GPP15: Where in the world


Perfect timing for the new GPP crusade to show where we’re from and/or where we live. Without rambling much about Trier, Germany’s oldest city, founded 13 B.C. bytrier-porta-nigra.jpg the Romans and once an Imperial city known as Augusta Treverorum, read and view here a bit about it. The other day I went to the annual Trier Christmas market, so here are a few shots of the historic market place. You’ll see why I just love my hometown.


Perfektes Timing für die neue GPP crusade zu zeigen wo wir her sind oder wo wir leben.Will nicht viel Plappern über Trier, Deutschlands älteste Stadt, von den Römern 13 v.Chr. gegründet und einst eine Kaiserstadt mit dem Namen Augusta Treverorum, hier kannst Du mehr über sie nachlesen und anschauen. Vor ein paar Tagen war ich auf dem jährlichen Trierer Weihnachtsmarkt und hier sind ein paar Fotos vom historischen Marktplatz. Wirst sehen, warum ich meine Stadt liebe.

trierweihnachtsmarkt2.jpg strassenmusikanten.jpg

Handicraft stalls – Kunsthandwerkliche Stände


Pottery from Peru and Bolivia – Getöpfertes aus Peru und Bolivien


Made by local artists *** Von einheimischen Künstlern



My parents helping at a friend’s stand & Santa
Meine Eltern helfen am Stand eines Freundes & Santa

eltern.jpg trier-santa.jpg

After all this shopping and walking around, enjoy some …
Nach all dem Shoppen und Herumlaufen genieße etwas …


gluhwein1.jpg gluhwein2.jpg

My favorite: potato pancakes *** Mein Favorit: Reibekuchen


reibekuchen3.jpg reibekuchen2.jpg

Mushrooms/Champignons ……… Gingerbread/Lebkuchen


Dumpling with hot cherries *** Dampfnudel mit heißen Kirschen



santamulltonne2.jpg santamulltonne1.jpg



luxruinen.jpg luxviandencastleblog.jpg

Drive just 10 Minutes on the Autobahn and you reach the border of the teeny country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I now live in the capitol Luxembourg which has confusingly the same name. Read here more about it. Another gorgeous historic place. During the Summer I checked out some medieval markets, so here are some impressions.

Vianden Castle *** Viandener Schloß

luxmittelalterczechmusician.jpg luxbellydancerwithsnake.jpg luxmittelalterczechknights.jpg

luxmittelalter2.jpg luxmittelalter1.jpg

luxmittelalter5.jpg luxviandenschmiede.jpg

Vianden doors *** Türen in Vianden

vianden_luxembourg.jpg door1-vianden_luxembourg.jpg church-door-vianden_luxembourg.jpg

In nur 10 Minuten bist Du via Autobahn an der Grenze des winzigen Landes, des Großherzogtums Luxemburg. Ich lebe nun in der Hauptstadt Luxemburg, die verwirrenderweise den gleichen Namen hat. Hier kannst Du mehr nachlesen. Eine weitere wunderschöne historische Stadt. Im Sommer hab ich einige Mittelaltermärkte besucht und zeige oben davon einige Eindrücke. Hier unten beginnt schon Dudelange.

hexeroxana2.jpg elfe-mit-eule.jpg

The village Dudelange transformed a whole street to create a medieval atmosphere.

blumenmadchen3.jpg blumenmadchen1.jpg

Der Ort Dudelange hat gleich eine ganze Straße für das mittelalterliche Treiben umgestaltet.
Early morning/Früh morgens . Late afternoon/Später Nachmittag

Mr Gutenberg and his press with Eve & Julius

mr-gutenberg-eve-julius.jpg mr-gutenberg-eve-julius2.jpg

Knights *** Ritter

luxritter1.jpg luxritter2.jpg

Musicians and dancers *** Musikanten und Tänzer

luxmittelaltermusikanten.jpg dudelange_musikanten1.jpg

dudelange_tribal-dancers.jpg dudelange_musikanten2.jpg

For the GPP11 crusade Make some noise I already posted about the Vianden Castle and the Czech group Arcus. Check it out here. *** Für die GPP11 crusade Make some noise hab ich bereits das Viandener Schloß und die tschech. Gruppe Arcus gezeigt. Beitrag ist hier.

