Of Geishas and Bubble Gum


Asia is the new WS challenge. Couldn’t resist using my favorite Geisha postcard and my new art journal from Kelly!! It’s so cool. Got this fun Japanese style tape from Kara’s geisha_shoes.jpgenvelope filled with Icicle Dolls and recycle it! Stamps used for Numbers from PSX and Cherry Blossoms from Japanesque Stamps – Kodomo 1geisha-buch.jpgNo Kao. Bought it in Yokohama years ago and put it finally to good use!! And I DIG the negative version!! My sister bought me some Geisha sandals. When you wear them you comprehend why they walk so funny making tiny steps. Quite a balancing act! Saw them also on priests’ feet in Buddhist temples. And speaking of Geisha … If you love Geishas and have a few pennies leftover, don’t miss out on this FANTASTIC photo book Geisha: A Photographic History 1872-1912. And my nieces Teresa and Tomo dressing up as Geishas back when they were living in Yokohama in 2002.


Asien ist die neue MS-Herausforderung. Kam nicht umhin, meine Lieblings-Geishapostkarte und mein neues Art Journala von Kelly zu benutzen. Einfach zu cool. Hab dieses lustige Japanstil-Klebeband von Kara’s Umschlag (mit Eiszapfenpüppchen) und musste es gleich recyclen! Verwendete Stempel für die Zahlen von PSX und Kirschblüten von Japanesque Stamps – Kodomo No Kao. Hab den vor Jahren in Yokohama gekauft und kann ihn endlich einsetzen!! Und ich STEH TOTAL auf die Negativ-Variante! Meine Schwester hat mir diese Geisha-Sandalen mit passenden Socken gekauft. Wenn Du die anhast verstehst Du, warum sie so kleine lustige Schritte machen. Da balanciert man richtig drin! Hab sie auch an Füßen von Priestern in buddhistischen Tempeln gesehen. Und zum Thema Geisha … Wenn Du sie super toll findest und zufällig ein paar Euro über hast, dann lohnt sich dieses phantastische Fotobuch Geisha: A Photographic History 1872-1912.

. Und meine beiden Nichten Teresa und Tomo, verkleidet als Geishas als sie in Yokohama lebten in 2002.
teresatomo_geishas.jpg tomo_geisha.jpg


The Dance of a Geisha

35 responses to “Of Geishas and Bubble Gum

  1. Boah wow was für tolle Sachen. Klasse. Deine beiden Nichten soo süüß.

  2. Fabulous work, love the bright colours

  3. Du läßt Dir immer was einfallen, nicht das Standardprogramm. Gefällt mir super klasse. Deine Nichten sind wirklich süß.

  4. Super, bei Dir gibt es immer eine tolle Geschichte zum Thema!

  5. WOW, what GREAT ART!!!!

  6. Ich liebe die Ausstattung des Films total und finde Deine JournalSeiten richtig klasse.

  7. Your work is wonderful Belinda! Colorful – a work of art and you can see that you’ve really worked on this!!

  8. Fabulous, really love your hats.

  9. gefällt mir super gut,Belinda!!:-)

  10. Fabulous art. I love the vibrancy & the images.

  11. Wow! Belinda, I love your geisha (journal pages, yes?). You perfectly captured the beauty and humor of the mix of classic and Japanese pop culture. Fabulous! Of course you must have been inspired by your adorable and beautiful nieces. Love seeing the culminations of your collections of so many little things.

  12. Fabulous ! Fantastic work !

  13. Fabulous art work!

  14. wonderful colours Belinda and so quirky! great stuff.

  15. Wunderschön, Belinda!

  16. love to see the tape being recylced…too funny, my first thought was that Kelly had used the tape in her prep of the page because I’m sure I’ve given her some of that tape too! It is lovely and vibrant!

  17. Ich bin von Deinen Ideen und Farben mal wieder mehr als begeistert. Deine beiden Nichten machen sich als Geishas wirklich prächtig.

  18. Fabulous artwork and aray of colours, the little ones are so cute in their Geisha outfits:)

  19. Belinda! You’re the journal master!!!

  20. Wieder super Idee, tolle Farben ,einfach Klasse!

  21. Beautiful artjournalpage!
    Cute nieces;)

  22. You have such a knack for finding and creating the most beautiful things! I love the Asia theme you created! Your nieces pics remind me of an almost similar one we took when my aunt and uncle brought us back kimonos from Japan in the 60’s..Rima and I dressed up (we probably were your nieces ages at that time) and we rolled our hairs with cotton balls to have an “authentic” hairstyle. LOVE it!!

  23. Wow, I love the brilliant colors of your artwork, and the total immersion of the geisha world on your blog! 🙂

  24. Fabulous color and I just always wonder how you get those colors. Wonderful journal

  25. Just goregous! And your nieces are adorable.

  26. Wonderful pages, hear no, speak no, see no evil = love it! great hats on your ladies! Your little neices are just precious!!!! I just loved Memoirs the book and the film, thank you for the short film as a lovely refresher!

  27. Wonderful piece of work.

  28. Awesome!! Love all the colors. That geisha is so cool.

  29. your nieces are so beautiful in their outfits.

  30. Hi Belinda!
    Thanks for the link to the photo book, can’t wait to take a leisurely browse.

    You’ve created such a fun twist on the asian theme with all of those bright, happy colors and your bright, happy neices! All very uplifting.

    I also LOVE the unique perspective of flipping pics to negative & just played around with it 2 nights ago. – vicki xo

  31. Love your journal pages! So bold and colorful. Great idea to use the tape too. Your nieces look so gorgeous as little Geisha’s. Lovely photo’s.

  32. FaB!!! LoVE It!!!!

  33. You’re just fantastic, Belinda! Have I told you that I LOVE your art? 🙂 Thanks for tons of inspiration!


  34. super schön deine Seiten und deine Nichten sehen auch zum knutschen süß aus

  35. I love everything here, those colors so bright!
    Tnkx fo visiting my Blog also;o)

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