Gothic music


Summer is ideal for visiting medieval markets. While at Luxembourg’s Vianden Castle arcus-vianden-castle1.jpgtoday I filmed the Czech group Arcus performing some songs. The boyz really looked fabulous in their all-leather clothes and medieval shoes! And they made fabulous medieval noise, ideal for the GPP crusade 11. Ooops, but you need to lean a bit to the left with your head for full viewing pleasure. Won’t happen again. It wasn’t planned and I have never done this before. The otherarcus-vianden-castle2.jpg “upright” video files are too large to upload I suppose. *** Sommer ist ideal zum Besuchen von Mittelaltermärkten. Hab heute hier im Luxemburger Schloss Vianden die tschechische Gruppe Arcus spontan gefilmt, hab das noch nie vorher ausprobiert. Die Jungs sahen prächtigst in ihren Lederklamotten und Mittelalterschuhen aus! Und sie haben herrlichen Mittelalterlärm gemacht, der bestens zur GPP crusade 11 passt. Upps, mußt allerdings den Kopf etwas nach links neigen um alles zu bewundern. Passiert mir nicht noch mal. Leider sind die anderen (aufrechten) Videodateien wohl zu groß zum Einstellen.

Edit: Here’s a better version and longer and even more here on my You Tube page:

ARCUS – Taubentritt

4 responses to “Gothic music

  1. how cool belinda! what are those intruments? kinda like bagpipes but kinda not? thanks for sharing YOUR OWN UPLOADED video with the team!

  2. Àwesome Belinda! Must get to Europe one of these days!

  3. Wow, you really are takin gthis challenge serious and making your own clips, well done. These boys really do know how to make some noise! Ux

  4. This is the kind of music that reaches right down into the soul, the very rythm of life itself. Great listening to it, it makes you feel like dancing, fighting, going to war, righting wrongs, saving beautiful maidens from mythical dragons, wonderful.

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