One World – One Heart Event


One WorldOne Heart is a blog-wide giveaway event hosted by Lisa Oceandreamer. The original idea behind this was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. ”

Saw this first on Sammy’s blog and didn’t know whether I had time to make something. Still need to make my PIF’s!! So I decided to give away my Inspire Icicle Doll. There are still 9 days left to join and/or to leave a comment here until 13 FEBRUARY.  I will pick a name the next day from everyone who leaves a comment here. You do not have to participate to enter the name drawing.


One WorldOne Heart ist ein blogweiter Verschenk-Event organisiert von Lisa Oceandreamer. Die eigentliche Idee liegt darin, Blogger aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen, die sich sonst wohl nie treffen würden. Lücken in der Bloggemeinschaft sollen somit geschlossen werden und es ermöglicht, dass wir uns gegenseitig beeinflussen, neue und wunderbare Menschen kennenlernen, und so ganz nebenbei vielleicht noch den einen oder anderen Preis gewinnen.”

Hab dies zuerst auf Sammy’s Blog gesehen und war mir nicht sicher, ob ich was gemacht kriege, da ich ja auch noch die PIF’s machen muss. Deshalb habe ich mich entschieden, mein Inspire Eiszapfenpüppchen zu verschenken. Es gibt noch ganze 9 Tage um mitzumachen und/oder hier bis zum 13.  FEBRUAR einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Ich werde am 14. den Gewinner ziehen. Du musst selbst nicht teilnehmen, damit Dein Name gezogen wird.

EDIT: Congratulations to Monique on winning the Icicle Doll. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, participating and sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

172 responses to “One World – One Heart Event

  1. Ich Ich Ich

  2. What a wonderful idea!!! I love getting to know other bloggers. Love your beautiful icicle doll too!!!!

  3. Was für eine wunderschöne Idee! Und Deine Icicle Doll ist zauberhaft!

  4. Liebe Belinda, diese bloggerKontakte finde ich auch klasse und auf dass ich diese Infos hier auf deinem (einer meiner Favoriten!) entdecke, ist kein Wunder, deine icicle doll, was soll ich sagen, traumhaft, cool, deine Handschrift halt,
    liebe Grüße,

  5. Tolle Idee, möchte gerne mitmachen. Bei mir gibt es auch etwas zu gewinnen… 🙂

  6. hi Belinda,
    what a fantastic idea……….so nice to meet bloggers outside of Italy
    by the way the icicle dolls arrived today….they are beautiful .
    crafty joan in italy

  7. I would love to have the chance to win one of your delightful Icicle Dolls. 🙂

  8. Wow ! I love to have your beautiful icicle doll 🙂

  9. What a great idea! I shall do the same on my blog. How nice to have a chance to win your beautiful icicle!

  10. Your icicle doll is beautiful!
    I’m fairly new to blogging and this has been so much fun. I hope to stop by your blog frequently to learn more.

  11. I absolutely love your icicle doll, Belinda!!

  12. Die ist wirklich zauberhaft und sie würde prima in mein Heim passen! 😉
    Viele Grüße, Sarah

  13. How nice! What a wonderful idea. Very generous.

  14. She is just beautiful and I’m sure she would love a trip to Tennessee!
    brenda bliss

  15. I’ve been reading about this One Love and like the idea so much! You are very generous to offer one of your special creations! ooxoo

  16. cool idea and cool doll~

  17. This is just fabulous and I would love to give her a home with my dolls!
    chris p

  18. Awesome Belinda!! Just catching up on my emails and so glad I checked my blogarithm blogs today…. count me in please!!

  19. Very cool doll!!! Inspirational to say the least! Thanks for sharing! Please enter me in your drawing and I am also participating at the address below.
    New Jersey U.S.A.

  20. please count me in miss B cuz I know I can make this Icicle doll so happy.
    I’ll hug her and kiss her and share all my secrets.
    he-he-he Dawnie T

  21. This Icicle Doll would LOVE to live in my MI studio. She’s wonderful wherever she ends up living.

  22. I hope I win! Please enter me, thanks! 🙂

  23. Oh sign me up. So cute. Come on over to my blog and sign up for mine!

  24. please please please stack the deck in my favor. I just love her.
    Please visit my blog to sign up for mine,

  25. Oh how pretty is this!!! I would love to be the lucky winner!! If you haven’t been to Esprit yet, please come and enter my giveaway too!!