Furunkulus, a German band *** Furunkulus, eine dt. Band

furunkulus2.jpg furunkulus1.jpg

Trier Streetmusicians *** Trier Straßenmusikanten


49 responses to “GPP15: Where in the world

  1. OHHH Belinda…. you are so lucky….. I definitely do have to get to Europe…. I just love the fact you have so much history at your doorstep… and the buildings… swoon… and the food… and the markets, and the food…. vbg …. and the scenery! Lucky, lucky girl! xo

  2. Ohh and the Vianden doors …. thanks for posting such wonderful photos!

  3. Hi Belinda, thanks for leaving a comment at my Flickr-page! Yes, I’ll be staying on here in Karlsruhe, actually Durlach, which is the oldest part of town. How clever of you to show pix from the Weihnachtsmarkt! We have a tiny middle age chrismas marked here in Durlach. It is especially cosy to go there after dark and drink “Glühwein” (hot mulled wine) and listen to the story-teller and look at the juggler in nothing but fur-rags and naked torso, juggling and spitting fire!
    I have been adoring your icicle-dolls for some time now, it seems, you have created a new trend there!

  4. Hi, thought I’d try again at writing a comment. What lovely photos, looks like a must-visit place.

  5. What a fun place! And your photos really show it off!

  6. Oh Belinda, I’ve been in Trier twice and visited Vianden too. But it’s all more then 5 y ago … What a beautiful tiny cities they are and such a beautiful landscapes all around! Loved it there. Here in the north of The Netherlands it’s mostly flat, but … lucky to say: here are real beautiful places too. But it was for us very nice to walk around that very diffrent world!

  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this fantastic view of your homeland! I LOVE it and simply must visit one day. The photos were amazing and I really appreciate your sharing them with us! I wish I could taste that dumpling!

  8. Ahhh… such a lovely trip through your photos. It brings back memories of me as a child. I lived in Germany and traveled the area. I definitely remember all these types of sights! Beautiful!

  9. taking a walk with you through luxembourg was delightful…i have always thought this was a magical place…i visited when i was 16…the cleanliness adn beauty has always stayed with me…i am so glad to have found you…blessings, rebecca

  10. you live in a great country! I have been there too when I was a little kid, a long time ago!

  11. You art and your homeland are both incredible!!! I really enjoyed your magnificent photos!! What a magical and colorful place!

    chris p

  12. OMG! The colors! The sights! THE FOOD! I am dying with envy. Everyone looks so happy and like they’re having fun. I want to visit. Will people understand if I speak only French and English (and some Portugeuse)?

  13. Belinda, thanks for all the great food photos — yum! I came across your blog after seeing Sara Lechner’s icicle doll. I love your dolls. I had to make one, as well — you can see it at
    And now I’m busy creating more! Such fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. fantastic pics, so much life and fun!!!!! Beautiful countryside!!! Loving the doors, ssooo devine, ive actually been looking at those wonderful timber double doors for our new house entry, looovving it LOL

  15. Belinda, I feel like packing my bags and moving there right now!!!!! Such gorgeousness all in one place. Lucky you 🙂

  16. Hi Belinda
    What a beautiful place!!!Thanks for sharing your pictures with us


  17. next summer, we will meet. we must see your “alt stadt” and enjoy a dampfknudle. lol!
    happy happy christmas to you,

  18. Belinda – wow! A visually packed voyage through your homelands. Thanks for sharing all of this with the Street Team. Fun to get to see more of the world through your eyes. This makes me want to update my passport and come knocking on your door 🙂

  19. ooh, ooh, ooh – I love your hometown too!! I was in Trier last June, and I can vividly picture us standing in roughly the exact same spot as where your Christmas Market photo was taken. How I wish I could visit that Market.

    And I was just looking at our photos from that trip the other day – the marvellous view from the hill overlooking the city, the Roman Baths and amphitheatre, the Konstantinbasilika, the delicious pink Baroque building, the cute round cranes, Porta Nigra, and of course, those enormous feet statues!! And lots of others too!

    We drove through Luxembourg, but unfortunately didn’t stop there.

    We boarded a river cruise boat in Trier, and sailed along the Moselle, Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers to Budapest. The Moselle, was my very favourite part of the hwole trip – beautiful, fascinating, and of course – the wine! 🙂

  20. wow, was für ein post! schwer beeindruckend. mein lieblingsbild ist das von der hexe roxana;)

  21. I always thought you were a real Renaissance woman … and you prove it everyday. Merci de tout coeur, mon amie 🙂

  22. oh, SO awesome! I love this so much I could marry it. I am half German and have never been there. I will be coming back here many times to see these sights!

