GPP17 & Alter Bridge



This month GPP17 is about visual journaling and Michelle wants “to set ourselves up with a kit – a box or tote that has many of our favorite tools, ready to use”. Last year a sweet friend surprised me with a Tim Holtz Junk Bag which has been travelling with me quite a bit. I just think it’s so ugly from the outside, but I love the different sections on the inside. Very practical, and I’m much better organized. It only now occured to me that I can change the outside look, duh! Hadn’t thought of that before. But I need to think smaller and lighter when travelling anyway. Love my Snoopy pencil case (found it years ago at H&M) and it normally travels with me to training courses for work and other trips. Yes, I still love Snoopy!! My family thought I’d grow out of it eventually … 😉 I just want to take the basics: ruler, scissors, UHjunkbag1.jpgU glue, pencil, eraser, various black permanent pens, Gel Pens, black thread’n needle, fave lyra crayons, tape and of course Belinda needs a band-aid (actually got more inside). That’s it!!! Been hoarding Mexico themes fabrics for a few years now and made this Mexico journal for an upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta/Mexico. Used blank pages since I’m not too experienced yet (me thinks) to work with prepainted pages. I like to doodle but noticed I need to brush up my typography. Have this little font file (with printed alphabets from favorite fonts, see list at end) and will take it along in my journal for inspiration and practicing. Again Michelle, perfect timing. Just took me a bit longer to get my journaling act together. See, hope also remained in Pandora’s box. 🙂 Finally saw Sweeny Todd this week … a lot of blood, but still brilliant. I think it’s time for Johnny Depp to win an Oscar for best actor on Sunday. My fingers are crossed! He can even sing. Mr Depp, anything you cannot do??? Been a fan since Edward Scissorhands.

mexico_journal_bel.jpg mexico_journal_bel-top-view.jpg

Diesen Monat geht’s bei der GPP17 um Visuelles Journaling und Michelle möchte, “dass wir uns ausrüsten – mit einer Schachtel oder Tasche, mit vielen unserer Lieblingsutensilien, benutzbereit”. Letztes Jahr hat mich eine liebe Freundin mit einem Tim Holtz Junk Bag überrascht und es ist schon etwas rumgekommen. Leider finde ich, dass es von außen scheußlich aussieht, doch ich mag total die verschiedenen Fächer. Total praktisch, voll die Ordnung. Gerade im Moment fällt mir ein, dass ich’s von außen doch selbst verändern kann … Warum ist mir das nicht vorher eingefallen! Doch zum Reisen muß ich echt kleiner denken. Liebe mein Snoopy-Mäppchen (vor Jahren bei H&M gefunden) und normalerweise reist es mit auf Schulungen für’s Büro und andere Trips. ja, ich liebe immer noch Snoopy!! Meine Familijunkbag-open.jpge dachte immer, dass ich da mal rauswachse … 😉 Will aber nur das Wichtigste mitnehmen: Lineal, Scheren, UHU-Stift, Bleistift, Radierer, verschiedene Permanentmarker, Gel-Stifte, Nadel + schwarzer Faden, Lieblings-Lyra-Stifte, Tesafilm und natürlich braucht Belinda PFLASTER (sind noch mehr im Mäppchen). Das wär’s schon!!! Seit ein paar Jahren sammle ich Mexiko-Thema-Stoffe und hab jetzt dieses kleine Mexiko-Journal für eine Reise nach Puerto Vallarta/Mexiko nächsten Monat gemacht. Hab weiße Seiten gelassen, da ich wohl noch nicht erfahren genug bin, um mit vorgemalten Seiten zu arbeiten. Ich mal gerne herum (am liebsten früher im Hausaufgabenbuch hihi), doch ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich meine Typographie üben muss. Hab mir deshalb ein paar schöne Alphabete von Lieblingsfonts (siehe Liste unten) ausgedruckt. Die nehm ich zur Inspiration und Übung mal mit. Und schon wieder war es perfektes Timing Michelle. Nur hat’s mit dem Journaling diesmal etwas länger gedauert. (Siehste, Hoffnung verweilte noch in Pandora’s Büchse.) Hab diese Woche endlich Sweeny Todd gesehen … viel Blut, doch blutig-brilliant. Es wird Zeit, dass Johnny Depp am Sonntag einen Oscar als bester Schauspieler gewinnt. Er kann sogar singen! Herr Depp (er kann ja nix für seinen Nachnamen hihi), gibt’s irgendwas, das Du nicht kannst? Bin ein Fan seit Edward Scissorhands.


And since it’s all Michelle’s fault anyway … I did join the ALTER BRIDGE street team earlier this year (no, not HIM, sorry!) and made these Rock’n Roll Chicas which I will send to my fave cal radio station ELDORADIO and to L’Atelier (small live club) along with their current CD Blackbird. Hope they will finally start playing these guys, they are so awesome!! Below are a few pictures from a past concert in Madrid/Spain since I didn’t make it this year to one yet. Marc Tremonti rocks the guitar!! And they will be playing at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park this Summer, see you there Michelle. 🙂 ***

madrid5.jpg madrid1.jpg marct2.jpg

Und das es sowieso Michelle’s Schuld ist … bin im Januar dem ALTER BRIDGE Street Team beigetreten (nein, nicht HIM, sorry!) und hab diese Rock’n Roll Chicas gemacht, die ich nun zusammen mit der aktuellen CD Blackbird an meinen Lieblingsratiosender ELDORADIO und an’s L’Atelier (kleiner Live-Club) geschickt habe. Nicht nur müssen die Jungs hier endlich mal live auftreten, sondern ihre Musik sollte auch endlich mal im Lux-Radio gespielt werden, sie sind einfach zu cool! Hier ein paar Fotos von einem vergangenen Konzert in Madrid/Spanien, hab es dieses Jahr noch nicht geschafft. Marc Tremonti rockt die Gitarre!! Und im Sommer werden sie bei Rock am Ring und Rock im Park auftreten, wir sehn uns dort Michelle. 🙂

