Gold means Klimt


When I think of Gold, which is the new GA challenge, I cannot help but think of Klimt. You’ve come to the right place, the gold original is at the bottom. I just totally looove my digitally inverted Ice Santa Klimt! T’was a good opportunity to pull out the small rennaissance border (ARTchix Studio) which I haven’t used in a long while and the swan wings which I use a lot. *** Wenn ich an Gold denke, dass die neue GA-Herausforderung ist, muß ich einfach an Klimt denken. Du bist hier schon richtig, das goldene Original ist unten. Ich mag nur total die digital umgekehrte Eis-Santa-Klimt! War ‘ne gute Gelegenheit, mal wieder die small rennaissance border (ARTchix Studio) auszupacken, die ich schon ewig nicht mehr benutzt habe und meine oft benutzten swan wings.


17 responses to “Gold means Klimt

  1. A masterpiece ! love the gold scrap edges and wings! Fabulous!!

  2. I love Klimt and both of your versions. They are very cool.

  3. These are really cool and love that border of gold on your second one.

  4. I love klimt and I love your work with him : great arch !

  5. Klimt is one of my favourite artist ans I love the work you did !!! I’ts a fabulous and original arch

  6. Your work is GORGEOUS !!!

  7. oh yes youve done it just great – I thought klimt too, but yours is magnificent!!!

  8. these are both fantastic! I love your details and you are always so clever! thanks so much for playing!

  9. Fantastic arch, love the gold scrap border:)

  10. Wonderful arches, Belinda! It looks so different in blue! 🙂

  11. love the blue – far out!

  12. Belinda, this is sooooooo cool! I love the original and the flip! It is amazing!!!!!!!

    Also, your newest gothic arch book is a wowzer! That cool cover and I looked to the site and saw everyone’s pages! Very neat!

  13. Wonderful! Love the brown tones and gold wings, stunning arch!

  14. Gorgeous entry again!

  15. Gorgeous ! Love it.

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