Make some noise

ha, ha, this is the easiest GPP crusade ever!! Embedding music videos is just my thing since WordPress let’s me do it, and now Michelle is challenging us to just do that this month, easypeasy. I remember my neighbors in Munich didn’t like my musical noise too much. I suppose it was a bit late at night … While Creed and Nickelback came first to my mind, I thought I’d play a song from Staind – love them and this song in particular. This is more fun than unpacking suitcases and going through a bit over 1000 pictures, right? *** haha, das ist die einfachste GPP crusade überhaupt!! Genau mein Ding Musikvideos einzustellen seit WordPress es möglich macht, und nun fordert Michelle uns auf, genau das diesen Monat zu tun, kinderleicht! Ich erinnere mich, dass meine Nachbarn in München meinen Musiklärm ein paarmal nicht so doll fanden. War wohl ein bissl spät am Abend … Während ich gleich an Creed und Nickelback dachte, will ich doch lieber dieses Lied von Staind einstellen – mag sie total gerne und das Lied ganz besonders. Das ist doch viel besser als Koffer auspacken und durch gut 1.000 Fotos zu gehen, oder?

Staind – It’s been awhile

11 responses to “Make some noise

  1. herzlich willkommen zurück,Belinda! 🙂
    ich hoffe ein paar fotos von 1000 *g kann man in deinem blog bald sehen,oder?!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. i really like this song, but never knew who the artist was!

  3. Ohhhhhhh great song, have one on my blog either and a new card with background technique. 😉

  4. of course i knew you’d be all over this one….you have continually shared music with us on your site. i always enjoy your selections and know that if we lived in the same time and place as kids we would have listened to RECORDS together, and planned the concert schedules. great flashback to hear this staind tune, stands the test of time as a classic. thanks for playing belinda, and for always being the girl to count on for musical enjoyment while blog hopping. you ROCK!

  5. yeah, this is a great song… the lyrics are such a poignant cry for redemption.

  6. Yeah! Great song! I didn’t realize this band did this song. Fun to put a face to the voice!

  7. This is a great song and a nice video–I love the angles it’s shot at.

  8. This is a great song Belinda, and as Michelle said you always have videos on your site – a great way to hear something old or something new! Thanks, Ursula

  9. I love this song!
    great choice!!

  10. Jau, ich liebe diese Band und dieses Lied, und das Video kannte ich noch gar nicht – genau mein Geschmack!

  11. I love this song too! Great choice.

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