IF: Red


Made for IF’s RED theme. *** Gemacht für IF’s ROT-Thema.

Norah Jones – Sunrise:

15 responses to “IF: Red

  1. Love the collage! You might have to repost your link, I think there are two http’s so it doesn’t connect properly. 🙂

  2. Love, Frida and thanks for the Nora Jones moment – very soothing!!

  3. Amazing piece!! I love it.

  4. frida was a really great person.. and a cool piece for her!

  5. Today I was just thinking of Frida, I made some self-portraits and she came to my mind. So it was a nice surprice to found her here. Very nice and beautiful collage. And nice combination with Nora.

  6. Hi Belinda! 🙂
    love the ‘red’. fabulous art from you as always!!
    also…got my art piece, thank you..i just LOOOVE it!!!

  7. i really like your red art!

  8. WoW toll! Ist das ein atc??? So eins würde ich nämlich sehr sehr gerne tauschen.

  9. Those black and white backgrounds are so eye popping. I love Norah Jones too and I have been stalking itunes for her new album. Few more days!!

  10. A passionate red if ever there was one! Great collage and a great blog, too.

  11. oo great collage!frida is really the right person for RED:)

  12. Love the Frida…. great idea for a red theme! Cheers Natalie B

  13. Belinda, I was going to email you a personal note and now I cannot find your email!!! Sheeeeesh! I just did not want you to feel like you are having to make me an arch page………..I agreed to an atc trade…….and just wanted to make you an arch because YOU girls inspired me with that shape!!!!! YOU create an atc and do no feel obligated to anything else doll!!!!! I will be happy with a bit of your artwork!!!!!!!!

  14. This is fantastic! Love the collage work and she was definitely a red kinda gal ; )

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