  23. My goodness – both your hometown and your adopted town look just fabulous! I love all those handicrafts, the markets, and the men in skirts – there’s something compelling about a big bloke walking around in a long skirt, love it! Love the doors too, I just posted doors today on my blog 🙂

  24. wunderschön deine Impressionen ……bin an einigen Punkten auch schon gewesen..schöne Erinnerungen… gedanken… vergangenes… schön…LG Barbara

  25. Ohhh!!!!! Me too!!!! Ich will auch auf den TR Weihnachtsmarkt! Da werd ich ja voll neidig. Thanks for the cool post. :o)

    Love ya! xox

  26. Love the photos! I ve been to Trier once and to Luxembourg and loved both!

  27. Such fantastic photographs! How I miss Christmas Markets, and how I loved the ones in Prague and Germany. And oh! How I love Glühwein.

    I feel like I just had a nice little vacation, thanks to you.

  28. Oh my gosh, I want to come and visit you. What beautiful pictures. I love the Christmas markets. So festive. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  29. Liebe Belinda, vielen Dank für diese tollen Fotos und Eindrücke! Den Markt würde ich auch sehr gerne besuchen, schade, so weit weg….

  30. Belinda, OH MY GOSH, this is amazing!!!!!!! I love stepping into your wwwwwwonderful world with yor pictures! They are stunning and I LOVE IT! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Oh my Belinda you DO have a way with pictures and words!!! I have such wanderlust seeing all of these wonderful sights! This lovely step into your world was like taking a fantastic trip from my computer chair! Thank you SO much for being your sweet, colorful and creative self!!!! What a complete joy you are! I will be looking at your pics again and again.
    Big YUM on your dumpling cooking class – when do you sleep 😉
    Alles Gute Immer!!! ~*~ Patty

  32. Wie ein Bilderbuch! Schön! Im Sommer waren wir an der Saar und an der Mosel mit dem Rad – tolle Gegend!

  33. Your town is so old world – my hometwon has a large German influence, so many of your photos feel homey to me. Gemutlichkeit as they say here in Milwaukee

  34. Stunning place! Music, art, culture,architecture, deliscious food, family, festivity….well you know all of this! It is wonderful to know that such a special person lives in such a magical place!
    jodi barone

  35. Oh my, Belinda! Trier looks like a fairy tale! it’s so beautiful! I feel like I’ve been on vacation just looking at your wonderful pictures. I am awed by all this! Food, costumes, things to buy, architecture. . .Oh WOW!
    Thanks so much for sharing all this!

  36. great great pics. you really captured the spirit; i would love to try those warm cherry dumplings!!!!!!! Oh my all that food is just too delicious for words. we really need to appreciate all the culture around us.

  37. Oh Belinda, you are perhaps the luckiest woman in the world to be living in such a beautiful piece of the world! Oh, how I wish I could visit, to see what you see each day!

  38. great photos, Belinda.. great idea.. hope this one catches on!

  39. Hi Belinda,
    What a wonderfull impression you gave from your hometown. It really looks great!

  40. I have been to Germany twice (both during summertime) and to Luxembourg (once- in Luxembourg!). I have gone to several Christmas markets in Italy and Spain, but your photos made me want to go to Germany in the future for the Christmas market. Great photos and thanks for sharing! &rew

  41. thanks everyone for the lovely comments, much appreciated! hope you’ll be sharing yours via the gpp crusade blog as well.

  42. Bel, I love your shots of the medieval fair. What fun! Joyous Holidays to you.

  43. ooh boy…
    i wish i can be there !
    Merry Christmas.

  44. Seriously, you brought happy tears to my eyes with this post. I’m married to a wonderful German man from Wittlich, not far from you. Thank you for capturing the essense of Christmas from Europe. It made my heart sing & childhood memories come to life. Merry Christmas, Monica

  45. I really, really enjoyed your post! It looks just like the German village they put up in Chicago at Christmastime. i REALLY enjoyed seeing the sexy men in costume…yummy! Toll!

  46. Awesome post! The Christmas market at Trier looks fabulous, I would love to visit it one day. Looks absolutely charming. My brother was stationed in Trier when he was in the Air Force, I think? So many great photos in this post, I loved the doors. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Oh Bella… hab gerade deinen Post gesehen… da werd ich ja richtig traurig, dass ich es dieses Jahr doch nicht geschafft habe, auf den Weihnachtsmarkt zu gehen… so tolle Bilder… auch von den anderen Orten… THANKS for sharing!!! :o)
    Hab jetzt voll Lust auf Krumpaschnittscha…. mmmhhhh…

  48. If I hadn’t wanted to go to a German christmas market before (which I did!), I certainly do now! They look such fun! And that medieval amrket looks great oo. What a great outfit the flower lady was wearing.

  49. Wow! i can’t even imagine what it is like living with so much history. Your photos really tell the story. I can almost taste the dumpling with cherries, YUMMY!

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