madrid3.jpg madrid6.jpg madrid2.jpg


Some Free Fonts/Kostenlose Fonts:
!DaFont with categories and preview/gruppiert mit Vorschau
Famous Fonts with categories, no preview/gruppiert ohne Vorschau
Specialty Fonts
!Typenow: Free Theme Fonts : Movies, Music, Games …
Urban Fonts with categories and preview/gruppiert mit Vorschau
Wonderfonts with categories no preview/gruppiert ohne Vorschau



REM – Supernatural Superserious love the new tune


21 responses to “GPP17 & Alter Bridge

  1. I love Alter Bridge too and was lucky enough to see them in Bristol, UK earlier this year. It was a great gig!

  2. hey Belinda – what a great post – looks like you are organized and ready to go AND journal – thanks for the font list – I haven’t figured out how to access them once they are downloaded – suggestions?

    thanks so much for your visit and comment …

    xox – eb.

  3. Great post Belinda! I think it’s great that you didn’t grow out of SNoopy. I’m a Hello Kitty girl and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of her eighter! 🙂

    The bag is cool, though I think you should paint and collage it if you don’t like it. ALso dig your bookmarks below, I posted my collaged bookmarks today!

  4. GET OUT!!! You joined the AB Street Team? I am such a proud mama, I can hardly stand it!!!! Bravo to you for taking up the cause for your band. Hope you get somw airplay because of your efforts. WISH I was coming for Rock AM & IM ….is they sold out yet? HIM are in Germany NOW – we could be watching them together tonight!

    Love seeing your journal bag, filled with cool stuff, and most of all HOPE. *grinning* Every time I see a crusader’s kit I find something I have to add to mine. YOU reminded me about a mini-awl, and band-aids! Love your vibrant journal too. I expect to see it at least half full upon return from your venture abroad.

    Crossing fingers and eyes for Johnny too.
    and BTW, I’m impressed with the AB website.

  5. Hi Belinda, Thanks for the comment on my blog… I love seeing your journaling kit and I also love your snoopy pencil bag! I actually wore white Snoopy knee sox under my wedding dress back in the 70’s! They had Snoopy and Woodstock dancing holding hands with the hearts around their heads!
    Have a great hair day! Becci

  6. Thanks for the font links. I love Snoopy too, good thing you still stay close with him. Hope you show us your altered junk bag, I agree, it’s not soo cool. Got some great tools in there. Nice Mexico journal. Looks like you used fun Dia de los Muertos fabrics on the outside? Where did you find them?

  7. Hi, Belinda —

    I love your Puerto Vallarta journal! Like you, I have a basic kit although not in anything as adorable as your Snoopy case. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

    Nice to meet you and enjoy your trip to Mexico!

    — JeriAnn

  8. Belinda, fabulous kit and I love your journal too! Hope you have a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see your journal on your return.

  9. at 51, i still can’t see any reason to outgrow Snoopy 🙂

  10. Here I am…..AGAIN!
    I absolutly love your work! Very inspiring. You’re now officially linked so I don’t forget where you are out here in blogland!

  11. I love seeing all of the kits…yours is really great..I too love Snoopy (still)…I really love your font sheets. What a great idea! Thanks for showing us ( many times can I say love in one post? must work on that.)


    Here’s the rules:

    1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

    2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

    3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

    4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

    I had too I love your site!

  13. Hello Belinda, I’m a fellow “Moselmaedchen”(born in Traben-Trarbach, raised in Trier) and Artist and I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed both your creativity and your language skills. I usually can function only in either german or english, unless I have the aid of a glass of wine, (I am from the Mosel after all) so reading your blog is immense fun for me. Thank you for every picture of Trier (the Weihnachtsmarkt made me cry) and Luxemburg and anything in between.Thank you for sharing your Art and inspiring me. I’m very new to blogging and still type with two fingers, but I wanted to jump into this vast world of artistic splendor that connects people through timezones and languages via your blog. How cool is it that I can sit in southern california and say hi to a person I’ve never met and who is presumably snoozing the night away right now, while I still have to deal with dinner dishes. Isn’t technology great ?! Have a great tomorrow morning !

  14. so glad you still love snoopy, love your purse! i think it’s big enough for suitcase travels.
    and thanks for showing the new rem video, didn’t know it was already out! great band.

  15. Hi Belinda, look at my Blog I gave you a Award.

  16. You have such cute snoopy case 🙂

    Love your mexico cover journal book, it’s so cool.

    Have a safe journey to Mexico.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the free fonts.

  17. i can hardly wait to see what you do with the outside of that bag! and i am so bummed our dear j ohnny lost to daniel day lewis. johnny will (better) have his time. love your art!

  18. I love your blog and your cool journal kit!

    And Snoopy… who doesn’t love Snoopy?

  19. Hey Belinda, love the simple list of what you have in your kit. Have fun in Mexico, LOVE the journal cover. Ux

  20. Love the kit, Belinda! Have a great time in Mexico. As always, thanks for sharing your ideas and creations with us.

  21. Alter Bridge is a great band, a lot better than Creed ever was and I think Creed’s latest album is the best evidence of this. I hope Alter Bridge keeps going and making more great albums.


    The Alter Bridge Discography Guy

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