Aino Kajaniemi


Last month Luxembourg had it’s first (I hope at least!!) International Art & Crafts Fair called Mind & Matter. It was wonderful to see so quite a few local and European artists displaying and selling their artwork. The Finnish textile artist Aino Kajaniemi really caught my attention. She creates beautiful, peaceful tapestries. Unfortunately, taking photos was not allowed, but there are pics on her website. I loved exploring her original art close-up. Her woven tapestries have so many different layers of various threads, just beautiful and most interesting. And again, the free-style which attracts me the most. She was part of a group exhibit by the World Craft Council (-Europe).

aino-for-a-moment.jpg aino-the-little-mermaid.jpg

Here’s what she says about herself: “My technique is weaving. My tapestries are small line-drawings resembling graphic. I like drawing, black lines on white, white lines on black and the tones between them. – I like rough and smooth materials, disagreement and discussion between them. I like clumsiness and sensitiveness, different sized in a human being. The symbolism is important to me. – I want to build a balance with contrasts, the spirit in the contents with the present sense of touch through the materials. – In my works I use an old, troublesome technique which is hidden under simple forms and sketch-like outcomes. In a way it resembles ballet where the dance seems easy and light as a feather but in reality it is lead heavy. – I have made tapestries this size (30-40 cm) for 25 years, the scale is natural for me. It is a big enough to see easily but still intimate.”


Letzten Monat hatte Luxemburg ihre erste (hoffe ich zumindest) Internationale Kunst- und Kunsthandwerkmesse Mind & Matter. Es war wunderschön, dort einige örtliche und auch Europäische Künstler zu sehen, die ihre Kunst ausstellen und verkaufen. Die finnische Textilkünstlerin Aino Kajaniemi weckte meine ganze Aufmerksamkeit. Sie schafft wunderschöne, friedvolle Wandteppiche. Leider war Fotographieren nicht erlaubt, doch auf ihrer Webseite gibt es schöne Werke. Besonders gefiel es mir ihre Kunst aus der Nähe zu entdecken. Ihre gewebten Wandteppiche haben so viele verschiedene Schichten und unterschiedlichste Fäden, einfach herrlich und so interessant. Und wie immer zieht mich der freie Stil besonders an. Sie war Teil einer Gruppenausstellung des World Craft Councils (-Europa,).

7 responses to “Aino Kajaniemi

  1. belinda, she is fabulous! love the top tapestry a lot. thanks for sharing and showing her art.

  2. Beautiful work. I love the delicateness, almost like lace. And black and white is one of my favorite (non) color combinations.


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  4. Hi! I just got back to Austin and I am delighted to see all your new entries. I love this one in particular. Thank you for sharing your experiences and “discovering” such great talent. She is fabulous, you’re right!

  5. Just a little mistake – you wrote:
    She was part of a group exhibit by the World Craft Council.
    It should read:
    She was part of a group exhibit by the World Craft Council-Europe (

  6. Wirklich wunderschöne Arbeiten! Danke für den Tipp.

  7. I love the resemblance to blackand white graphite drawings .

    Ainos work is gentle yet would have required a lot of stitch work ..Really beautiful !!!

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