More to trade


6 responses to “More to trade

  1. How interesting your art is! I like the way you layer things, there are so many things to catch the eye and the colors are great. The ‘sisters’ one is my favorite..=)

  2. more wonderful ATC’s…..the backgrounds you do are stunning I love the depth and interest they have.

  3. Hi Belinda,
    ich würde gerne das mittlere ATC mit dir tauschen, falls es noch zu haben ist.

  4. haha, genau das letzte, das noch da ist! sorry folks, all gone … and thanks for your kind remarks!

  5. Oooooo these are great and I was going to snatch one, but they are all gone huh? That is ok……expected really!!! :0) Hugs,Patti

  6. These are just beautiful. You have an amazing flare of creating such a full composition on such a little canvas. 😀

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