Hide is the new IF topic. Not hiding completely though … *** Verstecken ist das neue IF-Thema. Allerdings nicht ganz verstecken …

12 responses to “Hide

  1. I love the color, eyes are the soul in a way…
    You do not hide you are sharing your self even more.
    How did you learn to create stuff like Art Frida in another post? Wow, amazing how you use the color and textures. I would like to have the blue Art Frida under my pillow and I would look at it now and then.

  2. Lovely and well done. Beautiful colors.

  3. hi Belinda! this is cool, i’m loving the colors and those *stitch* lines* =)

  4. What a beautifully done eye!! Wonderful illo.

  5. Uh, “eye” see you….

  6. Einfach klasse!!

  7. Hey Belinda,
    This is gorgeous–I love the soft colors of the background; the white flowers fit so perfectly. And that eye–what beautiful long lashes!


  8. This is beautiful! I love it!

  9. lovely, very vivid eye

  10. klasse farben und überhaut gefällt mir ganz,ganz tolle 🙂

    Lg Sanja

  11. Oh ja … das gefällt mir sehr sehr gut … schlicht und einfach doch das gewisse etwas …

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