Viva Frida Quilt



Colbie Caillat – Bubbly

16 responses to “Viva Frida Quilt

  1. I love your quilt Belinda, i admire your style because it is so different then anyone else!!!

  2. WOW belinda this is AWESOME!! I love your colours a salways and the texture/layout everything is just DEVINE!! YUMMMMMMY

  3. Klasse, Belinda!!!

  4. Das ist wirklich toll, besonders gut gefallen mir diese kleinen Artefakte dazu, das macht es so authentisch….

  5. Belinda…das ist großartig!!!!!!

  6. This is a beauty Belinda, great layout so vibrant. Love your soul. Cheers, Carmel xx

  7. I love the milagros..I am sure you know that milagro means “miracle,” and this precious creation is a beautiful one. Love it.

  8. Wow Belinda, das ist ja toll geworden. Da ziehe ich den Hut vor dir, WAHNSINN

  9. You are making me come over to the Frida side!!! I love this with all the bright colors.

  10. Audrey Meijs

    WOW! Belinda, it`s beautiful!

  11. LOVE your Frieda Quilt! Gorgeous!
    And I just realized you aren’t in my links!
    I’m linking to you!

  12. This is a beautiful piece! And I love Frida!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  13. Jacky Williams

    Wow Belinda… I love this piece! Your fabric work is so original…. love, love, love it!

  14. super schön geworden dieser Quilt

  15. Beautiful choice of colors, Luv the Quilt!

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