  26. Wonderful! Please enter me. I would love for you to stop by and enter my OWOH giveaway. 🙂

  27. This is so sweet and beautiful. I’d love to win. Please enter my name and enter my giveaway!

  28. your doll is so beautiful, hugs

  29. I’d love to win! Lovely work!

  30. I’d love to win one of your icicle dolls!!! Count me in!!


  31. Oh wow, This is so nice!! Love it !!

  32. She is a beautiful doll!

  33. Ich liebe deine Pueppchen, aber das weisst du vielleicht schon. Count me in please.
    Be sure to check out my blog giveaway too!

  34. Belinda…your icicle doll is absolutely stunning! I love her! Please add me to your drawing.

  35. ahh.. Belinda awesome work!! you are an inspiration to us all!! please enter me in the giveaway!

  36. I have always admired your artwork and enjoy your blog! So much variety and findings. Please put my name in as well.

  37. Wonderful! Please count me in 🙂 I’m also participating, if you want to check what I’m giving away.

  38. Belinda your icicle dolls is beautiful. Please add my name for your drawing. Stop by my blog for my giveaway your can fin d it here


  39. Oh Oh , adding my name here to the mix. I would give her a good home. 🙂

  40. Your icicle doll is just delightful!! Please enter my name in your draw and make sure you come over to my blog and enter in my own giveaway if you haven’t already done so:-) xo

  41. I love your icicle doll ! I would like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter my drawing.


  42. hi, hi belinda! she’s a lovely icicle girl. thanks for a chance to win her. i’m doing 2 give aways at my 2 blogs and hope you’ll come check them out. and cheers!

  43. Your work is so lovely, I couldn’t pass up the chance to win one of your dolls! Can’t wait for the swap dolls to come to me!

  44. This is SO lovely and oh so charming! Please add me to your giveaway. and THANK YOU for participating in this event!
    Please stop by my blog and enter mine.
    With joy,
    Lisa Oceandreamer

  45. Oooh! Didn’t you just post this on…hmmm…Artchix?? Love it! Please enter my name in your drawing and make sure to visit my blog for a chance at winning my giveaway. Thanks!

    ~*~Nan in NJ~*~

  46. Belinda!!
    I simply adore your Icicle Dolls and all of your work! Please enter me in your drawing!!

  47. Belinda, this is adorable. Please include me and be sure to stop by and enter my drawing, as well! xo, Fran

  48. Wow! Your art is fantastic! Count me in for your drawing! Thanks so much!

  49. Fabulous! Please enter me in your drawing! 🙂 Cheryl @

  50. That is so clever and different. I love it. Please put my name in. Nice to meet you. Isn’t Oceandreamer a sweetie?

  51. What a beautiful piece of work. Please include me in your drawing. If you have a chance please visit me & sign up for my giveaway.

    Thank you

  52. Doreen aka LuniLadi

    Belinda, I would LOVE to win your beautiful doll! I hope I’m that lucky! I also see you’re a Classic Rock kinda gal too. Have all the Zep albums. 🙂

  53. LONG time no “see!” It has been ages since we have connected via art so I was glad to see your blog on the One World list. I love your icicle doll and hope you will add me to your list of hopefuls. I joined the fun just last night, so I hope you can stop by my blog and post a comment for my doll give away as well.
    Hope all is well with you, Belinda!

  54. Belinda,

    As always, I see your work and just drool. Not much chance of winning with all your sign ups, but what the heck – maybe I’ll get lucky – please add my name to the drawing!


  55. How wonderful! Please enter me. I’ve joined, as well.

  56. Awesome, Belinda! I think I will go add something to give away to my blog, too. What a nice way to get to know other bloggers!

    🙂 Linda

  57. Love it. Thanks, Charlie

  58. oooh an icicle doll. i love it!

