Love not War


IF’s new topic “might”, here as a noun … *** IF’s neues Thema “might”, hier das Substantiv “Macht” …

20 responses to “Love not War

  1. Noble message and lovely presentation! 🙂

  2. Well done Belinda!!!!;I am sure you are glad to see AEM over but I for one have enjoyed every single one of your pieces. I love listening to the music even if it is not always to my taste. I say that is what makes the world go around and you have introduced me to some way cool artists and reminded me of some old favourites. Please keep the artwork coming. Love the background on this one too. You are so good at them! Really makes the little girl Pop.

  3. this is fabulous! love the piece and the sentiment!

  4. This piece is so sweet! I love the working of the reds into the compostion.

  5. belinda! can i buy this one?
    i LOVE IT!

  6. Wonderful!!! Just wonderful.

  7. wunderschön,Belinda.

  8. She’s gorgeous — looks all lit up with the white around her!!

  9. wonderful! I especially love the words on ball/globe she’s standing on…

  10. I wish I hope I pray I long I desire
    is not enough…give peace a chance in
    every thing we do and say.

  11. How absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love the shadowing around your little girl! She looks so surreal! Absolutely wonderful, Belinda!

  12. Belinda,
    I love, love, love this layout. The shadowing is just so beautiful! So surreal!

  13. eine wunderschöne arbeit. Ich liebe deine selbstgeschnitzten Stempel und deine tollen Sprüche die du auf deinen Werken verewigst

  14. oh wie schöööööön!! hintergrund, motiv, farben, text… alles!!

  15. Wieder sehr schön geworden. 😉

  16. beautiful sentiment, beautiful artwork!

  17. Wow… fantastisch!

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