The Raven King


A quick altered book page made for the new WS Kings challenge. Coat from A stamp in the hand (bought it a good 5 years ago and NEVER used it …), bird from GPP, top banner from Zettiology and Redemption alpha from Turtle Press. *** Eine schnelle Altered Book-Seite für die neue MS-Herausforderung Könige. Mantelstempel von A stamp in the hand (hab ihn schon vor gut 5 Jahren gekauft und noch NIE benutzt!), Vogel von GPP, Wimpel von Zettiology und Redemption Alpha von Turtle Press.

Alan Parsons Project – The Raven

44 responses to “The Raven King

  1. Fabulous, I love your view on this theme.

  2. Gorgeous Belinda! Love your king.

  3. Fab interpretation! 😀

  4. klasse deine seite!

  5. Tolle Interpretation!

  6. Wow das ist total abgefahren. Super Umsetzung.

  7. This wonderful, love his little crown

  8. I love it – he’s so quirky and simultaneously dignified.

  9. Jau, genau mein Geschmack ;-))

  10. I really get a kick out of the way you think and the way you take the challenges. Great idea. Love that coat the Raven is wearing.

  11. Love your king page!

  12. Love your king!

  13. Fabulous twist on the theme.

  14. super idee, die Minikrone ist ja klasse

  15. So cute…I love the wings in that direction

  16. Great interpretation of the theme:)

  17. Fantastic, it’s so different , love the little crown and the black wings!!!

  18. Fabulous interpretation ! I love the little crown

  19. Superklasse, total genial!

  20. Belinda, das ist eine tolle Idee. Der Vogel ist genial und die lütte Krone spitze, macht sich richtig gut.

  21. Spitzenmässig!! Die Idee und Umsetzung ist ganz große Klasse!

  22. Wow, that’s a great king !

  23. Wow! I love your page! It’s great!

  24. Klasse Belinda!

  25. Belinda I love your king!!! You have such a wonderful imagination!


  26. What a creative and unique interpetation! Very cool!


  27. wow. I love the creativity coming out in this theme!

  28. kreativgeschwafel

    klasse idee!

  29. Fantastic Belinda. I love rediscovering items I’ve had for awhile. Hail the Raven King!

  30. Fantastic use of that super coat stamp. I have the long and the short one too! I always enjoy pausing for some music to go along with your creativity! Nice piece!

  31. Great, Belinda! I love your Raven King! Especially the coat, the bubbles and the banner at the top! Bravo!! And Alan Parsons is so wonderful, too!

  32. What a quirky King Raven! Tres cool Belinda!

  33. Hehe das ist ja voll lustig. Gefällt mir gut!

  34. Gorgeous Belinda!!

  35. Love your king..

  36. “Nevermore!”

    Great card. I like that image and of course, it’s wonderful that you used something from your stash.

  37. I haven’t heard APP in ages. I had forgotten about them. Love your WS piece. Very cool.

  38. LOVE this piece and The Alan Parson’s Project too … (reminds me of the good old days, hum hum …)

  39. Absolutely fantastic! Love the colours and all the details.

  40. celestial elf

    Love Your Raven King.
    thought you mighht like my machinima film of The Raven King too…

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