GPP10: Mail Art


The new GPP crusade challenge is to send Mail Art now. Thanks for the gentle reminder … Not sure whether I can dare mail these envies (A5) with the Lux and German mail system. Will think about it. The fish was supposed to be a giant paisely, but you can still see the Indian influence. It will be swimming its way to Germany next week, through the Mosel river and then the Rhine … won’t disclose more. Not sure whether my Flower Hat models though will finish their fashion shows before I leave for Kyrgyzstan. Quite busy here. But the envie is started. Unfortunately the fab teal doesn’t really show. Quickly carved 2 text stamps – Mail and Style. Tina has been making me crazy with her cool “mail art” text stamps. Check out her awesome mail art and just everything!!! Did my first digital artistamp for the Jimmy Hendrix envelope. Had fun surfing for Jimmy’s famous Stratocasters. While I’m at it and since Tina got me into mail art, the book Postal Séance is a fabulous book about a mail art project. The eternal question: Is there life after death. The experiment: To address letters to the death (like Einstein, Henry Ford, Graham Bell, Mahatma Gandhi, Anaïs Nin, James Joyce etc.). If the letters were not returned, it was presumed that the mail was successfully delivered to its intended recipient.” Henrik Drescher and some friends created fab mail art, mailed the letters from different countries and documents in the book which ones were returned and which ones were delivered! The book contains 80 pages, 6 fold-out letters, 2 faux postage sticker sheets and a fold out map. Brilliant tongue-in-cheek humor! *** Die neue GPP Crusade fordert auf, jetzt Mail Art zu verschicken. Danke für die freundliche Erinnerung ... Bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich die Umschläge (A5) wirklich mit der lux und dt. Post versenden kann, überleg’s noch. Der Fisch sollte eingentlich ein Riesenpaisley werden, aber den indischen Stil kann man ja noch erkennen. Er wird auf jeden Fall nächste Woche gen Deutschland schwimmen, durch die Mosel, dann den Rhein … mehr verrat ich nicht. Weiß aber noch noch nicht, ob die BlumenhutModels ihre vielen Auftritte noch beenden, bevor ich nach Kirgisistan reise. Es gibt viel zu tun. Doch er Umschlag ist fertig. Die Umschläge sind so schön gelb-grün-türkis, kommt gar nicht raus. Hab noch schnell 2 Textstempel geschnitzt – Mail und Style. Tina macht mich verrückt mit ihren coolen “mail art”Stempeln. Schau Dir Ihre geniale Mail Art und sowieso an. Hab meine erste digitale Artistamp für den Jimmy Hendrix-Umschlag gemacht. Hat Spass gemacht, nach Jimmy’s berühmten Stratocastern zu surfen. Zum Thema Mail Art, das ich Tina zu verdanken hab: Das wolpi-envie-blog2.jpgPostal Séance ist ein klasse Buch über ein Mail-Art-Projekt. Die ewige Frauge: Gibt es ein Leben nach dem Tod. Das Experiment: Briefe an Tote (wie Einstein, Henry Ford, Graham Bell, Mahatma Gandhi, Anaïs Nin, James Joyce etc.) zu schicken. Wurden die Briefe nicht zurückgesandt ist man davon ausgegangen, dass die Post erfolgreich beim Empfänger angekommen ist.Henrik Drescher und einige Freunde haben coole Mail Art von verschiedenen Ländern aus verschickt und in dem Buch dokumentiert, welche Briefe angekommen sind und welche zurückgeschickt wurden. Das Buch umfasst 80 Seiten, 6 ausklappbare Briefe, 2 Faux-Briefmarken-Stickerbögen und eine ausfaltbare Landkarte. Augenzwinkernd brilliant!!


23 responses to “GPP10: Mail Art

  1. Lovely…Have a great trip. Wow!!!

  2. schwimmt vielleicht dein fisch zur mir? *lach*
    nein..bestimmt nicht. schade eigentlich.
    deine umschläge sind soooooooo klasse!!!wunderschön!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. belinda, thanks for joining the crusade. that fish is so fantastic. you inspire all of us to be more daring with color. i have heard of the book but never got it – will order now by your recommendation. had to look up your destination on wikipedia siince i’d never heard of it. there was a cool photo on the site of the graves, architecturally very interesting. have a great trip, and bring a camera! thanks again for sharing your Mail Art!

  4. these are the most beautiful envelopes I have ever seen! I couldn’t mail them….I would keep them tucked in a drawer..haha the recipients will go wild when they see these!!

  5. Die Umschläge sind dir wirklich spitze gelungen, den Fisch finde ich irgendwie besonders toll, wegen dem angehauchten Paisleystil und den Farben. 😉

  6. Fun stuff!!! I use e-mail for almost everything but paying bills, but I bet if I send my bills in mail-art envelopes, it could bring a smile to someone!

  7. Oh la la; viva le Mail ART!!! Girlfriend these are just dandy!!!!! You better not put em in the mail; I am gonna station my self permanently outside of ya mail box and they will not reach their destination. You have been warned. I love the colors. Eye popping; just ma style!!! See isn’t mail art cool. Enjoy your trip to em …..stan. Is it on the map??Ha Ha.

  8. Bel, these are delicious! I love your use of color and shape. I treasure the envy you made for our last mail art swap. 😀

  9. Ohhhh I love the fish, that is my fav…. so cool all of them, love your colours and I’m definitely going to play in Michelle’s crusade. Not done any mail art envies yet, so this’ll be a challenge for me 🙂

  10. Belinda,
    That woman has been on my brain!!! Actually I used the bits I had printed out to make the stencil. That flower in the top right corner is actually a stencil of a star like thingie. I had to get in on the spray paint saga that Michelle and others have inspired. It is messy but so much fun. On that envelope I used neon pink and black spray paint for the background then did some stamping and some oil pastels.

  11. Hi. My name is Lara Berch. I have just launched a new website with step by step art tutorials. I was wondering if it’s possible to exchange links with you.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  12. Den Fisch liebe ich und den Rest finde ich super klasse

  13. Hi Belinda! You don’t know me, but I lurk on your blog! LoL! I LOVE your mail art fish and am always inspired by your artwork and pretending I can read the German part of your posts! Ha! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  14. Belinda, Love your “Paisley Fish”! He is just too darned cool! I can’t wait to see more envies, your art is just so gorgeous!

  15. Das sind ja tolle Umschläge. Der Fisch gefällt mir schon am besten …

  16. Your anvelopes are awesome! Love the gorgeous colours and images, all very cool.

  17. WOW Belinda, you did a gorgeous job on those envelopes. Love them so much. Really love your vibrant colours.

  18. These are lovely, real works of art

  19. loved reading this – mail art is so cool and has such an interesting history – check out Lenore Tawney – Signs on the Wind…

    xox – eb.

  20. stampingwitch

    wow, deine mail art ist ja der hammer. besonders hat es mir der fisch angetan, die farben und die anordnung einfach genial.

  21. Your art is wonderful! Makes me want to go and create! I’ve seen your stuff on flickr… I recognize your blog header. You do wonderful work.

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