sanctuarypip2.jpgAnother book page… Image is from Paper Whimsey which I only discovered a few weeks back. (Warning: You might spend all your money there!!) Stamps from GPP. *** Und eine weitere Buchseite … Mädel ist von Paper Whimsey, hab den Shop erst vor ein paar Wochen entdeckt. (Achtung, Du läufst Gefahr dort Dein ganzes Geld auszugeben!) Stempel von GPP.

EDIT: To answer Tanya’s question, sometimes the image is the starting point, sometimes it’s a layout I have in my mind and sometimes it’s a color combination … all just matters. For this sanctuary page I wanted to use the crown and sanctuary stamps. And since I love to play with new toys, I looked at my new PW sheets and voilà … *** Tanya wollte wissen, wie ich die Leute auf meinen Collagen aussuche. Manchmal ist das Foto selbst der Ausgangspunkt, manchmal ist es aber auch ein Layout, das ich ausprobieren möchte, oder eine Farbkombination … kommt immer drauf an. Bei dieser Seite wollte ich die Stempel mit Krone und sanctuary (Heiliger Ort) verwenden. Und da ich gerne neue Sachen ausprobiere, hab ich meine PW-Bögen durchgeschaut und voilà …!

16 responses to “Sanctuary

  1. Gorgeous, love the collage piece from Paper Whimsy! Glad to see you have managed to find some time for art. Cheers Natalie

  2. Oh, I love this page! Paper Whimsy is highly addictive! xoxooxoxox

  3. thanks for the heads up on those two great links!!

  4. Happy Holidays!

    I am glad to have found your blog this year; you are very talented and exude light!
    I wish you peace and joy in the New Year!!!

  5. Gefällt mir sehr gut, diese Kombi mit dem eher giftigen Grün und dazu die schwarzen Vögel, das hat schon eine sehr eigene Ausstrahlung, toll!
    Ich wünsche Dir für das neue Jahr weiterhin soviele tolle Ideen und Kreativität, Du inspirierst und alle jeden Tag aufs Neue!
    LG Benshirin

  6. this is just precious! I love the shape also!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year and peace in 2007!!!

  7. The work is beautiful…isn’t Paper Whimsy amazing? Happy holidays, Belinda!

  8. As always, your art blows me away. It’s so funny, after looking at your other pieces with the “sun” (Michelle’s stamps) as the halo, I just had to buy those sheets (I did). Now, I see you are using the crown….girl, you are going to make me go broke! LOLOL Just kidding! I do love her stamps and I absolutely LOVE how you use them in your art! Beautiful as always!

  9. Belinda, posting here to comment on your tat entry for GGP street team – nice sketches! and yes the one you mentioned for a stamp carving would be great, love carving mine own too! hope your enjoying the holidays! (btw – love this piece, GPP stamps and Paper Whimsy rock)

  10. you ladies are killing me with this page shape – it’s so TERRIFIC! beautiful work belinda.

  11. i think i may have to resist looking!
    i so adore all of your wonderful artwork! you do wonders with those GPP stamps! hope you are enjoying the holidays & wishing you the best in the new! 🙂
    still resisting………………………………

  12. Belinda… oh, wie schön ist das denn??? Ganz toll!

  13. OH I could just look at that poor darling girl all day trying to figure out what she’s thinking….

    Just curious as to how you choose the images of the people you use?
    When Im collaging it has to just hit me….
    Keep Creating t makes me smile!!

  14. Das ist wieder soooo klasse!!
    Guten Rutsch!

  15. Another gorgeous one. And those Paper Whimsy images are soooo addictive…i love them.

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