Peter Callesen

No, he’s not Japanese but a simply brilliant Danish artist, Peter Callesen! I’m enchanted by his creativity, paper artistry and fine details. So worth every click! *** Nein, er ist kein Japaner, sondern ein brillianter dänischer Künstler, Peter Callesen! Bin verzaubert von seiner Kreativität, Papierkunst und den feinen Details. Absolut wert, sich durchzuklicken!

I love how he shapes his object from a piece of paper and you can see the cutting pattern. * Ich finde es toll, wie er seine Objekte aus Papier formt und man noch das Schnittmuster erkennen kann.

Gorgeous flower details. * Wunderschöne Blumendetails.

Brilliant effect, don’t you think?! * Genialer Effekt, oder?!

Look at this castle, paper artistry at it’s best! * Schau Dir diese Burg an, beste Papierkunst!

6 responses to “Peter Callesen

  1. Wow…this is sooo cool. Absolutely amazing what he can do with a simple piece of paper! My favorite is the 2 poeple helping each other…such a cool effect. Zaynah’s favorite is the castle…”…Cinderella’s castle…” is what she called it! lol


  2. I’ve seen this work before…really fabulous!

  3. I , too, have seen his work before and it is a total talent he has!!!! He can take us place with his carvings and it is almost like magic!!!!! Hugs,Patti

  4. Hi Belinda. Well, you know how tragic I am in relation to the use given to images nowadays. Personally I try to be very critical about it but of course I also enjoy watching some beautiful images as the ones you post here. It’s a kick I can quit. You know, it’s like a love-hate trap. But what is fascination if not this strange mixture of attraction and repulsion? I think that’s the way images work, at least for me.

    Thank you very much for your recommendation. I’ll try to get a copy of it.
    The man falling from the page is wonderful indeed!!! Cheers!!

  5. allerdings … das gefällt mir auch wirklich gut …

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