  59. Belinda das ist eine wunderschöne Geste und der Preis ist der Hammer. Klasse. Ich bin auch noch am überlegen.

  60. The more the merrier!! Count me in please. LOVE your icicle doll.

  61. Hallo Belinda!
    Da hast Du Dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen! Die Icicle Doll ist ja wunderschön!! Zu meinen anderen würde sie sicherlich auch gut passen!
    Dein Blog ist für mich immer wieder eine Quelle der Inspiration!
    Liebe Grüße, Jutta

  62. Hi Belinda,

    Love you doll, would love to win it. Please drop by and enter in my gift draw.

  63. was für eine klasse Idee und die Doll bewundere ich schon die ganze Zeit auf deinem Block

  64. I can never see enough of your art Belinda, so allow my name into the drawing for your INSPIRE icicle! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
    You’re amazing sweetie!

  65. LOVE your icicle doll. A beautiful piece of art. Thank you for the chance to win.

  66. I love this doll . She is just beautiful

  67. ich hab noch keine püppis von dir 🙂
    spass bei seite.. das ist eine klasse idee und gewinner wird´s sich total freuen. mit recht 🙂

  68. Hi Belinda,

    I love your gorgeous icicle doll. Thanks for coming by and joining my gift draw. I would love to be included in yours,
    Thank you.

  69. glad to have found your blog. Please enter my name and visit me at VictorianGypsy

  70. THis is beautiful please add me to your draw

  71. What a fabulous doll!! Please add me to your list… and drop by to join mine! Deb Lewis

  72. Deine Icicle Doll ist einfach zauberhaft! Die würd ich zu gerne gewinnen!
    Schau doch mal bei meinem Blog vorbei:
    Ich mach auch bei OHOW mit.
    LG Dagmar

  73. Cindy Ericsson

    I so love the things you create with your hands, and would cherish this doll! Please add me to the list.

  74. Please count me in for your doll. I think this was such a great idea. Come visit my blog.

  75. Belinda,
    Adore your inspire icicle doll and since you so inspire me, how fitting it would be to win. If you have room for one more name in the hat, I would be honored. I am also particpating. I have loved meeting new friends as well as running into known friends like you.

  76. i’ve never seen or owned an icicle doll, but my heart is beating faster with hope of winning! please enter me in…blessings, abigail

  77. So very pretty please put my name in.
    Hope you will come to see my give away also.

  78. This is very beautiful. Count me in and stop by my blog for my giveaway.

    Sophie in Montreal, Canada

  79. Hello! Your icicle doll is wonderful!!

    Please come visit me on my blog to see what I have to offer!

    Smiles! Jo Anne

  80. Me, me, me, I would love to own one of your icicle ladies! thanks for being so giving!

  81. Lovely! Please enter me, thanks!

  82. beautiful… toss my name in the hat as well… stop by mine for a chance.

  83. Wow Belinda. This is absolutely gorgeous! Please enter my name in your drawing. Blessings, xoxo

  84. Your icicle dolls are gorgeous and I’d love a chance to win one.

  85. Belinda, this is beautiful! Please count me in, and come on over & enter at my blog, too!

  86. isn’t that just fab.I just love it. please enter me.

  87. Yes, I would love to have this. It’s beautiful. Please add my name. If you would like I am giving a canvas collage on my blog, please sign up. Thanks.

  88. I adore your icicle doll. What a wonderful blog you have here. 🙂
    I have a giveaway to at my blog-

  89. I love her…
    So offcourse I leave a comment and in the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed ;o))
    Please take a look at my OWOH giveaway too!

  90. Please count me in!

    I would love for you to stop by my website and enter for a free pair of sterling silver, ornate Bali beads and korean jade earrings i’ve made.

    peace, light & love
    Courtney/ Dublin, Ireland

  91. She is beautiful. I would love to give her a home. Thanks so much for sharing her.

  92. Belinda this is such a beautiful icicle doll! Please add me to your giveaway drawing.

  93. GREAT giveaway! I hope I’m the lucky winner!! 🙂

  94. I love it! Please enter me. We are all snowed in here in Michigan. What a way to spend a snow day. Drop by my site.

  95. How beautiful! I would love to enter your giveaway! I’m having a OWOH giveaway, too, if you’d like to visit. =)

  96. What amazing work you do – ovbiously a great deal of talent behind it.
    Greetings from an American in Norway

  97. Please oh please enter me! And stop by to enter my giveaway…since you’re one of the ones who inspired me to do it!

  98. Cat Dodt-Ellis

    Love that doll! Loved visiting your blog…hope I will win a prize!


