle put an amazing book project together – Exhibit 36! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Here is the book description that is posted on Amazon: “Within the pages of Exhibition 36, readers will enter a virtual art exhibit featuring thirty-six mixed-media artists whose collage, digital, assemblage, altered and repurposed art adorn the walls and pedestals of this unique gallery. The artists are “present” throughout the exhibit, answering questions, sharing their thoughts, talking about their work and offering instruction. The tour is structured to provide insight into the creative process of the artists whose work is on display and the reader will be delighted with the plethora of inspiration, articles, techniques and general visual candy. As a final bonus, many artists featured in the book have contributed imagery as a gift to readers for attending the exhibit to reuse in their own creations.
Possesses great crossover appeal for mixed-media artists of nearly every discipline, including jewelry makers, collage artists and more.
Readers will enter a “virtual tour” featuring art from a variety of contributing artists, including well-known crafters such as Claudine Hellmuth (Collage Discovery Workshop) and Suzanne Simanaitis (Kaleidoscope).
Includes bonus collage imagery sheets for readers to use in their own art.” It’s already available for pre-order at Amazon here.

She invited moi to submit some of my fabric art which is such an honor and pleasure to say the least. Thank you so much! Cannot wait to see it all in print.

11 responses to “Exhibition 36

  1. Congratulations to you both! I’ve seen this book mentioned already on a few blogs, I better pre-order it!

  2. Congratulation ! You’re one of the 36 artist. You really deserve it .

  3. how exciting Belinda!! Can’t wait to see the book…

  4. herzlichen glückwunsch,Belinda!freu mich für dich 🙂

  5. Very cool Belinda!!!!! OF COURSE you are in it!!!!!! Very deserving!! VERY!!!!!!!!!
    Bel, go to my blog, I decided to share a page by page of your book so far! I am mailing it off today and will miss it! It is beautiful so far! YOUR fabric art is so stunning!

  6. DU bist aber bescheiden! Hätte ich nicht die Kommentare gelesen, hätte ich doch glatt den wichtigen Schlußsatz übersehen!! Herzliche GLÜCKWÜNSCHE “von hier unten”

  7. Congrats — your work is wonderful, and it’ll be great that it’ll get more exposure through this book.

  8. What a great format for a book! I will keep an eye out for it.

  9. Amazing book and it will be fantastic to see your fabric art “out there”… you have such a fun way with fabric, no wonder they invited you to participate… your fabric art inspires so many of us.

  10. Can’t wait either. Ms. Mixed Media International!

  11. congratulation Belinda…I’m really happy for you and the book really looks interesting

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