WS: Trees


Frida Arbol made for the new WS TREES challenge. Tree stamp from Green Pepper Press. *** Frida Arbol gemacht für die neue MS-Herausforderung Bäume. Baumstempel von Green Pepper Press.

36 responses to “WS: Trees

  1. Audrey Meijs

    Beautiful tree, love this arch!

  2. Beautiful arch. realy like the words!!!

  3. gorgeous arch, love the contrast of the coloured flowers. beautiful artwork.

  4. Such a beautiful piece of art

  5. Wow perfekt. Der Bogen ist ne Wucht.

  6. Wow! This is a stunning piece!

  7. beautiful tree, love your arch!!!

  8. Ich als bekennende Nicht-“Frida-Freundin”, aber absolute Baum-Liebhaberin konzentriere mal meinen Blick darauf ;)) – wunderschön, auch mit den Blüten und Worten zwischen den Zweigen, ganz Klasse!!! Freu mich auf’s Wochenende!!!

  9. beautiful !!!!

  10. I love how you did the words here, fun to try and figure out what it says.

  11. Stunning

  12. belinda deine doodle-schrift zusammen mit dem baum ist einfach KLASSE!!!

  13. Love this belinda. I would have never thought about using Frida for this theme but it works so well together. the text is quite amazing too.

  14. Sieht total klasse aus!

  15. Wonderful piece of art!

  16. total geniale doodle-schrift und dein baum auch :0)

  17. Klasse umgesetzt, ich liebe die bunten Blumen.

  18. What an exciting work of art! Wonderful!
    Creatively Yours, Laura

  19. Your work is amazing!! Like Laura said, it’s an exciting work of art!

  20. Beautiful art piece Belinda:)

  21. This is really perfect match.
    It’s turns out so great !

  22. Lover your Frida arch with the flowers in her hair = super!

  23. Wonderful!!!!!

  24. Wow! thats amazing!!

  25. Oh ! it’s very beautiful

  26. Love this tree stamp and I am really loving your text !!!! Fabulous arch and Frida really sets it all off perfectly.

  27. Toller Bogen Belinda.

  28. Beautiful work, Belinda.

  29. So beautiful with Frieda;o)

  30. So creative and awesome!

  31. Beautiful and very different!

  32. Too Awesome!

  33. Barbara DeLisle

    Love this piece of art. It is one I could just sit and look at!!!

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