  99. I love your doll, enter me and stop over and enter mine..

  100. Oh this is gorgeous! Please enter me in your drawing!

  101. Absolutely gorgeous! Please include me in your drawing. Thank you for the inspiration!

  102. Belinda great artwork..I like the name icicle home is perfect for her as we have so much in Canada! Nice to meet you ..a wonderful way of bloggers coming together! :)NG
    I am also participating!

  103. Please enter me too, I’ve admired these dolls for a while. Thanks

  104. LOVE your Inspire Icicle Doll ~ Please enter my name in your drawing. Don’t forget to hop on over to my Shabby Chic giveaway at:

    Bunny Blessings ~


  105. This is a great idea! However, I just moved across country and have most of my stuff in storage. What I would like to do, is go into as many of the blogs as I can and sign in. If my name gets pulled by anyone as a winner, I will donate $100 to AIDS Foundation in memory of my brother. If my name gets selected more than once, I will up the ante an additional $10 every time it gets pulled (greedy I know, but one can dream!!!) If my name is not pulled by anyone, I will still make a $50 donation. This way, everyone is a winner.

    I hope to get my name drawn at least once.

  106. Wow! Please sign me up! 🙂

  107. Love your work Belinda!
    Add my name please!


  108. Wonderful work, just lovely. Count me in.

  109. Ich liebe die Puppe!!
    Please count me in and don’t forget to pop over to my place! Thanx/danke!

  110. OWOH is an awesome idea…. I am from Ontario, Canada! So fun to read blogs and “meet” such talented artists from all over!! 🙂

  111. Love the doll, gorgeous!!!

  112. Lovely! Please enter me in your giveaway! I’m participating as well, at:

  113. Oh boy…I really want this!! I would love to win, please count me in! Please stop by and check out my giveaway, too 🙂
    Best Wishes,

  114. G’day Belinda,
    I would love to be included in your beautiful giveaway, please … OOroo … Bethel
    Please Pop on over to my place as I’m a player too …

  115. gorgeous! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am part of this event, so please stop by my blog as well!

  116. Hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork! Just fabulous!!
    Love this giveaway – how fun!!
    Please include me in your drawing and I hope I’m blessed to win on Valentines Day!!
    Please feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win as well:)

    Tickled in Texas…
    Debra Johnson

  117. Please put my name in the draw. Would like to win the doll very much.
    Please visit my site and take part in the draw


  118. Please enter me in your drawing for this wonderful art!
    thanks so much for the chance to win something of yours 🙂

  119. I’ve loved your icicle dolls since I fisr saw them at the end of last year.
    Please add me to your draw, and visit my giveaway page, too!

  120. Please include me in your drawing. Please drop by my blog and enter mine as well. : )

  121. I LOVE your giveaway. Be sure to stop by my blog for a chance to win my heavenly smelling OWOH giveaway!


  122. This is so fun blog hopping and checking out people’s cool stuff. I would love to enter your drawing. Stop by mine and enter as well!

    Warm Regards

  123. I love it!!!!!!!!! And I love your site.

  124. gabriellemadsen

    Oh I would SO love to win, this is so very beautiful!

  125. I love your icicle doll! I’ve never seen one like it. Please enter me in your giveaway and check out mine too! Thank you!!


  126. Beautiful work. please stop by my blog to enter my drawing too. Thanks LisaAlff

  127. Your icicle doll is gorgeous! Please count me in! I hope you’ll stop by and enter mine too!!!

  128. I’m a fan of your site and your art, I want to win! I have a giveaway too, come on over!

  129. Wow, This is FAB.
    Look at my give away!!

  130. Please add my name.


    PS your Kelly journal is wonderful!

  131. have never seen one before; what a concept.

  132. How gorgeous! Please sign me up for your drawing! Come by and see my giveaway when you have a chance. 🙂

    Peace and blessings,

  133. ein wunderschöner Preis den du da zur Verlosung gibst.
    Die Aktion ist ja wohl super schön, wo erfährt man so etwas nur zeitiger ???

