Discovered Sulea thru Nat’s blog last year and just love to visit! She is an über-talented (love that German-English word!) artist from Australia. Like her acrylic paintings in particular which have a very whimsical yet not too flourished style. It is interesting und fascinating to see how she is developing her talent and own style. *** Hab Sulea durch Nat’s Blog letztes Jahr entdeckt und schau dort total gerne vorbei. Sie ist eine übertalentierte Künstlerin aus Australien. Ihre Acrylgemälde mag ich besonders, sie haben einen sehr verspielten doch auch klaren Stil. Es ist interessant und schön zu sehen, wie sie ihr Talent und eigenen Stil weiterentwickelt.
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Judge and Jury


9 responses to “Sulea

  1. isn’t she just??? Uber talented and ALSO so giving, sharing, clever!!! I am always so in awe of everything she does.

  2. Mucho talentio… since you guys are finding new words thought I would join in!!ha ha. For real this is some serious talentio!!

  3. she is wonderful belinda! uber-talented (darn it, where is the umlaut on my american keyboard?) is just the right word for her. i love reading you blog b/c you always bring the best art into my day!

  4. When you meet Sulea she is so very un-assuming and sweet, when you see her art and realise just how fantastic it looks in real life and start telling her this ,you can see how uncomfortable she feels. She’s another girl just doing what comes naturally…making awesome art and sharing it around. Love her stuff!

  5. Ohhhh this looks just stunning. 😉

  6. What fantastic art…. I met the talented Sulea when I went over to W.A. with Dot recently for my first art retreat. She is the most generous, talented and unassuming person. Her art is totally amazing, there is so much detail and love in each piece she makes.
    Love the pieces you have in your post!

  7. Wonderful to see a tribute to the very special and talented Sulea on your blog Belinda! She is incredibly talented and very humble.
    I feel very privileged to own some of her art. Sulea is a very generous and prolific artist. Her art touches my heart…

  8. Thank you for introducing us to Sulea. Her work is very refreshing and sweet.

  9. very beautiful belinda! have a wonderful trip away!

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