Holidays are pretty much over and it’s time to get into creative gear again. Not easy I have to admit!! Today I read on Neda’s blog how she creates straight collages in 15 minutes. Am I the only one that takes more time? So I wanted to give it a quick try which took me a good hour to make these 2 ATCs, despite the fact that I used pretty much ARTchix Studio collage stuff only. Except for the numbers, which go well with the TMTA challenge. I’m in a silly mood when I look at my egg women … *** Urlaub ist so gut wie vorbei und es wird Zeit, wieder den Kreativgang einzulegen. Ich gestehe, dass es nicht leicht fällt!! Hab heute auf Neda’s Blog gelesen, wie sie eine Collage in 15 Minuten schafft. Bin ich die Einzige, die länger braucht? Wollte dann also auch mal schnell was machen, was bei mir aber eine gute Stunde für diese beiden ATCs dauerte, obwohl ich für so ziehmlich alles Collagezeugs von ARTchix Studio benutzte. Bis auf die Zahlen, die gut zum Thema der TMTA-Herausforderung passen. Bin wohl in alberner Stimmung, wenn ich mir so meine Eierfrauen anschau …

33 responses to “Eggwomen

  1. Ich mag´s gern albern :-))

  2. You certainly aren’t alone in taking longer than 15 minutes to do a collage, no way could I do it either. Love the Eggwomen, they make me smile:)

  3. Great collages.

  4. So cool and fun.

  5. Both are gorgeous. Great idea.

  6. Stunning & so different. Love the colours on these.

  7. hehehe…deine eier frauen sind total genial!!!
    übrigens…du bist nicht alleine. gestern hab ich für zwei ATCs zwei stunden gebraucht *lol*

  8. Both are fabulous! Wonderful colours.

  9. Nö, Belinda, da bist Du wirklich nicht die Einzige. Brauche auch immer länger, lach!
    Und Deine Eierfrauen sind echt genial!

  10. beautyfuls ATC*S

  11. Looovvveeee the egg women Belinda, very cool!!!

  12. Audrey Meijs

    Love them both!

  13. fantastic atcs!

  14. Die sind cool!

  15. Wonderful ATC’s!

  16. This is fun!!! Cool!

  17. You are always an inspiration! I love these 15 minute collages. You have an amazing way with composition.::D

  18. Gorgeous and colourful as always

  19. klasse Belinda einfach klasse

  20. Fabelhafte Eierfrauen und dazu dieser geniale Hintergrund. Schön, dass Du wieder den Kreativgang einlegst 🙂

  21. I love these quirky and fun eggs! Eggs-xcellent idea! I wish I could slow down! I am too hyper and most of my work is rather sloppy. The only advantage is doing it quickly is that one does not have time to think and hesitate (makes it more spontaneous and less studied for me).. I LOVE YOUR Work!

  22. Very good et funny idea ! I love this ATC’s

  23. Your ATC’s are wonderful. I like the way your mind thinks!

  24. these are great fun!

  25. great collages:)

  26. Grins, das ist ja eine super Idee 🙂

  27. Belinda, Belinda, Belinda,

    You never cease to amaze me with your wealth of talent. Even though you aren’t an egg fan, these egg women are FaNtAsTiC . . . and no, you are not alone in the taking longer than 15 minutes to create. I just wish I could be as spontaneous as that. I think I still struggle with the creating of art for ME and I am still creating for some unknown audience and that makes me over critical of every move I make when I am creating.

    Keep on doing what your doing and I’ll keep on admiring what your muse helps you create! I adore your art!

    la paix d’art,


  28. Stunning work very inspiring

  29. Ich finde sie toll. Diese Frauen.

  30. Toll..und so phantasievoll!

  31. Die Eierfrauen sind richtig schick:))

  32. Hi Belinda – I have been very slow to become comfortable with a lot of quirky art (not sure why but I think it says something about my personality maybe!) but I love your egg women – they made me smile! And you are not alone with the time it takes to do collages – it takes me 15 minutes just to clear enough space to work…I’d be surprised if too many people could be so confident in their decisions to only take 15 mins. But then again, Claudine Hellmuth seems to work very fast!

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