Michael Hutchence


I almost miss131.jpged this: In Memoriam of Michael Hutchence +22.11.1997, former INXS singer. If you don’t know Prague yet, fall in love with this city and it’s Karls Bridge in this fabulous video. What a loss! *** Fast hätte ich’s vergessen: In Erinnerung an Michael Hutchence +22.11.1997, ehemaliger INXS-Sänger. Solltest Du Prag noch nicht kennen, wirst Du Dich in die Stadt und die Karlsbrücke nach diesem tollen Video verlieben. Was für ein Verlust!

INXS – Never tear us apart:

7 responses to “Michael Hutchence

  1. yes, it was quite a loss… i always loved inxs. and prague is ON my LIST! xo susan

  2. omg! i just saw your links….. wheeeee! we are HUGE gilmore girls fans here! the only reason i would even consider getting cable! luckily we have the dvds and now! You Tube!

  3. oh belinda, i love this man. still miss him. have a photo of myself with him…should dig it up to show you. and prague….one of the places i want to see. thanks for the stunning visuals today.

  4. aaahhhhhhhhhhhh. i loved him! one of my favorite songs. Really loved mystify as well.
    Am I the only one who really does not care for INXS anymore? It just isn’t the same to me.

  5. Thanks for sharing the song and the video. I have been to Prague. Loved it. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  6. Such a gorgeous man. Such a waste.

  7. So nice you still remember him and have a link to his site.

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