New Moon


The Twilight Saga continues and book 2 – New Moon – was even better than Twilight (book 1). Michelle asked and the GPP crusaders wanted more stencils. So GPP 19 is Cut it out, part II. Made a bat wing, lips and bite me (text) as stencils. What was REALLY practical was to spray the large bat wing with spray paint, would have been soooo much longer with a paintbrush! Better remember that. The Lips stencil also sprayed well of course, but the Bite Me text I guess is too small, smeared all over. Maybe I sprayed too much paint? All too new. So I used the stencil with a white gel pen. Need a bookmark since I just started book 3 – Eclipse. And made a mail art envelope to send away soon. Hope the postal services won’t have problems with it, hmhm. It’s a fantasy, vampire romance for Teens, Twens and anyone who likes this genre. VERY SUSPENSEFUL, not very bloody, scarry, (the McCullen’s are “vegetarian vampires”!) and I giggle a lot. But my 10 year old niece would probably think differently. hehe Gravestones and dripping blood stamps from GPP. I better slow down since “Breaking Dawn” will only be released on August 4. Thanks for the encouragement Michelle! And check out Michelles awesome stencil tutorial HERE, with lots of great visuals.


Die Twilight Saga geht weiter und Buch 2 (in Deutsch sind die Titel so was von blöd übersetzt und auch die Cover schlecht) – Bis zur Mittagsstunde – war noch besser als Bis zum Morgengrauen (Buch 1/Twilight). Michelle fragte und die GPP Crusaders wollten mehr von Schablonen. Deshalb ist GPP 19 – Schneid es aus, Teil II. Hab einen Fledermausflügel, Lippen und Bite Me (Text) als Schablonen gemacht. Was VOLL praktisch war, war den Flügel mit Sprayfarbe aufzusprühen, bisher hab ich ja alles immer mit Farbe aufgepinsel! Werd ich mir merken. Die Lippen konnten auch bestens aufgesprüht werden, doch der Text ist wohl zu klein, denn der war total verschnmiert. Hab zum Glück 2 Lesezeichen angefangen. Vielleicht hab ich auch zu viel Farbe drauf gesprüht? Ist halt noch zu neu. Hab die Schablone also mit einem weißen Gelstift verwendet. Brauchte wirklich ein Lesezeichen, hab nun Buch 3 angefangen – Bis zum Abendrot (Eclipse). Und hab gleich einen Mail-Art-Umschlag gemacht zum baldigen Verschicken. Hoffe, dass die Postdienste da mitspielen, hmhm. Die Serie ist eine romantische fantasy und Vampirromanze für Teens, Twens und wem immer das gefällt. TOTAL SPANNEND, nicht blutig oder verängstigend (die McCullen’s sind “vegetarische Vampire”), ich kichere viel. Doch meine 10-jährige Nichte würde da wohl anders drüber denken. hehe Grabsteine und tropfende Blutstempel von GPP. Ich mach mal besser langsam, da “Breaking Dawn” (Buch 4) erst am August in Englisch veröffentlicht wird. Danke für die Anregung Michelle! Und schau Dir Michelle’s tolle Schablonenanleitung (nur in Englisch) HIER mit vielen Fotos an.


23 responses to “New Moon

  1. Oooohhh! Thats one very vampirish envelope!!! Hope you dont scare the postman!

  2. Belinda – love that envelope! Thanks for sharing your adventures in stencils with the team. The Bite Me is awesome. Love how you outlined the wing and the gravestones with white!!

    I am trying to catch up, reading Twilight now. Got it for my daughter and wanted to preview before she read it but I’m hooked.

  3. ich stehe nicht so auf vampire *g,aber dein lesezeichnen und envelope..absolut top!!:0)

  4. I love the `Bite Me.’

  5. Excellent stencils! That is a really great font too…you can’t even see the connecter lines!

  6. Aha! Stencils got ya!! For a novice, these are fab. I am loving that bite me!!!I have heard so much about that trio of books but hate anything related to horror, so refuse to get into them…..The postman is going to be spooked!!!LOL

  7. Didn’t I tell tell/warn you that the series was GOOD?! lol I love the bookmark … but the envelope?!?!? ooooooooooooh so up my alley! Very fun! I did think T.C. would rather much enjoy the series as well. I mentioned them to Bi… but she never said anything about it…oh well! I’ll just have to be more persistent next time! haha Hoffe deinem ‘Au-i’ geht’s mitlerweile wieder besser?!

    Love ya! xox

  8. Great font – thanks for sharing. Have heard about Twilight, might have to have a closer look!

  9. Brilliant – I love your bookmark – it doesn’t get any more personal does it!! 🙂

  10. Great and very scary :o)

  11. Good work, very scary stencils! The postal service won’t bat an eye when they see that envelope – they probably see that kind of thing all the time! 🙂

  12. This is really cool !
    And it’s look very real.

  13. Vampire reader huh? I’m a librarian and boy oh boy are those books popular 🙂 Some of them are really just “bite sex” – but not the ones you are reading of course LOL
    Great stencils – you’ll have fun wiht them.

  14. Very nice indeed! REALLY love you text, it’s so very effective! Thanks for sharing, Best-

  15. Laura Warren

    Hi B,

    I’m a young adult librarian living in Seattle, WA. The Twilight series is very popular here too. As a matter of fact, the story is set in Forks, WA, which is a few hours from my house on the west coast of Washington. Forks is an old lumber town and composed of a gas station, mini-mart and a couple other old businesses.

    Keep reading it is good for the soul!


  16. Cool! Those are lots of fun!

  17. love that “bite me” 😀

    love the mail art too, it’s always so cool to get stuff like that through the post

  18. How cool do these look! I love that bookmark. Great job Belinda . Ux

  19. Looks like you are having so much fun with this!
    Keep up the good art and have a great hair day! Becci

  20. Love it! I love anything vampire…your lettering is wonderful…I would love to get that envelope in the mail! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  21. Your stencils are so cool! Don’t you ever wonder what the people at the post office think when you send mail art? I always hope that it makes them smile. 🙂

  22. Belinda,
    Wonderfully creative, feisty and entertaining.
    Here’s to a magnificent summer!

  23. hi!!
    firts of all, i think you know my country more than i do… hahaha!

    i´m mexican, and i got here just like everybody that loves twilight saga…

    i´m crushed on it too…

    Your art is fascinating!! i love it!

    Saludos desde Sinaloa, Mé xico!!!
    un beso!

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