Have you …


Decided to get tagged for the first time by Pilar! We’re supposed to add a baby pic, so here goes. Braces somewhat fixed the gap in my front teeth…

taken a picture completely naked? no
danced in front of a mirror naked? yes, even singing
had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? yes, these teenage years…

been arrested? no
seen someone die? no

kissed a picture? yes … Stuart “Woody” Wood, no further comments

slept in until 5pm? no

had sex at work? no
fallen asleep at work? yes
held a snake? yes

ran a red light? yes

been suspended from school? no

pole danced? no

been fired from a job? no
sang karaoke? yes

done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? oh yes

laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes
laughed until you peed? yes

caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
kissed in the rain? yes and enjoyed it!
had sex in the rain? no
sang in the shower? yes
gave your private parts a nickname? no

ever gone to work without underwear? no

sat on a rooftop? yes

played chicken? yes

broken a bone? yes

flashed someone? no

mooned someone? yes, as a kid

skinny dipped? yes, and I still love it!

shaved your head? no
slept naked? yes
blacked out from drinking? no

played a prank on someone? yes
had a gym membership? yes

felt like killing someone? not really

truly hated someone?not really
felt like smacking someone in the face? yes
cried over someone you were in love with? yes
had Mexican jumping beans as pets? no

been in a band? no

shot a gun? no

shot a bow and arrow? yes, but we made them ourselves as kids

played strip poker? no, but spin-the-bottle hehe

donated blood? yes
ever jump out of an airplane? no

been to more than 10 countries? yes, even all the continents

I tag Jorge, Audrey, Tina, Nat and Christine. If you want to be tagged, you’re it!

3 responses to “Have you …

  1. hey belinda–i’ve been trying to keep from looking at the class offerings and art & soul virginia (don’t think the husband will appreciate me vacationing alone for a week while he has four children), but i took a peak this morning and saw you are teaching felted purses. i think that has pushed me over the edge! i really want to do this class with you — i hope i get in!

  2. Thanks Bel, I’ve taken up the tag challenge!

  3. Cute photo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words about my artwork! 🙂

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