White Wedding


Made another sample postcard for the ARTchix Mail Art Xchange. Originals only, so I’m experimenting around. Read an article this weekend in the French Marie Claire idées (which I just love) on Moscow and what did I find? A picture of the Novodevitchi Monastery, haven’t been there. Look at the roof decoration! What I’ve been doing for years, not that I thought that I invented it. haha But I knew right away that the small renaissance paper border is perfect for this. I love these happy coincidences. *** renaissance.jpgHab eine weitere Musterkarte für den ARTchix Mail Art Xchange gemacht. Da alles Originale sein sollen, experimentiere ich herum. Hab am Wochenende zufällig einen Artikel über Moskau in der französischen Marie Claire idées gelesen (die ich total mag!) und was hab ich gefunden? Ein Foto vom Novodevitchi Kloster, war noch nie dort. Schau Dir mal die Dachdeko an! Was ich schon seit Jahren gerne mache, seitdem ich die Goldbordüren entdeckt habe. Wußte gleich, dass die Minizackbordüre perfekt dafür ist. Herrliche Zufälle!

And to my big surprise I saw a commercial tonight for a new Happy Holidays CD by billyidol.jpg…. BILLY IDOL!!! (He’s apparently touring Europe and is in Germany now …) Woohooo, that almost blew me away!!! And since YouTube rocks, I found his fabulous White Wedding video … my 80ies music entertainment tonight shared with you haha *** Und zu meiner großen Überraschung hab ich heute Abend die Werbung für die neue Happy Holidays CD von …. BILLY IDOL gesehen!!! (Er tourt wohl zur Zeit durch Europa …) Woohooo, wäre fast vom Stuhl gekippt!!! Und da YouTube genial ist, hab ich sein altes White Wedding Video gefunden … heute abend gibt’s 80er Musikentertainment haha

And here’s his White Christmas version, what can I say? …

5 responses to “White Wedding

  1. Love your white wedding mail art; what size is it? that renaissance border just screams christmas. I don’t know what got into me today but I actually made something chrismassy…….. ohhhhh nooooooo. I was not going to yield but now I have to give in. Gotta find myself some cool imagery.
    Had to laugh about Billy Idol… you are a woman of many tastes!!!LOL. Keep em coming even though you are costing me money.

  2. ja..die rusische kloster arhitektur ist fantastisch und nebenbei billy idol ist auch ein sahne stückchen *lach*
    deine musterkarte gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Lg Loona

  3. billy idol just never lost it! LOL! he’s one of our favorites here. and the white wedding is great! beautiful use of white over red. lovely….

  4. Seeing Billy Idol made me laugh! I saw him in the 7th grade when he was touring with Cyndi Lauper. It was a great show. I remember my friend and I got all dressed up and punked out our hair and make up and wore those gloves like Billy. So funny to think back on it now!

  5. haha!! Yes – I heard about the Billy Idol cd for Christmas — I heard excerpts and it was really good, actually!!!!

    And I love your collage that tops this post — beautiful pink! 🙂

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