Postage People


ATCs with Postage People for a change for Marion‘s swap. *** Mal zur Abwechslung ATCs mit Briefmarkenmenschen für Marion’s Swap.

17 responses to “Postage People

  1. Very cool. You did a wonderful job on these.

  2. Fabulous! I so wanna try these! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

  3. really awesome.. i would like to try these one day

  4. Mmmmm…. love your backgrounds! This looks like a fun swap.

  5. super cool! der mittlere ist mein favorit. 🙂

  6. ohhh sind die klasse, da hätte ich super gerne eins davon. Naja vielleicht habe ich ja Glück 🙂

  7. Wonderful postage people!

  8. LOL -what a superb idea! I’ll have to look through my postage stamp stash and have a go!

  9. I always like the interesting way you do everything. So different from everyone else and super fun.

  10. Dawnie Thomas

    Wonderful postage people,very inspiring.Love the backgrounds

    Dawnie T

  11. It’s so gorgeous !
    Love how you come out the background.

  12. Belinda, do you trade ATCs? Love them, especially your backgrounds. Really really like them!

  13. Love them all, Belinda! These are wonderful!!

  14. carolineinckle

    These are lovely, you’re blog is just a riot of colour!
    I’m delighted to have discovered it.
    : )

  15. Marion… I just want let you know I received your gorgeous blue postal person in Marion’s swap…lucky,lucky me…I love it to bits!…

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