Happy Birthday Sis


Today is my sister Beatrice’s birthday and her husband just put up 2 of her videos on YouTube. Here she is singing one of my favorite aria – O mio babbino caro from Puccini. Gives me the goose bumbs every time I hear her sing it!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie! And yes, that IS her real voice, nothing dubbed (she’s a professional opera singer). No, I am a normal alto if I do have to sing. *** Heute hat meine Schwester Beatrice Geburtstag und ihr Mann hat gerade 2 ihrer Videos bei YouTube eingestellt. Hier singt sie eine meiner liebsten Arien – O mio babbino caro von Puccini. Krieg immer Gänsehaut, wenn ich sie es singen höre!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Süße! Und ja, das IST ihre richtige Stimme, nix getürkt (sie ist eine professionelle Opernsängerin). Nö, ich hab mal gerade eine normale Alt-Stimme, wenn’s denn sein muß.

9 responses to “Happy Birthday Sis

  1. What an angelic voice! Thanks so much for allowing us the privilege to hear Beatrice. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. xo

  2. Wierd seeing this post dated the 24th when it’s still the 23rd over here:) Anyway, that’s my birthday, too-and Annie Lockhart’s as well, looks like we’re in good company!

  3. Wow!!!!! What a talented family you gals are :))

  4. Happy birthday Beatrice. I wish I could hear her but my cat chewed my speaker wires 😦

  5. brilliant voice! love that aria as well.

  6. Hi Sis, wow, what a nice Birthday card! Thanks so much!!!
    I knew that this is one of your favorite songs- remember the concert in Brussels that you organized – already there I sung it – just for you!
    Just a while back I listende to the recording of that concert and listened to your french translations-
    Yes, Bel- you do have lots of talents!!!! LOL, Trixl

  7. Your sister has such a beautiful voice. My personal favourite is when she sings “Summertime”. Send shivers down my spine. xox Annie P

  8. how completely beautiful! so wonderful.
    you ladies are very talented.
    i love that aria…
    i would love to hear her sing summertime – that is my favorite song ever.

  9. da fängt man ja gleich an zu heulen… TRAUMhaft!

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