  134. Oh, I would count myself lucky indeed, were I to win you treasure! Please do enter my name … and visit my blog as well, maybe hang out for a bit & listen to some music. 😀

  135. Hello, please sign me up for your lovely doll!

    Please pop by to sign up for my giveaway as well.

    God bless,

  136. stephanie anderson

    your doll is beautiful…please enter my name.
    email –

  137. What a gorgeous doll. Please include me in your drawing.


  138. Please add my name for the chance to win the doll

  139. Oh Belinda!!!! I received my first ATC from you back in a contest at ArtChix a few years ago…..and now…a chance to win some more of your lovely art!!!! Please enter me in your drawing…and if you haven’t already please stop by my blog and enter mine.
    Patti V

  140. wer kann da schon nein sagen? hätte ich auch sehr gerne. traumhaft schön!

  141. Wow, just loving your work. magnificent

  142. what a great giveaway! loving it! please throw my name into the hat too! good luck everyone!

  143. Beautiful. Please count me in.

  144. Oh my what a beautiful piece of art. Please enter my name. Thank you

  145. beautiful-pls add me to your drawing and be sure to check out mine

  146. Enter me you art is amazing! I just love it, I am having so much fun blog hopping, stop by mine I am particpating too!

  147. Love it! Please enter me!

  148. OMG! She is beautiful! Such a piece of art! Please count me in your drawing!! Thanks for doing this!

  149. Super Cool!

    If you have not already visited my blog and entered my One World~One Heart Giveaway, please accept my invitation now for a chance to win “Masquarade”.

  150. If this is just open to your country, I understand… I did want to tell you that this piece is very unique and beautiful!


  151. Please include me in your One World-One Heart Give Away. Thank you 🙂

  152. This is a gorgeous piece, please enter me and come visit my giveaway, a fabric bracelet. Carrie

  153. Absolutely beautiful! Please include me in your drawing and hope you’ll come by and visit my blog and enter mine if you haven’t already.

  154. Your icicle dolls are so cool, Belinda (excuse the pun). Please include me in your draw. Thanks!
    Check out my giveaway too, if you get a chance 🙂

  155. that’s such a cool doll! I would love to be entered…I’m giving away a doll too, if you’re interested!

  156. Beautiful!
    Please enter me in your drawing & come by and sign up for mine if you haven’t already.
    Thanks for being a part of OWOH!

  157. Stunning!

    I’d like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter mine.


  158. WOW, your work is amazing. Please add my name to your give-away and if you have time come visit me at


  159. Please sign me up! THis is gorgeous!

    Rita Bellanca

  160. Kann das wirklich sein, dass ich mich noch nicht eingetragen habe?!?!? ;)) Liebe Belinda, dein Püppchen ist wieder traumhaft schön, weiss immer gar nicht, was ich noch schreiben soll. Du hast einfach das “gewisse Händchen”. Danke für deine vielen Anregungen!!! LG und bis bald, Manja

  161. I love your pieces, which me look please

    thank you

  162. Love, Love, Love your doll! She would have a fabulous new home with Me! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you! Artful Blessings, Kathryn

  163. Please enter me in your drawing and stop by and enter mine if you haven’t already!

  164. ohh its lovely 🙂

    -angela in oregon

  165. Hello there!!
    Greetings from New Jersey USA (the New Jersey shore…45 minutes outside of NYC)

    So so happy to have found your fabulous blog!! OHOW has been so so much fun for us all! So many amazing blogs to visit! 🙂

    I must say that I am truly loving your musical tastes!! Sabbath…Zeppelin!!! A girl after my own heart!! 🙂

    I would love to be entered to win your incredible doll!!

    Pop over to my blog for a chance at “a slice of cake on pink floral” 🙂

    I look forward to visiting often!

    Best Wishes!!
    xox Jenny

  166. She is very cute.
    Yes please enter me. I have a giveaway too.
    You might enjoy my husbands musical creativity too on the 20 string harpguitar.

  167. Pretty please, add my name!

  168. This is such a beautiful doll. Please add me to the drawing!

  169. Oops, didn’t catch on that this is WP…you can find my giveaway at

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