Rodrigo Canhão is a Portugese artist who creates figures in acrylic, oils, watercolour, mixed paint or digital. “They are set in a larger frame, a humanity more artistic than human transpires from them. And the eyes? In bitter-sweet contrast, with strong expression and dominance, Rodrigo Canhão’s characters’ eyes are sometimes tormented and sometimes as hard as steel, also the eyes of an inquisitor. They are also tragic at times, deep as moons, other times innocent, old eyes; and sometimes they are empty of deep silences (the presence/absence duality, eyes of memory-shadows that stare hypnotically. Such a frontal look seems to see nothing but always hints at uneasiness and disquiet.” Saw some of his paintings in an exhibit here earlier this month. When looking at these fabulous little people, I was always wondering what was going on with them. Have a look for yourself at his many creations!

Rodrigo Canhão ist ein portugiesischer Künstler, der Figuren mit Acryl, Öl, Aquarell, Mischfarben oder digital kreiert. Hab einige seiner Gemälde in einer Ausstellung kürzlich hier gesehen. Als ich mir diese kleinen Leute angeschaut hab, hab ich mich immer wieder gefragt, was in ihnen wohl gerade vorgeht. Mach Dir selbst ein Bild und schau Dir seine vielen Werke an!

One response to “Pato

  1. Sehen toll aus. 😉

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