Another Santa Klimt

santaklimt2.jpgAnd another Klimt Saint. His women are so gorgeous, can’t help it. Background and dress made from stamped scraps with acrylic. Still using up the pages I stamped for Wednesday Stampers‘ Red challenge. Very convenient! You’ll probably see these women a bit more often now. I’m a day late, but only found “Art Everyday Month” blog today. *** Und noch eine Klimt Heilige. Seine Frauen sind so wunderschön, hach … Hintergrund und Kleid sind mit Acryl bestempelte Schnipsel. Hab immer noch Stücke, die ich für das Rot-Thema der Mittwochstempler bestempelt habe. Sehr praktisch! Wirst die Frauen sicherlich noch öfter sehen. Bin zwar einen Tag zu spät, aber hab gerade erst “Art Everyday Month” gefunden. Werde es diesen Monat versuchen.

6 responses to “Another Santa Klimt

  1. this is gorgeous! I love all the patterns.

  2. Oh my! I’m such a klimt fan. This is beautiful. oxox

  3. beautiful! i think i could just sit here and stare at your creations all day long!!!! 🙂

  4. ohhhh belinda… sigh, klimt. my dream of seeing his work in wein came true and i couldn’t believe my eyes. it made me cry! your work is again… lovely!

  5. Oh the layers and colors in this piece are just stunning!! Gorgeous!!

  6. I agree with Tiffini, the colors and textures are awesome. I love your use of prints and design.

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